Wantable October Accessories 2014

Wantable (referral link) is a monthly subscription box. It costs $36USD+$6 shipping to Canada. Three different boxes available: Makeup, accessories, and intimates. Boxes are completely customizable and you receive 3-4 items in each. A fitness box also now available. Pay a $20 styling fee and get a selection of fitness clothing sent to you. Keep and pay for what you want, return the remainder.

IMG_7926 (2)IMG_7928 (2)

This was my second Wantable Accessory box of October. I was really happy with my first one and when they sent me a 25% off coupon I decide to try a second box. I completely switched up my preferences so I was curious what I would receive.

IMG_7929 (2)

Inside the box was two velvet jewelry bags. I could tell by this that I wasn’t going to receive any scarves or headbands so I was interested to see what was inside.

IMG_7932 (2)

Tamara Earrings ($19.00)–These earrings are large drops with bold emerald stones in a diamond shape. I’m typically iffy with large earrings because they are often heavy, this pair is actually extremely light though. They are a beautiful color and while I don’t usually wear earrings this long I have some outfits that look great with green accents. These will also be nice when I soon go shorter with my hair.

IMG_7930 (2)

Mia Earrings ($16.00)–These are dramatic studs featuring an inverted pyramid accented with onyx black stones. I really like these. They are smaller but aren’t just regular studs. They will be really easy to match with any color and will help bring a little bit of edge to an outfit.

IMG_7933 (2) IMG_7934 (2)

Melony Necklace ($22)–This necklace is a pendant with dazzling rhinestone accents. This necklace is great. It’s a perfect length without being too long or too short. The colors are beautiful and has just the right amount of sparkle. I’m also really happy with the size of the pendant. Often times this type if too large and just looks gaudy.

IMG_7935 (2) IMG_7936 (2)

Margo Watch ($36.00)–This watch has rhinestones and shimmers so nicely. It’s a good weight and feels like it’s great quality. I was extremely disappointed to see that the face plate was cracked. This is a watch that I would get tons of use out of and was my favorite item. As soon as I saw that this watch was cracked I sent them an e-mail along with the pictures. Within a couple of hours I had a response saying that they still had a few of these watches and would be sending me one out right away. That was on a Saturday and by the Monday they had sent me tracking information for the new watch. It should be here sometime this week and I was really impressed how quick they were to fix the issue. I was also very happy that they still had this watch in stock because I know I will wear this more often than the other watches I have.

  • That’s a great box! I love the necklace and the watch! Sounds like great customer service too! 🙂

    • My replacement watch should be arriving today which I’m excited for. I’m definitely impressed with how they handle things.