Topbox November 2016

Topbox is a monthly Canadian subscription box featuring four beauty samples ranging from skincare, body-care, makeup, hair-care and fragrance. It costs $12 a month with free shipping. You can also opt to receive a special Prive box each month. These are usually brand specific and you know the items before hand. At the start of the month you are able to make a “wishlist” of which boxes you would like to receive, though you are never guaranteed the Prive box.

The Goods


Fusion Beauty Plump + Shine Lipstick–Inspired by female leaders who never give up, this lip- plumping lipstick embodies their unique attitude and style. Lips feel effortlessly on point while Expand-A-Some boosts your natural lipid content with Microscopic Spheres and embeds in the tissue for increased firmness and volume.  This is a nice color and thankfully it’s not very obvious on me. I can’t say that I care much about plumping my lips though! 


Novex Bamboo Sprout Leave In Conditioner–Novex Bamboo Sprout Leave-In Conditioner designed to naturally moisturize the strands, treat and leave the hair nourished and full of life. Its formula counts with the Bamboo Sprout, responsible to provide all the strength and growth that your hair needs, leaving it treated, nourished and with a glossy shine.  I like that this is a leave in conditioner. There are some that you are supposed to wash out after 10 or so minutes, but seriously, who has time for that? I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but it’s on my list! 


Bella Aura Antioxidant Booster–Our Multi-Functional Booster is a powerful detox to protect against the negative environmental elements that your skin comes in contact with throughout the day. It contains our Kamilah blend combined with breakthrough technology of the active Swiss botanical ingredients. This is one of those items that I would need to use for a longer time before knowing if I like it, or not. I don’t have anything negative to say about it at this time, it absorbs nicely and doesn’t make me feel sticky or oily. 


China Glaze Nail Lacquer–These unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish. It was hard to get a good picture of this because of the glare. It’s a really nice bronzey gold type color. It’s not my usual preference, but I don’t hate it. 

Final Thoughts

So far I’m really not hating this subscription. I’ll definitely use the Antioxidant Booster and the Leave In Conditioner. The nail polish will make a great gift, if I don’t decide to use it, and the lip plumper will definitely last me awhile, but will get used. I’m happy with the items and the price that I paid for them.