Universal Yums India 2015

Universal Yums is a monthly snack subscription that features treats from a different country every month. Each box will consist of a mix of flavors from salty, sweet, spicy, fruity, and more. Only authentic snacks from the country are featured. You can subscribe for the “Yum Box” which consists of 6 or more snacks for a cost of $13 a month, or the “Yum Yum Box” which consists of 13 or more snacks for $25 a month. They offer free shipping within the States. The Yum Box is $2.50 to ship to Canada, and the Yum Yum Box is $5 for shipping.

Every month Universal Yums uses tissue paper to show the flag of the country. This month was India!


It looks so full of goodies!

The Goods


Bourbon Cream Biscuits–These are a famous cookie that is originally from England. They are two dark chocolate cookies sandwiched between chocolate buttercream frosting. They are also dusted with tiny specks of granulated sugar. I had a couple of these but there was something off with the flavor. That’s when I realized that it was dark chocolate, and that explains everything. I just can’t get into dark chocolate!


Kurkure Naughty Tomato–These are a tomato flavored but with a hint of spice and a slightly sweeter, almost cinnamon aftertaste. The consistency and appearance of this is very similar to crunchy Cheetos. I thought these would have more of a ketchup chip flavor, but they don’t really. I’m not sure what to think, but I’m not overly interested in eating the entire bag.


Chillz Spicy Potato Sticks–They recommend eating these with a glass of water. Like many Indian dishes the heat comes on very slowly and will put your mouth on fire. These are similar to Hickory Sticks, only those don’t make me breathe fire. They are right that these have a slow burn!


Lay’s Masala Magic–Masala is an Indian term meaning “spice mix”. These have a curry flavor, but with hints of ginger and coriander. I’m not a fan of the flavor, but then I’ve never been much of a fan of a variety of these spices.


Kurkure Chili Chatka–Chatka means burn and this is another one that they recommend having with water. Yup, these were pretty spicy too. Just like the Naughty Tomato, these are similar to Cheetos in their shape and texture.


Date Rolls-Dates are now considered to be a “prehistoric fruit” since scientists in 2011 discovered they were eaten by cavemen over 40,000 years ago. These look like fig newtons but have a softer, crumblier texture. I can’t stand dates so I didn’t eat these.


Peanut Chikki–This is a sweet treat that’s eaten throughout India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This is similar to peanut brittle, but Chikki is made with jaggery rather than white sugar. Jaggery is important to Hindus and is eaten before a big event or after good news is shared. The flavor of this was good, but it was a bit hard and sticky to eat a lot of it.


Chili Mili–These gummies start off mild but get hotter and hotter as you continue to chew. I actually didn’t find these to be too bad, but they had an odd flavor.

Jelly Amrood–These are a chewy, sweet, spicy guava candy. These were interesting. They had a slight kick to them, but the flavor was pretty good.


Mango Cream Cookie–Mangoes are a huge deal in India. They actually eat more mangoes than any other country in the world. They are used for gifts, religious rituals and in everyday consumption. These were probably my favorite item. They were sweet which was a nice change to all the spicy chips!


Smarties–We actually have Smarties in Canada, but a lot of places around the world don’t. In the US Smarties are actually what Canada calls Rockets. These are kind of like M&M’s, but are flatter, bigger and have a different flavor.


Mango Mood–These are made with real mango pulp and it tides over Indians during the 265 days a year that mangoes are not in season. It has a strong flavor and tastes really good! I could see these being a fair substitute for the mango flavor, though not nearly as healthy!

Final Thoughts

What a variety in treats! It’s so neat to see the similarities between items here and items all the way across the world. I’ve paused this subscription while I focus on trying to eat healthier for 100 days, but I’ll definitely pick this one up again at some point!

  • nisha nagarajan

    haha lots of things i see from my childhood days- but it’s true- the indian flavors take some getting used to. they picked some interesting items, though very mainstream (kurkure, and lays are pretty much the american version of lays, same for the biscuits and cookies- i would’ve thought they’d pick more local small industry products instead of mass manufactured products, but they probably pick what makes most sense to them plus a combination of known name brands, i assume)