FabFitFun Summer 2015

FabFitFun(referral link) is a quarterly subscription box. Every three months you receive a seasonal gift box filled with items that fall under the “Fab” “Fit” and “Fun” categories. The cost is $49.99 a quarter with $8 shipping to Canada (which is a really good price!).

I always love how well packaged everything is. I had heard of some people having issues with their items leaking, but upon first look mine was A-OK.

This box was set to ship out in June, but they hit a bit of an issue with their Canadian subscribers. We were sent this email at the beginning of July:

“We just wanted to reach out with an update about your Summer Box. Unfortunately, we’ve met some unexpected roadblocks in regards to Canadian shipping. One of the very cool items in the box could not be flown across the border, so we’ve had to make other arrangements with a new shipping provider, who will get your package to you by ground.

Your Summer 2015 Box will be shipped out next week, you can expect to have tracking for your package no later than Wednesday 7/8. We are extremely sorry for this delay and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

In order to make this up to you, we will be including something special in your Fall 2015 Box and hope it can bring a smile to your face.”

I appreciate that they sent us this update, and I’m kind of glad this happened. They generally have shipped through UPS, which means that I have to go and pick it up. This time they mailed the box through Canada Post so it was just left at my door! I would love to see them continue to use Canada Post. I’m also SUPER curious to see what they will include in our Fall boxes to make it up to us!


Gorge I’ll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray ($24.95)–This product smooths your hair, eliminates frizz, restores shine and enhances your natural body. It’s good for any hair type and makes it more manageable, stronger and healthier. Definitely excited for this! I’m running out of hair products so this came at a perfect time. It seems to do a really good job, my hair did look shinier and definitely had some more body.


Wren x FFF Gold Moon Charm Necklace ($100)–These necklaces are dipped in gold and have a black sapphire to compliment the look. The three options for this necklace were the moon, a horseshoe or a heart. There was also gold or rose gold. I honestly don’t think I would have been happy with any of these. I really don’t wear much gold jewellery, and if I do it’s earrings. I want to like this because it’s such a huge value in the box, but I think it will go into my gifting pile. Just not my style!


Hello Konjac Cleansing Sponge ($12)–This sponge has been used by Korean women to exfoliate and cleanse pores. It’s made from Konjac vegetable fibres and is an all-natural way to restore the skin and balance your face’s pH level. I’ve never heard of this product before but Korean beauty trends always interest me. They seem to know what they are doing, so it’s got to be good, right? This thing is actually really weird. When it’s dry, it just feels like Styrofoam. After letting it soak in some water it softens up a lot but is still a bit rough. You just rub it in a circular motion on your face, and that’s it! You can use it with cleanser, but it stresses to just use a small amount.


Tarte LipSurgence Lipgloss ($19)–This is definitely a bold colour! I actually find it shocking that this is worth $19, do people really pay those prices? I guess that is why I get boxes like this! This seems to be a decent enough gloss, I’ll definitely use it!


Fabfitfun CosmoBody Jump Rope ($14)–FFF partnered with CosmoBody, which is a new workout site from Cosmopolitan Magazine. There is also a link where you can get some videos for jump rope workouts. I used to love jump rope. I think I have a few stashed somewhere that I never use. Something about living in a third-floor condo just doesn’t make jump rope very appealing. I would like to get back into that though and I’m sure one day this will be used. It’s also pink so that makes it even better.


Inkling Scents Roll-on Perfume in “Sultry” ($25)–The base of this scent is a creamy sandalwood and white amber, the heart is the lotus flower, orchid and Bulgarian rose, while the top is silky vanilla. I was a bit worried about the scent because that description makes it sound pretty intense. It’s definitely more perfumey than I like, and I haven’t quite decided how I feel about it yet.


The Everyday Wireless Speaker ($29.99)–This has a wireless pairing for up to 30 feet, a latch on the handle for while you’re on the go and FM radio. This may come in handy. I like that it’s wireless and the latch would be nice for hooking onto a backpack or purse. I don’t go many places where I feel the strong need for music though, and since I’m on limited data on my phone I don’t use music streaming unless I’m on WiFi. My iPod is also too old to have wireless capabilities. There were two colour options for this item, teal and pink and I was fine with either one!


Headspace 3-month subscription ($38.85)–Headspace is an app that takes you through guided meditations whenever and wherever. This card does not require entering any credit card information, which is a rarity. This isn’t something for me. I’m really not one to meditate, and quite frankly, I have never felt the need to.


Scratch Nail Wraps ($12)–These nail wraps are screen printed on a thin adhesive and made with 5-free polish inks. I’ve actually never used Scratch nail wraps before, but I think I have some, somewhere. I’m excited to have received the mint ones. I kept seeing people receive white ones, which I wasn’t as fond of. I do wish that the design was more interesting, but I suppose that basic isn’t always bad. Also, you take these off with nail polish remover, which is neat!


Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer “Aloe Smooth” (sponsored item, $7.99)–This instantly moisturizes and leaves the skin feeling soft. A spray is kind of convenient because you don’t have to worry about getting too much. I was actually always intrigued by this product after seeing the commercials of the girl spraying and just slipping on her clothes, it seemed so seamless! I think I’m fairly happy with this product. It didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, but I wouldn’t say that it did anything that any other lotion doesn’t.

Final Thoughts

This is probably my least favourite FFF box yet. The items were good, and the value was definitely there, but it just wasn’t really for me. The necklace was a huge chunk of the value, and really worth nothing to me. The smaller, cheaper items were probably my favourites. The leave-in conditioner will definitely be used, as will the lotion. I’m going to attempt the Scratch nail wraps, though we will see how that goes! I’m also quite disappointed that there wasn’t a food product included! The Cosmo Creations popcorn included in last seasons box, and the SlimFast Have Your Cake bar were some of my favourite items to receive! FFF is still one of my favourite subscriptions, even though this box was kind of a bust. I’m excited to see what kind of fall items they come up with, and the special treat for Canadians! If you decide to sign up please use my referral code! If you do use it, please shoot me a comment letting me know that you did. There have been issues with referrals not going through and I’d like to track it. Thank you! I believe they still have some Summer boxes left, so you would be signing up for this box!