Slim Fast–14 Days To Slim

Tomorrow is the start of a very interesting two weeks. As I mentioned in a previous fitness post I have hit a bit of a wall in my weight loss. I was inspired recently by one of my favorite bloggers, The Box Queen. She did a post on the Slim Fast 14 Days to Slim. The idea is that you switch out two of your daily meals for Slim Fast meal bars or shakes, and have one 500 calorie balanced meal. You also get 3 100 calorie snacks in a day and are expected to do a minimum of 30 minutes of light exercise.  By the end of the two weeks they claim that you can lose up to 6 pounds.

Slim Fast 14 Days To Slim

My friend, Dylan, and I decided to do this program, and do a blog collaboration on it. I have known Dylan for many, many years, ever since my days working at 7-eleven. He and I are both on a fitness journey right now and have often talked to each other about that. We have shared in struggling with losing weight, have given each other advice and encouragement and have just been there for each other throughout all of this.

I was very grateful that after we had made the decision to do this that Slim Fast products were all of a sudden on sale at Wal-mart. We both got our supplies right away so that there was no turning back. I chose two different kinds of shakes, Strawberry Supreme and Chocolatey Royale. For my meal bars I picked Choolatey Cookie Dough and Rich Chocolatey Brownie. I’m excited to try these flavors, I’m really glad that they have sweet products and not just granola bars or anything plain like that. Though I must say, the States has WAY better selection than we do here, more then double the options!

I think my biggest struggle in these two weeks will be not snacking. I have a huge sweet tooth (obviously why I have hit this weight loss wall) and so I believe having to limit myself will be very tough. That’s also going to be the best part of this though. I’m hoping that by going 2 weeks without the snacking that perhaps that will help me kick my habit. It will get me out of that desire to eat. It’s not that I’m hungry all the time, in fact I am rarely hungry, I just really like to eat. For my 3 snacks throughout the day I will likely stick mostly to fruit and veggies to try and keep it as healthy as possible. Because I like to munch, popcorn will also make a great snack. It’s something that I can make last longer and is healthy, as long as it’s done right. I have an oil popcorn maker and so that will work great.

I think my second biggest challenge will be eating a balanced 500 calorie meal. My husband and I don’t often eat the best suppers. It’s not that we eat unhealthy, it’s just not the most healthy. We don’t usually have a mixture of meat, vegetable etc. We also love to use our deep fryer. I told him for that two week time period we had to try to eat better though. We will see what happens!

They recommend doing 30 minutes of light exercise. I will likely stick to my August routine of 50 minutes of intense cardio. Doing this may also allow me a bit of leeway when it comes to the 500 calorie supper.

I’m not going into this with any huge expectations. They say you can lose up to 6 pounds, but let’s face it, that’s not going to be the norm. I just hope that this can help me get a bit past my desire to snack, and also kick start my weight loss once again. As of right now my weight is exactly 170. Let’s see what I can lose!

I will doing updates throughout the two weeks that talks about the meals/snacks I had, any changes I’m feeling, results I may be seeing, and the struggles I will likely be having. If anyone else decides to join in this adventure with us, feel free. I would love to hear from you on your experience, and maybe this can serve as some encouragement to try it out!

You can check Dylan out over at Fabricated Press.