Topbox March 2017

Topbox is a monthly Canadian subscription box featuring four beauty samples ranging from skincare, body-care, makeup, hair-care and fragrance. It costs $12 a month with free shipping. You can also opt to receive a special Prive box each month. These are usually brand specific and you know the items before hand. At the start of the month you are able to make a “wishlist” of which boxes you would like to receive, though you are never guaranteed the Prive box.

This three piece Dove Regenerative Nourishment set was a complimentary sample that was included. “The Regenerative Nourishment range, formulated with Red Algae + Keratin NutriComplex, is a specific daily program for damaged, over processed hair, making it smoother and stronger against breakage – as if damage never happened”. Included is shampoo, conditioner and serum-in-oil. I haven’t used these yet but I love travel sized items for taking on trips. We are going to Calgary over Easter and I will definitely be packing this.

Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara–Designed for after-hours seduction, our ultimate mascara combines three key elements to create drama, volume and curl, packaged into our iconic squeezy tube. Due to wearing eyeglasses all day every day, and having long lashes to begin with, mascara and I are not friends. I give my mom all the ones that I get, so I’m sure she will be happy to have another. It’s been awhile since I’ve supplied her with any!

Cake Beauty Desserted Island Supreme Body Mousse–A richly whipped body lotion with extreme hydrators that leave skin lightly and highly moisturized. I love all Cake products. Their scent is definitely the best part, because it smells just like cake would. I find that their lotion is not greasy and it absorbs really quickly, leaving my hands soft and smelling great.

Bella Aura Skincare Night Cellular Renewal–Our remarkable Multi-Functional Emulsion significantly reduces the appearance of multiple signs of aging. It contains our Kamilah blend combined with breakthrough technology of the active Swiss botanical ingredients. This is now the FOURTH product from this brand I’ve received, and I’m pretty much tired of it. I used the other three a couple of times each, but found that it just felt greasy on my skin. I ended up throwing them all out, and unfortunately this will follow suite.

Redken No Blow Dry NBD Just Right Cream for Medium Hair–Just Right Cream provides easy and soft air dry with effortless control and movement to hair without a hair dryer. I tried this but really didn’t notice a difference. I have about 45 minutes in the morning to air dry my hair, and then I usually have to blow dry it for a couple of minutes just to finish it up before heading to work. It didn’t help my hair dry any faster, and it really didn’t look or feel any different. I had high hopes for this product!

Final Thoughts

I was pretty happy with this month, I like that they included an extra sample set. The lotion was definitely my favorite product. The mascara made for a nice extra for my mom, and the Dove will definitely get used. The Redken product left me disappointed though, and I REALLY hope to go more than one month without seeing Bella Aura in the future.