Treatsbox February 2015

Treatsbox is a monthly Canadian candy box featuring full size and sample products. The cost is $30 a month with free shipping in Canada and $10 to the States. Each month you receive a variety of treats from well known companies like Cadbury, Wonka, Hershey’s etc. In addition to receiving candy you may also receive some promotional items from suppliers and manufacturers.


I was going to wait until March to try this box, but then I realized that February was going to have a Valentine’s Day theme. I was excited by this idea because I’m always a fan of Valentine’s candy. I was interested to see just how they did with that theme. Upon first look I immediately saw a number of items that I loved, and I was excited to dig in deeper.

The Goods


Russell Stover Chocolate Heart–It wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day box without some chocolate. Russell Stover is a very popular chocolate brand, and it was a decent size piece of chocolate. This was one of the first items I ate, and it was delicious.


Cinnamon Hearts–Another Valentine staple. I’m a fan of cinnamon candies, and am a long time fan of these. I was happy to see them included.


Coffee Crisp–I hate coffee anything so I won’t be eating this, but I got an instant “yes” when I asked my husband if he wanted it. These are fairly popular chocolate bars here among the coffee flavor fans.


Juicy Fruit Magnificent Melon–I love fruity gum and this definitely has a good melon flavor to it. You never really know how long the flavor is going to last with gum like this, but it stayed soft and flavorful longer than a lot do. This taste definitely moves me (see what I did there?).


Marshmallow Strawberries–I have a love/hate relationship with these things. I kind of hate them, but yet they end up in my bag every time I go to 7-eleven and get some 5 cent candies. I don’t know what it is about them, they have a weird texture and don’t have the best taste. So of course I already ate them all.


Hot Tamales–Love. There’s a decent amount of candy in each bag, and boy are these hot. I forget how hot they are every time I eat them. I can’t wait to eat the second bag.

Halls Black Cherry–I’m really picky about Halls. They definitely do their job but I like the fruity ones without the menthol. I told my husband that they were Black Cherry and he instantly snatched it up.

IMG_8280 IMG_8282

Sour Skittles Candy Spray–It’s sour, and Skittles, and a spray. Win, win, win. It’s a decent size, and lights up when you push the button on the bottom. When I was younger I loved candy sprays, it was fun to just sit there and spray it into my mouth. I’m loving that they included this and have already done a lot of spraying!


Love Hearts–Another candy that I LOVED as a child and haven’t had for a few years. Perfect for Valentine’s Day as well. I’ve already had a few and it’s still just as fun to see what each candy says.


Campino–I have a soft spot for these. They always seem like such a grandma candy to me, but I don’t care. They are tasty. I like that they included three different flavors. I’m not a fan of cherry flavoring so I won’t eat that one, but will eat the other two.

Frooties–These candies were used as fillers and I’ve never heard of them. They are by Tootsie Roll though, which I have had plenty of. They are Fruit Punch flavored and are tasty. I like Tootsie Rolls, so I knew I would like these.

Rain-blo–Another candy that I used to get a lot of as a child, though I always much preferred Eye Poppers. This is definitely the kind of gum that gets hard and loses the flavor very fast. I’m sure they will disappear fast.


Purple Sucker-Just your standard, everyday, sucker.

Red Heart Sucker–Already ate this sucker, and it was your basic red sucker, in heart form.

Cupa Chups XXL–This is a Tutti-Fruiti Pineapple sucker, with gum in the center. I used to eat a lot of these suckers and they definitely hurt your tongue and teeth. That’s part of the fun though! I’m sure one weekend I will eat this, sometime when I have a couple of hours to work at it, and don’t care about having a purple mouth.

Final Thoughts

I was pretty happy with this box. I think they had a good balance between your staple Valentine’s Day treats, and other tasty items. I like that there were some of my childhood favorites. I don’t know if I would particularly say that this had a $30 value, but that’s because if I’m buying that much candy, I will be getting a lot. I enjoyed this box though and would maybe order it on special occasions. March is their one year anniversary and they are including a Treatsbox t-shirt with each order. I wasn’t going to order another box so soon, but I think now I have to. I’m a sucker for a free t-shirt!

  • The Nickel Nook

    You’re revealing just how much candy I let you have as a child! lol I like how the juicy fruit “moved” you, and also how you’re a “sucker” for a free t-shirt! 🙂