Pose at River Landing Part 1

I was given two VIP Festival Passes for the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival presented by ESYXE in exchange for some blogging support. This is probably the best thing that has happened to me since I started blogging (hard to believe it’s almost been a year already!) and I couldn’t wait to take it all in!

The SFDF presented by ESYXE kicked off Friday, June 5th, with a Deconstructed Runway event at Bottega Trattoria. You can read all about that event by clicking here. The second event was an In Fashion show on Saturday, June 6th, at Midtown Plaza. You can get more information on this event, and see all the looks featured by clicking here. The third event was the VIP Sponsor Reception at the James Hotel. This was tons of fun and you can read about the experience here.

Sunday, June 7th, was the fourth and final event of the weekend. This was held by the river at River Landing. There was a marketplace with a number of pop-up shops, a fashion show, and some performances from local groups.

River Landing was the perfect location for a show like this. The background of the river and trees was the perfect setting, and it was great that it was a free event. There seemed to be a lot of passerby’s who came just to see what was going on.

The whole upper area was tents set up with different pop up shops from various stores. Some were involved in sponsoring the show, others were local shops and a couple of the designers also had their clothes set up.

The Host

The emcee of the show was Maleeha Sheikh, who is from CTV Morning Live. I was excited when I saw that she was emceeing because I really enjoy her on the news. She always seems like a lot of fun, and does well at covering at moments when things don’t go quite right. She introduced all the designers, side acts, and gave away prizes. She did a great job at coming up with tasks for people to do if someone’s name was drawn and they weren’t there. She had people doing the moonwalk, the Carlton, answering questions and much more. It made for a fun break between showcasing the designers styles.


Melissa Squire

Pose started out exactly how the Deconstructed Runway ended, with Melissa Squire. She started the show in the same manner that she ended the last, with a lot of energy and a bit of a groove. It was great to see some more designs from her, they all have such a fun vibe! In the picture just below, as well as the very last picture, you can see an example of the designs that Melissa Squire does for kids! Super cute matching outfits.

squire squire9 squire8 squire7 squire6 squire5 squire4 squire3 squire2 squire1squire10

Whiskey Teacup

This is another one that was at the Deconstructed Runway. Just like with Melissa Squire, it was fun to see some more designs. I’m still completely obsessed with the style of the last dress!

Whiskey whiskey9 whiskey8 whiskey7 whiskey6 whiskey5 whiskey4 whiskey3 whiskey2 whiskey1



Academy of Fashion Design

Among all the established designers, they also showcased two students from the Academy of Fashion Design (learn more about the school here). I love that they did this, it really gives them a chance to show what they have learned and what they can do. Their designs were great and they held their own against the other designers.

Unfortunately, we somehow had both of our cameras malfunction on the first designer, I’m guessing the heat played into that! We did get a few shots to show an example of the items she had. I really liked her style, it had a very 70’s vibe to it with the colors and styles. If you’re a regular reader of mine, you know I love that style! The first picture is of the designer, Jacqueline Gordon.


academy3 academy2 academy1

Joanne Stewart

Joanne was the second designer from the Academy, and I love how these pieces look so easy to wear, and extremely comfortable. You see all neutrals, which as we learned at the In Fashion event, is definitely in this year. I love the added pieces of interest like fun pockets, a peak of tartan and some fringe. Definitely pieces that are right on trend! Many of the pieces also have a very natural, earthy look to them, which is also something I have been seeing more of lately.


academy21 academy22 academy23 academy24 academy25 academy26 academy27 academy28 academy29 academy210

Make sure you keep checking back! I’ve got two more parts coming, one to showcase the remaining five designers, and one to show you some of the other groups that were showcased, like a few dances and some acro yoga! Oh, and don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten to show you what I wore to all of these events! That is also coming up very soon!


  • The Nickel Nook

    What a great variety of styles! There are even some that I would wear! Great job!