Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 11-13

Only one day left of this Challenge. If you have missed the previous posts you can read my introduction here, Day 1-3 here, week one results here, and day 7-10 here. I’ve been going through this challenge with a great friend of mine who has the blog Fabricated Press. Go check out his posts as well!


I won’t rehash my day again, because it’s been the same as all the others. I’m desiring my mid day snacks less and less, but am still trying to have some so I can keep my calories up.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 11-13

For supper we had gone to Ian’s parents. Most of Ian’s siblings families were out for supper so we went to join. There was a great spread of food out and was easy to fill my plate. I had turkey, ham (some on the side, some on the bun) as well as some other food. I also had some veggies after this plate was done as well. It was a great, filling meal.


You are right in assuming that Friday went the same as all the other days.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 11-13

For supper I had a turkey/ham bun as well as some leftovers from the other right.


I had my shake in the morning, and meal bar for lunch. I had a bit of a later lunch, with no morning snack. I was doing a bunch of running around in the morning so I didn’t have time, and didn’t feel hungry for a snack. For my afternoon snack I had a can of peaches and some butterscotch pudding that Ian had made.

Slim Fast 14 Day Challenge Day 11-13

For supper I had some leftovers of the pasta dish from the other night as well as a turkey/ham bun again. It was a good supper, and I’m feeling satisfied now. I don’t forsee myself needing any snacks during the evening, but if I do, I still have one snack remaining.

Tomorrow is day 14. Sometime during the day I will be posting my last post regarding this challenge. I will cover what it taught me, the results I saw/felt and what my opinion of it is.