Taste of Saskatchewan

Taste of Saskatchewan is a yearly food festival celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. It happens every year in Kiwanis Park, which is located just beside the Delta Bessborough. This festival features food from over 30 restaurants located within Saskatoon. It’s a great way to try something new, or get an old favorite. There is also musical entertainment of all genres, a kid’s area, and much more.

Taste of Saskatchewan is still a fairly new-to-me festival. I had always heard about it, but it’s not until these past couple of years that I actually started to attend it. It ran from Tuesday, July 14-Sunday July 19. We ended up stopping by both Saturday and Sunday and really enjoyed ourselves.

Since it was just a hop, skip and jump away from us, we decided to walk. While crossing the river we could see all the tents set up, as well as some action going on in the river. The Western Canadian Watercross Association were here for there 2015 tour. This provided some extra entertainment and was fun to watch!

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Walking up, we went right through the kids area. There was a whole bunch of different blow ups set up, bouncy houses, jousting, obstacle courses etc.


All the food booths are set up in a square perimeter. Alongside those were many token booths. You can buy food tokens for $2.50 a piece (most food items took two tokens) or liquor tokens for $6.00. There were plenty of booths set up, and I never really found that I had to wait in line to get tokens.


There were also different radio stations set up that had contests and draws going on throughout the day.


My favorite was probably C95 who has this set up, You’d pick a mustache and it would have a certain color at the bottom, which corresponded with a prize. We did it a few times over the weekend and came away with some good prizes! We got two tickets to SIR, free yoga, free DQ Sundae, free juice from Booster Juice and a couple other things. I was hoping to make it into the cash machine, but I didn’t get that lucky.


They also had a balloon man making some pretty awesome characters!


In the middle of everything they had a large seating area. There were picnic benches set up as well as some tables and chairs. Some spots were covered tents, others were shaded by trees and some where just nice and sunny!


They had live music going throughout the entire time featuring different Saskatchewan talent. Our favorite was definitely “Back of the Bus” which was a Celtic group. They did a great job!


Now, onto my food! The first stop I made was to Mardi Gras Grill. For some time now I have wanted to try alligator, but they had always been sold out when I’d been to Taste. Thankfully, I actually got some this year! It came with some Louisiana Dirty Rice. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even try the rice. The alligator on the other hand, was much better than I expected! It wasn’t chewy at all and it was mostly a deep fried taste that I got. Someone compared it to dry ribs and I would have to agree. I would definitely eat it again!

The second dish pictured below was some wings from Wing World. It had been too long since I’d been there and I had a hankering for some wings! There were 6 flavor options available, and I went with Sweet Thai Chili. Really good!


My second choice was a slice of pizza from Haywood’s. This is a restaurant that we had been too before, but I’d never tried the pizza. It tastes like a cross between homemade and something you would get from a pizza place. Not the best description, but that means it was delicious!


My last food choice was dry ribs from Tomas the Cook. They had different dipping sauces so I put some Sweet & Sour on top. It’s actually (surprisingly) really hard to find that sauce at restaurants so it was nice to have it! Definitely a great helping for $5!


While I didn’t try a huge amount of new food, this festival really settled some cravings I had been having! It was fun to listen to the music, win some prizes and just spend time outside.

The idea behind this festival is also great. It gives new and old restaurants a chance to show off some of their best dishes. I never would have gone to a restaurant and ordered alligator, but this gave me that opportunity. Can’t wait to see what places are featured next year!