Wantable Intimates November 2014

Wantable (referral link) is a monthly subscription box. It costs $36USD+$6 shipping to Canada. Three different boxes available: Makeup, accessories, and intimates. Boxes are completely customizable and you receive 3-4 items in each. A fitness box also now available. Pay a $20 styling fee and get a selection of fitness clothing sent to you. Keep and pay for what you want, return the remainder.


I ended up ordering a second Wantable Intimates box shortly after because I was emailed a 25% off coupon. I had put in my notes that I would love to receive some leg warmers or boot cuffs if possible so I was curious to see what I would get. Once I opened my box I was even more curious to see what I was getting because the first item seemed like it took up so much room.


I kept my preferences mostly the same and made a note that I had recently purchased another box and I didn’t want any duplicates.


Microfleece PJ Set Red ($48.00)–There is NO way I would ever pay $48.00 for a set like this. To me this is more of a $20.00 set at the most. That said, I will definitely wear these. If you ask me, you are never too old for a matching set of PJ’s and in Saskatchewan you definitely learn to appreciate a comfy, warm, fleece set. They may look a bit juvenile but I also have a fleece onesie with glow in the dark rubber ducks on it so I clearly don’t have the most mature taste in what I wear to bed.


Teal Romper ($28.00)–This is way too legit. As I previously said, I don’t have the most mature taste in PJ’s. I’ve already worn this to bed multiple times and I love it. It’s made from a comfy, thin waffle fabric and fits great. The only downside to PJ’s like this is having to unbutton it in order to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The good outweighs the bad in this case though and these will definitely be regulars for me.


Muk Luk Knee High Socks ($15.00)–These socks are the same pattern, style and color as the tights that I received last month. Just like those ones, these socks are a bit tight in the calf again. On the plus side, I can just push these down a little bit for a more slouchy look and then I don’t have that issue any longer. These are just as soft and comfortable as the leggings were so I’m excited that I can make these work. I can’t wait to make an outfit around these!

This box was a bit of a strange win for me. There is nothing ‘WOW’ about the box, but the items are incredibly awesome. The romper alone just makes my day. I’ll probably take a short break from this box to try some others but I guarantee you that I will be coming back!