Sunshine Crate

Sunshine Crate is a mystery clothing company that I found out about through Facebook. This is a mother/daughter run business that started in March of this year. The mother is the one who came up with the idea. She had been battling breast cancer and was bored because she was unable to work. She came up with the idea of her daughter selling clothes online, and she took the job of packaging up all the orders.

When I bought my crate it was three items and one accessory for $50, and I did receive a discount on it in exchange for a review. You were able to pick from a select number of pieces for your “chosen item”. They have since gone through an upgrade in a way to offer some higher quality items. The options now are as follows:

Sunshine Crate Mini Box–You will receive 2 items of mystery clothing and 1 accessory for $48. This is available in sizes XS-3X. Small-large usually ship within a week but the other sizes do take a bit longer to curate because they shop special for them.  

Sunshine Crate Master Box–You will receive 4-5 items of clothing and one accessory for $98. This crate is available in S-L.  

Sunshine Crate Bargain Lovers Box–You will receive 2 mystery clothing items and one accessory for $28. This crate is available in sizes small-large and is to clean out older stock. If you order this it is possible that you may receive items you have gotten in the past. 

The Goods


This sweater was my pick. I love it. It’s soft and I love how bright the red is! I debated on this one for a bit because of the red and stars (sorry Americans, this Canadian girl isn’t very patriotic) but since there was no blue on it, I decided it was okay. Plus Canada=red.This isn’t a sweater that I’ll wear a lot because I don’t have many neutral tops that will work for this, but it will definitely get some use. It will also be great for Canada Day next year!

IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399

I had seen this zebra top as a spoiler and needed it. I mean, come on, zebra. How can you not? Unfortunately, it’s small. Like, awkwardly. I can get it on but then I get 95% stuck and struggle to get it off. The things we go through for fashion sometimes! This is by Doe & Rae which actually generally fits small. I’m definitely holding on to it though and I’m hoping that before my 100 Days of Fitness is up, it will fit! It has to fit, because zebras.

IMG_1392 IMG_1394 IMG_1396

This Very J top was just not right for me. First we will talk about the color. The brown type color is okay, but the olive green type color is just nasty on me. My skin tone does not accept that color. The style of the shirt is totally something I would wear, but it’s a really weird fit. The body of it fits great, even a bit loose. The arms though? Yikes. I felt like a combination of The Hulk and a sausage. It was scary. The v-neck has a tie across it and I really like the pattern that is across the back and a bit on the front. I sold this top in my recent Plato’s Closet haul so it’s no longer taking up a hanger.

IMG_1391 IMG_1389

This belt was unfortunately another no for me. I did like the shade of green and could have made it work with a few different items in my closet. I was happy that it fit me, but because of how stretchy it was, it sat very tight. I’m also curvy so it drastically accentuated areas that are best left unaccentuated. This was also sold in my recent Plato’s Closet haul.

IMG_1404 IMG_1405

I’m on the fence with this necklace. I really like the length of it and it’s very pretty, I’m just not sure if it’s really my style. I’ll likely hold onto this one and I’m sure I will suddenly come up with an outfit that it’s perfect for!

IMG_1407 IMG_1406

There were also a few extra goodies included. Sunshine Crate likes to help promote other businesses and so some women will send in samples of their items. The first picture is a Perfectly Posh lotion. Perfectly Posh has tons of different beauty products. Also, American Smarties! We call these Rockets in Canada and Smarties are something else (that are delicious). The second picture is Advocare, which is a weight loss type product. I know some people that sell this and I had considered it at one point. I just don’t really ever think those types of products are right for me though.

Final Thoughts

Even though most of the items didn’t work out for me, I would definitely order again. I look forward to seeing the types of items they are able to bring in with the upgrade. I have been seeing some pictures from recent sales and loving some of the options!

I can never keep straight when crate releases are, but I’m happy that I really don’t need to! If you join the Facebook group Sunshine Crate will post anytime that a sale is coming up. There are also spoilers and regular updates posted in the group as well. You can comment your size on the pictures that get posted if you like an item, and you might just end up with it! If you’re unsure about buying, I definitely recommend you take a look at the group!

You can also view the website for information on when the next crate release is. Make sure while you’re there you fill out the “What Makes You Shine?” page! This is where you can give any information you want them to follow when curating your crate. Colors you do or do not like, styles you can’t wear etc. This is a great addition for me, because I think that’s where the fit and color issues came in. There wasn’t much room to write before so I was limited in what I could say!