Virtual 5K’s

If you’ve read my monthly fitness posts, or follow me on Instagram, you know that I love virtual 5k’s. They are great motivation to run and I’m a bit too obsessed with the medals that come along with it. In about 1 month it will be one year since I ran my first 5k with the Saskatchewan Marathon. I love running, but I love the bling just a *tiny* bit more. Since that first run I become obsessed with finding more to do, and of course they had to have the best medals. To be honest, I wouldn’t run nearly as much as I do if it wasn’t for the medals.

I’m very strict with how I handle my medals. Until I have actually ran the full 5k, it does not get hung up. These are all done on the honor system and I plan on staying true to that.

All companies mentioned below are US based but offer international shipping.

Here are some of my favorite websites to use when I want to add in some new bling!

Virtual Run Events

This company is probably my favorite. I’ve done the most runs through them, and have the most planned for this year through them. At least 20% of contributions for each run go to charity, which is one of the highest percentages that I’ve seen. You can see the charity that will be supported when you go under a specific run. You can add your results online to see where you stack up against everyone else. They have a Facebook page and often have Facebook events specific to the runs where you can post pictures. They even run campaigns for t-shirts for some runs. I’ve got a pretty awesome t-shirt from the 2015 Cupcake Day run! Medals also ship before the run so you have it by the time you are ready to complete it.

Also, no way was I picking just one medal

2016 medals I’m most excited for:

Virtual Run Events

Moon Joggers

Moon Joggers is actually what Virtual Run Events spun off of. Moon Joggers has virtual runs eat month, but they actually have year long goals as well. You can sign up and help them reach their goal of walking or running the distance to different planets. This year they are going the distance of Mercury. By signing up you can get a t-shirt, medal and more. I haven’t done signed up for the yearly one but I do keep an eye on their monthly virtual runs.

2016 medal I’m most excited for: 


Will Run For Bling

While I don’t have anymore pending runs (so far) with this company, I have participated in two so far this year. You can participate by running, walking, skipping or even while participating in another race. They don’t even require you to run it all at once if you’re unable to! You can submit your time and pictures on their Facebook page but it is by no means mandatory. All medals are shipped within 30 days of completion so you are not guaranteed to have it in time for your run. You also have the option to add on a t-shirt.

2016 medal I’m most excited for:

Running Fever Virtual 5K

Virtual Pace Series

I’ll be honest here, I’m only about to have my first experience with this company. I was scrolling through Facebook one day and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw trolls. How could I not do this run?! They don’t care how you do it as long as you are moving and go the distance. They do donate to charity but I haven’t been able to find how much nor have I found when the medal will ship. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

2016 medal I’m most excited for: 


Honorable mention also goes to Virtual Strides, Flex it Pink, Fit Fab & Lean and US Road Running. They all have some great medals and I have used the first three in the past with a great experience. I also know people who have done runs through US Road Running and have said good things as well.