September Update & October Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017 and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.


Did September actually happen? It feels like it was just August. I had some great things happen through the month, most of which will be detailed below. It was definitely a quieter month than August was, thank goodness. We had a couple of garage sales and got rid of a TON of stuff, which felt so good. We still have a quite a bit of unpacking and organizing to do in our new house, but we are well on our way to being settled.

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Meal plan for five days a week – NO. I sure didn’t. I had a vague idea of what to make based on the ingredients we had, but close to zero planning was done. October is a new month!
  • Bike to work a majority of SeptemberYES. Originally my goal was to bike 10/19 work days. I ended up missing two days of work because of being sick, which means I biked 10/17 days! The days I didn’t bike were due to poor weather, or expected poor weather, and being sick.
  • Join a gym and work out at least 10 times – NO. I aimed a bit low because I still hadn’t joined the gym at the start of the month. I finally did on the 5th and I made it to the gym 8 times through the month. I would have reached my goal had I not gotten sick. Still, the gym 8 times and biking 10 times are numbers to be happy about.
  • Lose weight and/or inches YES. My weight loss wasn’t where I had hoped it would be, given that I got back to the gym, but a loss is a loss.

I will spend less

  • Spend less than September 2016 ($1153.83)- NO. $1163.41. Close, but no cigar. I ended up a bit over, but a lot of that went towards a large stock up of groceries and some other house expenses. There were some items we needed now that we are in a house rather than a condo. I also made approximately $300 during the garage sales and selling some items through a local buy & sell. That went into savings though so I did not deduct any expenses.

I will organize

  • Get our bedroom and closet finishedYES. There are still a few items that need to find a new home, but for the most part, these two areas are done. I’m super happy with my closet and some ideas I was able to put into place to help organize things like my purses and earrings. I’ll hopefully share some of those on here soon!

I will grow personally

  • Do something that stretches meYES. I had to do a little bit of public speaking, which is the one thing that gives me anxiety and stresses me out. It’s extremely challenging for me, but I did it.
  • Sell some Mary KayYES. This was my first month as a Mary Kay consultant, and I did it! I sold a few items and placed my first order. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to make a purchase as well!

I will experience more

  • Have at least one fun get together with friends – NO. We did have a garage sale with friends, but I wouldn’t call that ‘fun’. We were supposed to have a get-together on September 30th, but sometimes life happens and plans have to change.
  • Try something new – NO. I wish I could say yes here, but I can’t currently think of one new thing that I tried. It was not a good month for experiencing!

I will grow my blog

  • Secure at least one new brand partnershipYES. I am now a brand ambassador for skinnypasta, which I will be making a post about soon. I also landed my first big freelance writing job, contributed to an infographic and got sponsorship for some a couple Instagram posts. Overall, a fairly successful month.
  • Do at least one fitness and one fashion post – YES/NO. I did do 1 fitness related post, but I did not get my fashion post done in time. I should have one coming very soon!
  • Update my blog & social media photosYES. I finally have a new, recent, picture on my blog and social media. This was a long time coming!
  • Increase my social media following, particularly Facebook (170) and Instagram (327) – YES. Facebook – 188, Instagram – 350. I’m happy with the increase on both of these accounts!


October is looking like a slower month, but I have no doubt that it will fly by. It’s crazy to think we are entering into a month that could have our first snowfall of the season! Thanksgiving is coming up next weekend and I’ll have to put a fair bit of time into my writing project. With the year winding down I feel as though I’m starting to slow on my goals. I’ve still got a long way to go in a lot of areas, but I’m happy with all the success I’ve had and the next few months will likely see fewer goals due to that.

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Meal plan five days a week
  • Workout at least 15 time
  • Run a 5k – I’ve been doing an average of 20 minutes on the treadmill when I go to the gym, but I want to run at least one 5k distance, regardless of what my time is.
  • Continue to lose weight and/or inches
  • Bike to work when I can – I’m not setting a certain number on this since the weather is SO unpredictable in October. I want to bike if the weather allows though, no excuses.

I will spend less

  • Spend less than October 2016 ($1110.13)
  • Do not buy any new clothes – I’ve been losing weight and before the end of the year I will likely have to go through a full try-on of my closet. I anticipate needing to replace some items at that time, so it makes sense to hold off on buying new items at this point.
  • Earn some money from one of my side gigs (Mary Kay, blogging or freelance writing)

I will experience more

  • Watch at least one new (to me) movie
  • Try a new restaurant – We haven’t been going out to eat much anymore, but I’d like to try somewhere new the next time we do.
  • Have at least one fun get-together with friends

I will grow my blog

  • Get at least two new blogging opportunities
  • Do one fitness and one fashion post – I didn’t do a fashion post this past month, I really hope I can this month.
  • Increase social media following: Facebook (188) and Instagram (350)
  • Be more active on Instagram – This has always been my favorite platform to share. I used to take a lot of pictures and post them, but have really slowed down. I want to get back into being more active on there.

What are your goals for the month? Anything in particular that you’re looking forward to?

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  • B.

    That’s awesome that you’re able to bike to work! And I think trying a new restaurant is a really fun and interesting goal. Good luck!

  • Congrats on your September successes! Even when you didn’t meet the exact goals, you definitely strove for the intention behind them. Good luck with October!

    My husband and I tried a new restaurant last Friday. While deciding where to eat, we realized how many places we haven’t tried–not because we go to the same place a lot, but because we usually eat at home. We might splurge on more date nights over the next few months, just to explore more.

  • shootingstarsmag

    I think you did a great job on your September goals, and I LOVE your word for the year! Good luck with everything in October. I have plans with some friends this month which I’m excited about, especially because I should be seeing one friend twice and I haven’t hung out with her in forever it seems! Life does get in the way sometimes though. October and all things Halloween are my favorite, so many of my goals and bucket list items are related to enjoying the season!! I do want to get more blogging opportunities and earn some extra cash though!


  • I always love to see other people making goals to experience fun things, too—for me, it’s so easy to just focus on being productive rather than on planning for enjoyment, so I like seeing that other people do this too!

  • Kristina Gorr

    Love these goals and how transparent you are! It’s such a challenge to stick with goals like this – keep up the great work!

  • Candice

    Love this idea!! Thank you for sharing your goals and success!!

  • Lucretia Cargill

    I think that is my biggest problem with planning…uggghhhh I go to do better. Thanks for the encouragement and tips!!!

  • Laura

    How is it October already? Goodness. Huzzah for meeting goals! I’ll admit that my monthly goals post is my favorite post to write anymore! I’ll have to find you on Instagram =) One of my goals is to go to a pumpkin patch this year – we haven’t the past few and it always makes me sad!

  • Jackline Njagi

    I admire your perseverance to “strive” I never really do what I plan to do. I think I will borrow your idea of choosing one word next year. I put my resolutions this year in form of prayer; I prayed for three things; better relationship with God, financial security and academic excellence and so far God has done me good

  • thetechchef

    I’m almost jealous of your ability to organize. I wish I could find the time, and the space. It always seems like I have to pull everything out of one area, into another, sort it and then put it back. But if you don’t have that flex space, organizing can be very hard. 🙁

    Anyway my September Wrap Up is here: