Project Candy Box February 2015

Project Candy Box is a monthly Canadian candy subscription box. Each month you will receive an assortment of at least 10 different items, ranging from local products, new products, old nostalgic candy, or treats from other countries.The cost is $20, plus $7 shipping. They do not currently ship outside of Canada.


I was excited to try out the second candy box this month, though I had to really spread out my trying of items since I need to win my DietBet still! I was happy to see some familiar and new items, and I loved all the colors! They say:

“February is the month of Valentine’s day. After red roses and Hallmark cards, men and women flock to the stores to pick up something sweet for their spouse, partner or even a first date. Love, like or hate this holiday, one thing is obvious; nothing says you care like candy and chocolate!

Valentine’s day is what inspired this month’s theme but LOVE and CARING are some of the core traits of everyone here at Project Candy Box.

Enjoy this month’s box and make sure to share it with the people who you love. Make sure not to feed the dog any chocolate.”

The Goods


I received these in the other candy box that I got in February and ate them quite quickly. I was excited to see them come in this box too! It makes perfect sense given the month. I haven’t eaten this packet yet, I’m trying to hold out for a bit longer.


Another familiar item to me. I love moderately spicy candy and these are just perfect for fulfilling that desire. Plus they are another February standard.


These are made in Italy and is a hazelnut covered in gianduja chocolate, hazelnut cream, chopped hazelnuts and dark chocolate. This one made me a bit iffy with the dark chocolate because that usually means I’m not going to like the item. It wasn’t too bad, I usually find dark chocolate to be too bitter for me, but everything else seemed to outweigh that flavor. Still not something that I would choose out of a line up though.


I’m not even going to try to tell you what these are called. They are Korean gummy worm type candies, with a really gooey texture. They were fairly thin and light, and quite frankly, they felt a bit creepy. There were a couple of different colors and so I expected a few different flavors. The only flavor I really picked up on though was cola. Definitely one of my favorite items.


This was SO good. The hazelnuts were in really small pieces and weren’t too overly crunchy which was really nice. The milk chocolate was smooth and creamy. I might just have to go to Germany and get some more of these, or hope that I can find them somewhere in Canada.


This was a treat that I’ve often heard about, but never had tried. It’s from England and is a dense, milk chocolate covered jelly. The jelly is perfumed with rosewater, which sounds a bit concerning to me. This was probably the item that I was more nervous to try out. The milk chocolate was the only thing saving it by this point. I did try a bite of this and I didn’t know what to think. It was quite a heavy, thick bar. The chocolate was very thin as it was mostly the jelly. It wasn’t terrible, but the texture seemed to throw me off. I ended up throwing the remaining out.


Ah a Ring Pop. I feel like these played a major part in my childhood. I often had them, and very often had a blue mouth, because I always had to have the blue kind. Then when they came out with those twisted ones? That was even better! Strawberry isn’t the best Ring Pop flavor but I have zero complaints.


Another standard treat for February. These are another one of those candies that I love but hate. They have a bit of a chalky texture to them, but I love the taste and it’s always fun to read the messages, even though I got distracted by eating them and forgot to read them.


These are chocolate Raspberry flavored suckers from England. I was surprised when I unwrapped one and found that it was white. If it hadn’t said the flavor on the wrapping, I never would have pegged it as that. It’s quite a hard, sticky and chewy sucker, but it did have quite a nice flavor. It got a bit stuck in my teeth, but that just leaves more of  a lasting impression, right?


These. Oh. My. Goodness. So great.They are from Korea and I need more. These are bite sized treats that are just delicious. The biscuit part is quite soft, and had a really nice light and fluffy texture to them. The chocolate inside was reminiscent of the Dunkaroo chocolate icing, but it seemed to have more of a creamy texture.

Final Thoughts

I was really happy with this box. When I first started subscription boxes I tried an American snack box that was similar to this. I love that this features snacks from around the world, and that I don’t have to deal with a long shipping time or exchange rate to get it. I’m not good at trying new foods, but for some reason have no problem trying new candy. While I won’t be getting a March box (buying a new phone is not cheap) I will definitely be getting it again in April.