Your Bijoux Box Mystery Box 2015

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly jewelry subscription service. For $35 a month, plus $6 shipping to Canada, you receive three pieces of hand curated jewelry. For Black Friday/Cyber Monday they released a 5 piece mystery box for $25.

Customer Service

I’ll start off by acknowledging that this review is VERY late. There are two very good reasons for this. The first being that I had a lot of other boxes coming that I wanted to get posted. The other reason is because I had an issue with my box.

Since this sale only occurs once a year, and I don’t subscribe to this box, I figured I might as well order two boxes. I didn’t need to worry about receiving duplicates, and it was a good way to get some new jewelry. I was excited to open my boxes when they arrived, but right away noticed an issue. Only one item was unique in each box. The rest were all duplicates of each other. This was so disappointing!

I instantly emailed their customer service and actually received a really fast response. They were very apologetic about the situation and promised to make it right. They would send out replacement pieces right away, and told me to keep the duplicates and to gift them. This was really sweet of them, and convenient for me since it was just before Christmas!

I was really impressed with this response and it says a lot about their company. Based on this experience alone I would highly recommend them! They were quick to get the replacements in the mail, and I’m finally getting around to posting this reveal!


Smokey Cobalt Earrings ($28.00)–These are super pretty. I like larger studs for the days that you don’t want to wear dangle/drop earrings, but you want something that is still eye catching. These fall right into that category. The color makes them super easy to pair with multiple outfits as well.


Aubergine Marquise Bracelet ($28.00)–Again, love. The purple and silver is a beautiful combination. I don’t have a lot of purple jewelry either, which makes this piece even better. When I emailed CS about the doubles I received, I hadn’t told them about the two items I received that weren’t duplicates. This bracelet was one of them, and I ended up receiving another one with the replacement items. I’m okay with that because I know it will make a great item to gift.


Elise Wrapped Bracelet ($40.00)–In theory this could be used as either a necklace or bracelet, but I’ll definitely be keeping it as a bracelet. I love the wrap style bracelets for those days that you don’t want to wear multiple bracelets because of them clanking together, but still want the fuller look. I would have preferred to some color in this bracelet, but it will be easier to match with some of my brighter outfits this way. I like that it’s adjustable because wrap bracelets are often either too big or small for my wrists.


Margeaux Bangle–I like this bracelet, but I don’t know how often I will wear it. It’s very small and basic, and I’m sure that one day I will put an outfit on and this will be the perfect accessory for it. I like the rope style of it, but I think I would have preferred to receive the black version of it.

gold necklace

Cubist Layered Necklace ($18.00)–This is a great piece. As I’m sure you realize by now, I’m not a huge fan of gold, but I like that this has a bit more of a bronze tinge to it. It will be easy to match, and it could either be used with a dressy or casual outfit. I had received two of these and gifted one to my mom over Christmas. She put it on right away and also really liked it.

shiny necklace

The XOXO Necklace ($56.00)–This necklace is super gorgeous. I’m not sure how often I will end up wearing it, as it’s definitely not an everyday necklace, but with the right outfit it will work really well. It will be great for some classy nights out with the husband!

colorful necklace


Aztec Statement Necklace ($36.00)–Love this. It’s big, it’s bold, it everything that’s right. I realize this necklace would definitely be an acquired taste, but I have that taste. It’s not a necklace that I will wear very often, and it will need to be paired with just the right outfit, but I will definitely be rocking this. I like that the colors of the necklace stand out from the gold color. Also, goes well with frame my husband insisted on using for this picture! This was another one that I received two of and I gave one to my sister for Christmas. Hopefully she can have some fun finding outfits to go with it too!

silver chainlink

I wasn’t able to find a name or price for this necklace, but boy does it make a statement! It’s a longer necklace and the pendant is huge. The inner section of it sticks out further than the outer ring. I have no idea what to wear with this necklace, or what type of setting I will wear it in, but it will be going in my jewelry cabinet and probably staying there for quite some time!


A second pair of studs and I’m quite “meh” about these. I rarely reach for anything that’s fully gold colored. I do like that this are more basic, and it’s a cute design. If they were silver I would definitely be loving these. I have no doubt that I will end up wearing these at one point or another though.

I couldn’t find the names and prices for everything, but the value is clearly there. These boxes cost me $56 after shipping (plus exchange rate) and I’m happy with what I got. I’m still not subscribing to the box because I know I don’t need that much jewelry, but I will definitely buy another grab bag next year. If you’re in the market for some new jewelry I definitely recommend subscribing to this box! My experience with their customer service speaks volumes about how the company is run.


  • The Nickel Nook

    It’s all so pretty! Yes, I do like the necklace and earrings that you gifted to me! :o)