TopBox & Unilever October 2016

Topbox is a monthly Canadian subscription box featuring four beauty samples ranging from skincare, body-care, makeup, hair-care and fragrance. It costs $12 a month with free shipping. You can also opt to receive a special Prive box each month. These are usually brand specific and you know the items before hand. At the start of the month you are able to make a “wishlist” of which boxes you would like to receive, though you are never guaranteed the Prive box.

Topbox Amika

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo–I was pretty excited when I saw that Amika was a Prive option for my first month subscribed. I had used their dry shampoo in the past and really liked it. It does leave some white powder behind, but that’s easy to brush out and it does a good job. I did have a misunderstanding here though, I didn’t realize that this was ALL I was going to be receiving. I thought that I would get a variety of products from this brand. I’ll definitely use these up so I’m not disappointed, but in the future I will make sure I read better and I’ll likely stick to the regular Topbox moving forward.

Anyone who received a Topbox in September also received a Unilever Trends Box! This totally made this purchase for me and made up for the misunderstanding with Amika.

Topbox Unilever

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes 7ct–Our Cleansing Facial Wipes refresh and hydrate your skin plus remove waterproof mascara. Our wipes contain a perfect blend of our purest possible skin loving ingredients, with an added vitamin. I’ve used this brand before and liked them. I love having little packets like this to use while traveling and camping, and they are great for keeping in your purse if you want to refresh your face at any time.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter–Clinically proven to help heal dry lips. Comes in a premium steel tin inspired by our original look. I’d say the only downisde to this is the packaging. I prefer not to use my finger to apply lip products and it always feels weird pressing it up to my lips. I do get dry lips though and will use this. I’ve used the Cocoa Butter lotion in the past and really liked the scent, this is no different!

Topbox Unilever

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion–Moisturizes completely for softer palms, fingertips and knuckles, smoother cuticles and stronger nails for healthy-looking hands. Between working in an office and often dealing with a lot of paper and working out with weights, my hands definitely get dry and lately the skin has been peeling. I’ve been using lotion a ton and this one seems to do a great job. It absorbs nicely and makes my hands feel soft. It’s nice that it has the added benefit of helping your nails and cuticles.

Topbox Unilever

TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Waves Sea Foam–Create beautiful air-light waves with soft, natural looking finish. This ultra-light Sea Foam, with Sea Kelp Extract, helps create natural-looking waves. 

TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Waves Sea Salt Spray–This creates a sexy, tousled texture for beach waves. This Sea Salt Spray contains a lightweight formula with Sea Kelp Extract. 

I think the only difference between these two is the type of waves it will give your hair. I’ve started to grow my hair out and I’ve been curious how it would look with waves at this length. I have wavy hair when it’s longer but it stays pretty straight when it’s shorter. Well, I discovered this past weekend that my hair is DEFINITELY not the right length for waves yet. It still stayed mostly straight with a couple of random spots winging out. I think I’ll save these until I have a bit more length.

Topbox Unilever

Dove Soothing Chamomile Dry Spray Antiperspirant–This delivers all the care of Dove, now in a dry antiperspirant spray. It goes on instantly dry and delivers 48 hour odour protection. 

Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash–Infused with previous Moroccan Argan Oil beads, it gently cleanses while helping to restore the protective surface of your skin. 

Dove Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner & Serum–The Regenerative Nourishment range, formulated with REd Algae + Keratin NutriComplex, is a specific daily program for damaged, over-processed hair, making it smoother and stronger against breakage-as if damage never happened. 

These are all items I can use. I haven’t gotten into the world of spray deodorant yet but I have nothing against it as long as it smells good and works. The other items will all be great next time I take a trip or travel, that’s usually what I will save these sample sized products for. I really like that  they included all products you would need. There is nothing like getting conditioner and not shampoo!

Final Thoughts

The Unilver box was available on the website for $10 so this was an amazing bonus to include free of charge. This isn’t a regular occurrence so apparently I picked a great month to subscribe! While the Topbox was a bit of a let down (my own fault) I will definitely go through all the dry shampoo. I learned my lesson from that though and will stick to the regular box in the future. I am BEYOND thrilled with everything in the Unilever box though!