Trillia Planning May 2016

Trillia Planning is a monthly Canadian subscription box that supplies you with all your day planner needs. For $19 a month you will receive scrapbook paper, stickers, washi tape, embellishments, stamps and pens. Shipping is free within Canada and there is $5 for international shipments.

First Look

Love the bright purple shiny mailer! I had already opened it at this point and couldn’t get the flap to stay shut, but didn’t want to take a picture of the other side since it has my address on it! I like how they use an envelope for this package, since a box wouldn’t make sense, but jazz it up a bit so it’s not just a basic envelope.

When you first sign up you get to fill out a bit of a survey about your favorite colors and the type of planner they have. They also ask if you have pets or children so they can give you stickers you will use. I did put that I love pink, purple and blue and have a Happy Planner. I also mentioned that I like fitness related stickers. I was interested to see how this would be reflected in my items!


Inside was a handwritten note thanking me for buying the subscription, as well as details on the items inside. I really appreciate the handwritten note. It’s always added details like that which make you want to keep supporting a business. Plus, pink writing and the back of that tag was also pink!


Included in this pictures is a BIC ultrafine tip marker (in pink!) and some purple post-it notes. Love that I can already tell that my preferred colors were listened to! Also included was washi sample from Craft in Color, and (what I think is described as) ephemera from Echo Park’s Spring collection and Project Life Currently edition. And a little treat of some dark chocolate! The marker and post-it’s are things I will definitely use. I was excited at first when I saw Lindt chocolate, but I’m a milk or white chocolate kind of girl. I LOVE the hot air balloon but since none of those cut outs are stickers, I don’t really have much of a use for them.


Each month Trillia will feature a Canadian Etsy shop. This month was Once More with Love. The big sheet has “June Wacky Holidays” like yo-yo day, VCR day, flip flop day etc. I really appreciate the fact that this is for June. I received it about halfway through May and so I can still use them That’s actually why I haven’t tried some planner companies in the past, I find that many will send you stickers for the current month, but you are already into the month when you receive it! While I probably won’t follow any of these days, I’ll definitely put them into my planner!



6×6 paper from the Seaside collection by Authentique Paper. I don’t really have a use for this paper. It also seems to have a lot of dirty marks on it on the one side. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to look, or if it’s actually just dirty. The opposite sides (which I like better anyway) are cleaner. I really don’t have use for these since they can’t be used in a planner, so I’ll possibly pass these on to my mom since I’m sure she will find a use for them.



Journaling cards from Project Life Currently edition (rounded corners) and Echo Park’s Summer Lovin 3×4 cards (square corners). In these two pictures you can see each side of the cards. I like the one with the ferris wheel in it, but these aren’t something I’ll probably use. I would *maybe* use the two square corner ones as a little note in a gift, but that’s more something I think I would do, and then they would sit in a box. These may also end up going to my mom.


Sample sticker kit from Canadian Etsy shop Plan and Paper. This is a nice selection of stickers. I can see myself using all of them and they coordinate well together.


Washi strips from Me and My Big Ideas. This is the same brand that does Happy Planner so it was nice to see this included. I seem to use washi strips more often than I use washi tape, and I quite like the patterns on this selection!


Stickers from Me and My Big Ideas Fitness collection. I have some of these stickers already since I have the Happy Planner fitness planner, but can definitely use more. They are great reminders to add to each month! They also clearly listened to me when I said fitness stickers.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite happy with this subscription so far. It’s just been one month but I feel like it fills a void in my monthly mail. I love decorating my planner and this is just one more reason to do so. The price feels right at $19 with the free shipping. If shipping was on top of that I might not see the value as much. I can already tell that my mom will likely get a good selection of items from each month since I’ll only use the stickers, but I am hoping that some months are a bit more sticker heavy.