Pose at River Landing Part 2

Sunday, June 7th, was the fourth and final event of the Saskatoon Fashion & Design Festival. This was held by the river at River Landing. There was a marketplace with a number of pop-up shops, a fashion show, and some performances from local groups. This is part two, you can read the first part here.

The SFDF presented by ESYXE kicked off Friday, June 5th, with a Deconstructed Runway event at Bottega Trattoria. You can read all about that event by clicking here. The second event was an In Fashion show on Saturday, June 6th, at Midtown Plaza. You can get more information on this event, and see all the looks featured by clicking here. The third event was the VIP Sponsor Reception at the James Hotel. This was tons of fun and you can read about the experience here.

This post was a bit (a lot) delayed just because of the busy season of summer and my photographer got a bit overrun!

Opinion Atelier


Opinion Atelier was another designer that was also at the Deconstructed Runway. I was excited to see more of Eva’s designs because I loved everything that I had already seen. I was definitely not disappointed! I love how so many of the pieces would be transitional and good basics, but still not boring.

_MG_0485 _MG_0489 _MG_0493 _MG_0496 _MG_0499 _MG_0506 _MG_0511 _MG_0513 _MG_0517 _MG_0521

Hillberg & Berk

I had been seeing quite a bit of the Hillberg & Berk earrings that are pictured below, but I hadn’t seen much of their other pieces. I love the bold colors that they use in their pieces!


_MG_0529 _MG_0533 _MG_0537 _MG_0540 _MG_0544 _MG_0547 _MG_0549 _MG_0553 _MG_0559 _MG_0560

Eleganzia Couture


Eleganzia Couture was the last designer that had also been featured at the Deconstructed Runway. She has a lot of African influence, and you can clearly see that in the patterns. I love all the colors!

_MG_0590 _MG_0596 _MG_0600 _MG_0603 _MG_0608 _MG_0613 _MG_0619 _MG_0623 _MG_0633 _MG_0637

T. Akins


This was the first SFDF event that T. Akins showed her designs at, and I’m in love! This are definitely pieces that I would wear. I love the contrast of the brighter and darker colors. The structure of the flower dresses are also super cute.

_MG_0664 _MG_0671 _MG_0675 _MG_0678 _MG_0684 _MG_0690 _MG_0701 _MG_0704 _MG_0713 _MG_0720



Prahsik was another designer who hadn’t shown designs at the other events. I love the uniformity between the pieces and the ability to mix and match. The color combination is just so fun!

_MG_0745 _MG_0750 _MG_0757 _MG_0763 _MG_0770 _MG_0778 _MG_0787 _MG_0796 _MG_0802 _MG_0809

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed attending all of these events, I never realized that Saskatchewan had so much talent with fashion design. Each event was unique and showcased the pieces in very different ways. All prices were easily affordable, and I love that they included a free event. It really helps spread the news of all the Saskatchewan talent. I can’t wait to attend the events next year and see what they come up with!