Put a Bow On It June 2016

Put a Bow On It is another Canadian lifestyle subscription box. They recently updated their plan so that they now have two options. The $60 Premium box is the original gift box containing a  variety of products from beauty, fashion, home decor etc. There is now also a Deluxe gift box. Prices includes shipping and GST. It’s unclear to me exactly what the difference between the two options are. Each month the box will come wrapped as a gift and follow a particular theme. At this time they only ship to Canada.

First Look


This months theme was “Fun In the Sun”. I was so excited for that because I love summer themed boxes! Once again this subscription gets huge bonus points for presentation, I love that it’s wrapped like a gift! The blue chevron feels perfect for summer.

The Goods

Put a Bow On It "Fun in the Sun"

Reed Diffuser–This is the second diffuser that I’ve gotten in boxes and this one is “tropical waters”. I gave the first one to my mom because it’s not really something I use, but I’m tempted to keep this one. I didn’t open it up yet, but from what I could smell of the scent from the box, it’s quite nice! This is a great scent for a summer themed box.

Put a Bow On It "Fun in the Sun"

Sunshine Cooling Towel–This is a lightweight towel that delivers instant coolness for up to 4 hours. You just get it wet, squeeze out excess water, shake it and it will instantly feel cool. We actually already have one of these, though I haven’t had a chance to use it yet. We are going camping a few times this year so I’ll definitely be bringing this along. We will be doing quite a bit of hiking and being outside so this will be great to help keep us cool. Plus, now we don’t have to share!

Put a Bow On It "Fun in the Sun"

Blistex Orange Mango Blast–This moisturizes, protects and refreshes lips. It also has SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun. Chapstick and Blistex are my two favorite beauty products, and pretty much all I use. Orange Mango is very summery and this is a must-have when you’re spending time outside. Really happy with this!

Put a Bow On It "Fun in the Sun"

Marlo Lorenz Canvas Beach Bag–This is really cute and the sunglasses totally fit the theme. I’ll definitely be using this, though I’m not sure what for yet. We don’t really go to any beaches or pools, but maybe I’ll use it for groceries, or carrying my lunch to work, or when we go camping! Either way, it will definitely be used!

Put a Bow On It "Fun in the Sun"

Silky Sheer SPF 15–This is non-greasy, non sticky, water resistant and won’t clog pores. I saw a few other types and I’m a big disappointed that I got this. Sunscreen is a great product to include, but when I’m outside I’m REALLY outside. Whether it’s going for a walk, run, being at a festival or out camping or hiking, I generally am outside for quite awhile. SPF 15 isn’t really enough for those types of activities, I much prefer 50 or higher. I haven’t bought any yet this year, and am guessing that mine from last year has likely expired. I guess I’ll still have to go out and buy some better stuff!

Put a Bow On It "Fun in the Sun"

Water Bottle–This has double-wall stainless steal construction that keeps the water cool without imparting flavors or odors. There were a a couple versions that I have seen and at first I was a bit disappointed that I got this version. The more I thought about it, the more suiting this one was. I drink AT LEAST four liters of water a day, even more if I’m being active or outside. I can honestly say, I am an “aquaholic”.

Final Thoughts

I love this box. I didn’t love last month, but that’s just because the theme wasn’t really great for me. This month was. I love summer and all of these items just scream SUMMER. Scents, flavors, colors. It’s all perfect. This is a great subscription, and I’m still obsessed with the presentation!

  • Why I hate bloglovin, I can’t comment on your actual blog because of the redirects. Okay rant over. I got the same box and wanted to sign up for the deluxe because I pulled the plug on PSMH – yes I did but I missed it by a few hours.

    Anyhow, this is supposed to be $130 value but I couldn’t find the tote or the diffuser online at all for pricing. The bottle is on sale at Chapters right now. But I love the whole box.

    • I don’t really feel the $130 value, but like that everything is usable and it was a fun box to open. I noticed though that they are now charging shipping on top of the $60 price, which has made me not subscribe for next month.