Wantable Accessories 2014

Wantable (referral link) is a monthly subscription box. It costs $36USD+$6 shipping to Canada. Three different boxes available: Makeup, accessories, and intimates. Boxes are completely customizable and you receive 3-4 items in each. A fitness box also now available. Pay a $20 styling fee and get a selection of fitness clothing sent to you. Keep and pay for what you want, return the remainder.


Wantable was actually one of the first subscription boxes that I ever tried out. It seemed to be popping up everywhere that I was looking, and I liked the idea of it being completely customizable. I only subscribed a few times but was never fully excited by my items. They recently made the quiz even more specific so I finally decided to take the plunge. I really like that they put your name on the inside of the box. It’s a little touch like that which makes it seem even more personalized and like they really take the time to care. Wantable has always impressed me with their packaging. It all comes in a box, with the items sandwiched between two pieces of foam. I really like that they don’t use the crinkled paper, because really that makes a mess more than anything else.


This shows what I put for my love, like, and dislike during the quiz. I ended up being fairly specific this time around because of my past dislike for some items I have received. I also want to say that I love Wantable customer service. Last time I had ordered a box I received a necklace that was quite short, even though on my quiz I specified only long necklaces. I contacted customer service regarding this and they sent out a different necklace, free of charge, and told me to gift the first one. I really appreciate customer service like this. It shows that they really care about their customers. Boxes are also returnable, which is a huge benefit. You can return the entire box for a full refund, or individual items for a portion of the cost. There are very few subscription boxes that actually allow you to do this.


Turquoise Buff Headband ($14.85)–This headband can fit anyone from kids to adults.I really love the colors on this headband, though I don’t think I would consider it turquoise. I think my favorite thing though, is what this company represents. For every headband purchased, Headbands of hope gives a headband to a girl with cancer, and donated $1 to fun life-saving childhood cancer research. I love when companies have the “buy one, give one” mentality. It’s a great way to help those in need.


Lydie Scarf ($21)–This is an infinity scarf with an ombre, heart printed fabric. Orange is probably one of the most Fall/October colors, so this is the perfect scarf to send out this time of year. I love scarves, especially light weight ones. Infinity scarves are also the easiest to style. I already have an outfit picked out for this, it’s perfect for wearing with a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt.


Under the scarf and headband were two velvet jewelry bags. I really appreciate this extra step in packaging. It helps keep the items from getting damaged, or tangled. It also makes it more fun to open.


Janey Earrings ($24)–These earrings are large drops featuring an ornate design of colorful stones framed with distressed silver tone for a vintage feel. These earrings are definitely bigger than I typically wear, but I actually kind of love them. I love the brassy look, and the multi-color stones. There are so many outfits that this jewelry can be worn with thanks to the multiple colors.


Kay Necklace ($21)–This is a delicate necklace featuring turquoise stones and a long simple metal tassel. Love, love, love. At first all I saw was the tassel and I was less than thrilled. Then I saw the turquoise stones and that completely turned it around for me. I don’t have anything like this and it is really cute. I think this will very easily become a favorite necklace of mine.

I was surprisingly really happy with this box and was so glad I gave it another chance. I think that they stuck to what my preferences were, and definitely stayed within the Boho styling. I won’t purchase a box every month because I’m already overloaded on accessories (yes, I can admit that), but I will definitely sporadically resubscribe. That’s another great feature about Wantable, you can manage your account settings very easily. You can unsubscribe and resubscribe as often as you want, and you can retake your quiz whenever you want to change your preferences.