Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 7-10

We’ll I’m officially half way done my second week of my 14 day challenge. I’m still loving this challenge, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through this series. If you have missed the previous posts you can read my introduction here, first post here, and my second post here. I’ve been going through this challenge with a great friend of mine who has the blog Fabricated Press. Go check out his posts as well!


Sunday was a lot like Saturday for me. I had a shake in the morning and then went out grocery shopping soon after. I didn’t have a morning snack because by the time I got home it was close enough to being lunch, I didn’t feel the need. For lunch I had a second shake. Considering this is a 14 Day challenge the packaging is a bit weird. The shakes come in packs of 8, and the bars in boxes of 6. Due to this, twice I will be having a shake two times in one day.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 7-10

For my afternoon snack I had a delicious bowl of popcorn. I used my oil popper, and I used some ketchup seasoning rather than adding butter. It was delicious, and I love how healthy popcorn is.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 7-10

This was a great supper. I sautéed some vegetables in Olive Oil and had some Pillsbury pizza. They are just like the mini pizzas but a bit bigger. Half a pizza only has 320 calories so this was within my allotted 500 calories. I felt full and satisfied from it, just like I have for every other meal.


I started off my week just like last, I went through my usual morning routine of going to the gym, getting ready for work and having a morning shake. My snacks this week will be a bit different then last. I was going to get cantaloupe but it really wasn’t looking very good. I ended up going with grapes and raspberries as my morning snack. I had a meal bar for lunch, and my usual carrot and tomatoes to munch on in the afternoon. Since I’m back in my weekday routine, I am also back to my 6.5 liters of water a day. This week I am infusing my water with nectarines. I meant to buy peaches but realized Monday morning that I grabbed the wrong fruit! It’s still very delicious tasting though.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 7-10

This was the supper I made. To truly understand how awesome this is, you must realize that I don’t cook. I make a few basic items but that’s about it. I’m excited this week to actually make real food. Also, I just realized how off the portions and sizes of everything looks because of the angle of the picture. I steamed the veggies, made some 3 cheese sidekicks and did chicken stuffed with asparagus and cheese. This was such a great meal. I have no idea how many calories it consisted of, but it was dang good. And it looks healthy, so it counts, right?

It feels great to have officially started week two. I’m not even counting down the days until I can start eating junk food again, because I have no desire to go back to my old ways.


Tuesday went the same as Monday. I woke up a bit early and really didn’t want to go to the gym. I’m determined to have this week be a complete success though, so that meant I had to go. So I did. The meals during the day were the same. The can of peaches and Special K bar from last week are still sitting in my lunch kit. By this point, I’m tempted to just take them out. I’m clearly not going to need them. If I have managed to stave off hunger for 8 days, I don’t see myself needing them in the next 6.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 7-10

This was my second fun creation. Gluten free pasta with chicken, tomato, broccoli, cheese and asparagus with some sauce. This was SO good. Seriously. I’m loving this whole cooking thing!


Wednesday went the same during the day. Had my shake, grapes and raspberries in the morning, meal bar at lunch, tomatoes and carrots in the afternoon. I didn’t have enough room to finish my carrots this time so I will leave them in the container until tomorrow.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 7-10

This was our Wednesday supper. It was rice noodles with beef, peas, mushrooms and peanuts with a peanut sauce on top. Again, a great meal. It was tasty, healthy, and filling.

Well, that’s the end of another four days. I still can’t believe how fast this is going, only three days left! I’m still feeling full every day. My desire to eat junk really seems to be dissipating still, I haven’t had the strong desire to cheat even once. There is definitely still times I think about it, try and justify it in my head by saying just one won’t hurt..but it really could. It could erase all the progress I have done and I refuse to do that.