Put A Bow On It August 2016

Put a Bow On It is a Canadian lifestyle subscription box. They have two different box options. The $60 Premium box is the original gift box containing a variety of products from beauty, fashion, home decor etc. The Deluxe box is $36 and will contain completely different items. Shipping for both boxes is an additional $10. They just added shipping to the United States at a cost of $22.50, shipped through Fedex.

First Look

Put a Bow on It August

My favorite part of this box is the presentation. I love that it is literally like getting a gift in the mail. The wrapping paper this month was perfect for August. It’s bright and summery and I love flamingos! Nothing really jumped out at me on the first look but it did tell me that this month was going to be all about nails!

The Goods

Put a Bow on It August

The Body Shop Nail Crush Nail Polish

Get instant happiness at your fingertips by wearing these fun colours from The Body Shop. These uplifting shades brightens your soul as it does on your nails. 

I haven’t painted my nails for quite awhile. I feel as though it just takes so much time with painting them and letting them dry and I just don’t set that time aside for that type of thing. I am happy that I got pink though, if I don’t use it myself it will make a great item to gift.

Bath & Body Works Endless Weekend Lotion

America’s #1 body lotion! Infused with Shea Butter and exclusive Daily Moisture Complex, enhanced lotion that contains more of what skin loves, leaving it feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished. It’s fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula delivers 16 hours of continuous moisture. 

I have so much lotion, but it’s probably the product that I use most often. I can’t quite pinpoint the scent, but it smells like summer. I’m not sure how else to describe it. I’m definitely excited for this item though! I’ve already used it a number of times and I am quite happy with how quickly it absorbs.

Put a Bow on It August

Calvin Klein 2 Pack Candles Encased in Glass Votives

This is classic CALVIN KLEIN “leaf” scented candles in glass holders. The fragrance is crisp cucumber and crushed green leaves that are accented with emerald Moss, sandalwood and golden apple. This candle’s fragrance will last a long time throughout your space. 

It’s neat to see such a good brand name in a box. That being said, I really don’t use candles. Ever. I have a few sitting out but they just don’t get burned and I’m not a fan of the scent, I much prefer fruity ones. This is another item that will go into my gifting box.

Put a Bow on It August

Barielle Moisturizing Hand Masks

Show your hands the love they need with this 30-60 minute mask. It’s an easy-to-use, no mess way to smooth and nourish your hands so they look and feel great. 

If I don’t set aside time to paint my nails, I’m not sure when I’m going to set aside time to use this. I suppose I could throw them on while I’m watching a TV show, and I have no doubt that my hands would benefit from something like this.

Put a Bow on It August

Leather Catchall

A catch-all that features a lovely leather like finish. Multi-functional, it even makes a beautiful addition to your bedroom or bathroom vanity for all your nail envy needs. 

Eh. I’m not loving this. I get that it’s leather, but it just kind of looks cheap. I think it’s the snaps that really do it. I like the message on it, but I think the words and flowers make it look classy, but the leather just makes it look..wrong. I’m not sure how to explain it exactly. I think it would look 100 times better if it was made from glass. I don’t see myself using this anywhere in our place.

Put a Bow on It August

Prestat Fine Chocolates from London

Treat yourself to the highest quality of fine cocoa blends that are used to create this delightful chocolate bar form London, England. It’s one of the Queen’s favorites. 

I am SO excited to see milk chocolate in a box! Unless you’re getting a candy box filled with junk food there is rarely milk or white chocolate, it’s always dark. I actually resisted for about a week before eating this. It wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be, but it’s milk chocolate so how can I really complain too much?

Nail File

This nail file wasn’t on the product list, so I suppose that was considered as an extra. Nail files are also handy to have and I like that they didn’t include it in the value.

Put A Bow On It August

Lori Nail Polish Remover Towel

This was a second item that wasn’t listed on the product list. I’ve used things like this before and they work pretty well. I don’t really see them replacing liquid polish remover but these would be good if you’re traveling and for some reason need to remove your polish. I’ve used things like this in the past and they work decent. It was great that they included as many as they did!

Beautiful Day Hand Sanitizer

This is the final item that wasn’t listed on the product sheet. I looked it up online and found that it’s from Bath & Body Works. It smells great and it turns out there is a whole line of this stuff! It doesn’t say what the scent is, but I would say it’s some type of a berry scent. I already used this numerous times while camping and it’s been very handy. I’ll be keeping this in my purse and have no doubt that it will get used up!

Final Thoughts

I’ll be honest, had I known that this was a box focused on nails I likely wouldn’t have subscribed. It’s just not a great box for me. If I have some spare time I would much rather go for a run then paint my nails. The lotion and hand sanitizer were definitely my favorite items and will be used up quickly. I still love this subscription and they always do great with following their theme and it’s fun to open. This isn’t a regular subscription box for me, but one that I will continue to order from time to time!