Wantable Makeup 2014

Wantable (referral link) is a monthly subscription box. It costs $36USD+$6 shipping to Canada. Three different boxes available: Makeup, accessories, and intimates. Boxes are completely customizable and you receive 3-4 items in each. A fitness box also now available. Pay a $20 styling fee and get a selection of fitness clothing sent to you. Keep and pay for what you want, return the remainder.

As I mentioned on my last Wantable review, I really like that they put your name on the inside of the box. It’s a little touch like that which makes it seem even more personalized and like they really take the time to care. Wantable has always made me happy with their packaging. It all comes in a box, with the items sandwiched between two pieces of foam. I really like that they don’t use the crinkled paper, because really that makes a mess more than anything else, and this keeps it better protected.

IMG_7900 (2)



I’m not someone who wears a tons of make up products so I like that I could ‘dislike’ all those types of products. I never have to worry about getting false lashes or mascara from this subscription! I realized when I got this box that I didn’t give them very much to work with so I was curious about what my items would all be.

IMG_7901 (2)


Liberty Republic SPELLBOUND Nail Lacquer Premonition ($14.00)–This polish binds to the nail for a gel like wear that can last up to two weeks. I’m actually really excited to see how long this polish lasts. I’m pretty rough with my nails and within a day of painting them they are starting to chip. I’m not a fan of black polish but I will use it as a base for some fun nail art. I’ll use it for a MANICure Monday (which I need to get better at doing) and I’ll definitely report back on how long it lasts.

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Tarina Tarantine Eyelicity Glitter Liner ($16.00)–This is a micro-glitter liner saturated with a burst of pigmented color. This is a long lasting and quick drying linger. I’ve never used glitter liner but it will be good for when we have a “night out on the town”. Typically we are pretty casual but I have a dressier elephant dress waiting for a nice night out. They recommend pairing this liner with a smoky eye look.

IMG_7905 (2)

Vincent Longo Lip Gloss ($22.00)–This gloss has an ultra silky cushiony soft texture and intense shine that balances color payoff and glossy moistness. This is definitely a really pretty deep red color and will definitely be used, I just can’t imagine paying $22 for a lip gloss! I guess that’s why I subscribe to these boxes for my products, so that I never have to.

IMG_7907 (2)

Vincent Longo Velvet Riche Lipstick ($23.00)–This lipstick has lip firming and anti-aging ingredients that protect and plump the lips. This lipstick has a lotion like formula that caresses and contours lips with a full-color, soft luster finish. They recommend using this lipstick over defined lips by using a coordinating shape of lip liner to shade and shape your mouth. This is a pretty light color and I don’t think I will use it. Into the gift pile it goes!

Liking 3 out of 4 items definitely makes me happy. This box was well coordinated and they definitely stuck to my preferences. If I had a choice I may have made a few color tweaks but perhaps in the future they will get more detailed with those options. All in all I’m very satisfied with the brands and items.