RunLoveBox January 2016

*Please note, this company is no longer in business

RunLoveBox  is a monthly subscription for anyone who enjoys running. For $15USD + $5 shipping to Canada and the US you will receive 4-5 full sized running related products. These will include snacks, accessories and race day essentials. More specifically, snacks, gels, clothing, makeup & hair accessories, and personal care products.

First Thoughts

I love when companies use fully customized boxes for their subs!


Not the most impressive first look, nothing really jumped out at me and I like when boxes have tissue paper and a sticker on it. Sometimes it’s just the little things that really add to the overall experience! They don’t include a product card in a way to reduce paper used, but they do include a section on their website where you can find more information about the products.

The Goods


I’ve never had hemp seeds before, but I’ll admit that I’m curious about them. Hemp hearts have omegas, digestible proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. My first issue with this item is that it says right on the package that it is a sample and not for resale. This to me does not say “full size item” like is promised.


This is a dietary supplement to help promote healthy cholesterol already within normal limits and can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Suggested serving is 1 packet, or three pills, per single serving. I have no idea if this means per meal, or per day or what. This is another item I would consider to be a sample since this is just four servings worth.


This is sustainably sourced palm fruit oil. I’m guessing this would be used just like any other peanut butter would be. Again, I would consider this to be a sample size. A full size peanut butter product does not come in a small packet like this.


This is a gluten free bar for women. It has calcium, iron and folic acid. I haven’t tried it yet but I am intrigued by the chocolate peppermint flavor, I do like that combination!


You just mix one packet with water, rice milk, or whatever your favorite beverage is. The brochure has some descriptions of the whole line of products, but the only thing I really understood from this one was amino acids. This is one of those things that I think I could use in a smoothie, but then I’ll put it in the cupboard and it will sit there until I go through and throw stuff out. I might skip a step and just put it right into the garbage.


Gluten free, non GMO, 5 super grains (oats, millet, quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat) so this is definitely a healthy bar. I can’t eat things with oats in it though because I seem to always get horrible stomach pains when I do, nad I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin seeds.


 I’m a fan of fibre 1 but I didn’t care for this particular variation. I do love their brownie and chocolate chip cookie though!

Final Thoughts

I had seen some reviews of previous  boxes and was really interested in them, I think I would have been fairly happy to receive them. Unfortunately this was a horrible month IMO. It felt like someone bought some boxes of healthy foods and just divvied them up between a bunch of boxes and most I wouldn’t consider full sized. I didn’t feel like this was geared towards runners at all, more towards just healthy living. I was also disappointed that there wasn’t any accessories. I really wanted to love this box because of it being a Canadian company but I don’t think I’ll be trying it again. If they charged Canadian dollars I might have considered a second go, but with how bad the dollar is I just can’t justify it right now.