What I Wore: SFDF Edition

When I was invited to blog about the events of the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival, one of my first thoughts was “what will I wear?” This wasn’t a question of worry, it was a question of excitement. I love coming up with outfits and instantly started researching what all of the different events were so that I could plan accordingly. Now that I’ve told you about most of the events (I still have at least one more part coming about Pose), I can now share with you what I wore, and why I chose it!

Deconstructed Runway

I knew instantly what I was going to wear to the Deconstructed Runway, which was the first event. By reading the description of it, I knew it would be a more edgy/trendy event since it was a new concept on the basic runway. I knew that I wanted to dress up a bit more, but be in something that was unique and something that was me. I had one particular dress that has been hanging in my closet for some time now, just waiting for something like this. I was SO excited the day I finally had this dress in my hands, even more exciting was the event that finally gave me an excuse to wear it out.

(Side note, we took this picture after the fact since Ian wasn’t at this event, and man are there ever bugs outside! There was no where by the river that wasn’t SWARMED with bugs. So much so that you can even see them in this picture. Yikes! Also, you can see evidence of just how much I tanned during the Pose event, I was just one color before then!)

andrea outfit2

It is my elephant print dress by Porridge! It’s comfortable, fits me great, and has such a fun print. Also, um, pockets. Need I say more?

andrea outfit22

The shoes were the more difficult part. I think I tried about 5 different pairs on until I finally settled. I knew I needed something basic, but still a bit dressier, and on very back and bottom part of my shoe rack, there they were. A pair of wedges that I received from ModCloth Stylish Surprise awhile back. I hadn’t had a reason to wear them yet as I’m not much of a wedge girl. I’m just grateful that I found it easy to walk in them, much unlike heels! These shoes perfectly fall into place with the basic but dressy look I was going for, plus they are more summery than the pair I had initially planned on wearing.

andrea outfit24

Obviously, at a fashion event like this, I want to feel a little more ritzy as well. I used my Ivanka Trump purse, which I had gotten from Little Black Bag when they were still in existence. This is always my go-to purse for any type of occasion. It’s my only black purse and it’s a great size. It fits everything that I need without appearing too bulky.

andrea outfit 23

I went simple with my accessories. I wore this necklace that I got from Ian when we were on our Honeymoon in Hawaii. We were in the market and picked an oyster to get a pearl. This was one of three pearls we ended up with, and he had this one put onto a necklace right then and there. The other two are still sitting in my jewelry cabinet. I often choose this one when I need something that’s simple but pretty. I don’t go anywhere without my FitBit, so I’m grateful that I can switch the band out! I was able to coordinate the band with the sash on the dress. It’s a bit more neon than the dress, but it still works! I also went with my basic black glasses, just for simplicity sake.

In Fashion 

It took me a bit longer to decide what to wear to the In Fashion event at Midtown Plaza. I knew I wanted something that was casual, comfortable and summery, I just didn’t know quite what that was yet.

About a week and a half before the events Suzy Shier had their regular 40% off everything sale. I knew I had to go because I had only one pair of shorts/capris. I had to get rid of all the rest from last summer because they were too big, but trust me, I’m not complaining. I was waiting for Suzy Shier to have this sale so that I could get a few pairs. I ended up with three, one of which being this navy pair.

andrea outfit 1

I had only gone to get some bottoms, but obviously I had to take a bit of a meander around the store. That’s when I saw it. The perfect shirt. Instantly an outfit came into my head and I knew it was perfect. Red and blue are my go-to color combination, so much so that they were even our wedding colors! My very first thought upon seeing it was how perfect it would go with a purse that I had been wanting to use. My next thought was that the navy bottoms would go perfect with the top! It was also a bonus to me that both items were from a store that is in Midtown Plaza, the mall that was being featured in the fashion show.

andrea outfit12

I was taking a CPR training course awhile ago when Ian decided to take in some garage sales. While he was looking around he found this purse, and knew that I needed it. It’s a 1960’s leather weave purse. There was a tag on it for $5 from Stedmans, which was a Canadian chain founded in 1907. I love this purse. I’ve been waiting to use it, but I kept thinking I needed *just* the right outfit for it. This was the right outfit. It was the blue and red on the handle that made me know instantly that I had the perfect outfit put together.

The shoes were also easy. What else could I wear but a casual sandal that just so happens to be blue? These Sanuk’s are amazing. I got this particular pair last Fall from Beyond the Rack (referral code). I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of them so far this year. I often struggle with flip flops because they don’t want to stay on, but this Yoga Sling sandal is the best of both worlds. The fabric is so comfortable that you don’t even realize it’s there!

I didn’t wear any jewelry, but went with my white FitBit band for this outfit. The blue I had wasn’t quite right, and I don’t have a red band. I also went with my red glasses to really pull all of the colors in together.

VIP Sponsor Reception

My outfit for the VIP Sponsor Reception was very last minute. I knew I wanted something comfortable and fun, but still a bit more on the dressier side.


I got this dress from Bootlegger a couple of years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. It’s a bit stretchy in the back so it fits comfortably no matter what. The color combination is so great! I’m a huge fan of blue and the vibrancy of the bird print is just on great. It’s summery and a bit dressy with still being casual enough.

I used the same Ivanka Trump purse that I used at the Deconstructed Runway, for the exact same reasons as before. I was even able to carry two of Ian’s camera lenses in it, which was convenient for him, though a bit heavy for me! I went with the FitBit band that best matched the birds, and the black glasses again just to add something a bit more neutral.

andrea outfit32

We can’t forget about these earrings! How adorable are these? You may remember awhile back that I talked about a visit I had to Two Fifty Two Boutique here in Saskatoon. I had made two purchases, but I didn’t share with you what they were. Well, here is one of those items! I was wearing my flamingo top that day and Katie, one of the ladies working, pointed me towards these earrings. They are Gorjana Rose Gold Flamingo earrings. This was beyond love at first sight. It only made sense to wear them with a dress that had birds on it! I”ve worn these so many times since I purchased them, they are definitely going to be my main earrings this summer! I’m also loving that with short hair I can actually show off great earrings like this!


The very last event of the weekend was Pose. This outfit came together perfectly, and I couldn’t wait to wear it. As excited as I was to wear the elephant print dress, this was definitely my favorite outfit. Since this whole event was outside, I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool, but that I also felt cute in.

andrea outfit4

We might as well talk about the skirt first, I know that’s likely what you’re eyeing right now! Not too long ago I found out about a boutique in London, Ontario called Dress 911. I’ve been wanting to make an effort to support Canadian companies and found out about them through a Facebook group. I had gone on to see what they had and that’s when I saw this. I instantly fell in love. It was a bit more than I would normally pay for a skirt, so I went away from it. I kept thinking about it though. Eventually, I just knew that it had to be mine. I love the retro style of it and I’m obsessed with bicycle print right now. All signs pointed to me needing this skirt. It had been hanging in my closet for a couple of months unworn and I knew right away that I needed to wear it to this event.

Since the skirt is a lighter color and has a print on it, I wanted to go basic with my top. I have a couple of plain tops, but I knew that this Basic Black Tee from the Popbasic Isla Collection was the perfect top to accompany the skirt. It has a great fit that isn’t too clingy, but also not too loose for the skirt. It’s also a very light and airy top, which I knew I would be needing!

I went with a matching FitBit band again, and used my silver bicycle necklace. It only made sense given the print!

andrea outfit42

I repeated the shoes and the purse that I had used during the In Fashion event. The blue in the shoes went great with the blue bicycles. I was unsure about which purse to use, but decided to go with my vintage one. I thought that the colors tied in, and since the skirt has a bit of a retro feel, the styles matched as well.

andrea outfit43

Let’s talk about my final accessory, my second purchase from Two Fifty Two Boutique. Metallic tattoos are a huge trend this year, and now that it’s summer you’re really going to be seeing them a lot. I’ve received a few in the past from subscription boxes, always in the typical gold and silver tones. Well, Two Fifty Two had something I have never seen before, something that Ian actually pointed out to me. Green and silver metallic tattoos! How AWESOME do these look? I was super excited by these. I hadn’t used any of my gold & silver ones, but these I knew I had to get these. They are great for any outdoor event or festival that you might be going to. If you live in Saskatoon, you know there is certainly no shortage of those in the summer! I got a number of compliments on them, and it seems like most people didn’t realize that this color option existed. If you want to turn heads this summer, this is a great way to do it! Plus, how great are these if you happen to be hitting up a Rider party? I’m sure you’ve got a couple of those coming up this year!

Thanks to a very hot and sunny day I now am permanently wearing these tattoos as well. I had put a couple on my wrist, and one on my ankle, and now have some great tanlines from that!

I had a fun time picking out these outfits and it was great to finally put some of these pieces to use. These were the perfect events to play around with pieces a bit, and I’m super happy with how all of the outfits turned out.

I’ve still got a couple more posts coming about the events so keep on checking back!