Popsugar + Target Must Have 2015

Popsugar is a monthly American lifestyle subscription box. The cost is $40 a month with free shipping. The boxes include anything from kitchenware, accessories, makeup, books etc.

Popsugar doesn’t ship to Canada but back in January they released a limited edition fitness box in which they collaborated with Target for. The idea of this box instantly grabbed my attention. Anything to do with fitness right now is a win for me, and I always hear such amazing things about Target in the States. I knew I just had to get it, especially at only $65USD! Thankfully my friend in Ontario, with the mailbox in the US, was willing to let me send it to her box, and she would ship it to me. I ordered in the nick of time because it sold out very quickly. I was excited to dig through all of the items! I didn’t take a “first look” picture of the box because some items were moved around, added, removed etc.


Laneige Advanced Hydration Trial Kit ($10)–These skin products use the power of mineral water to give your skin the healthy moisture it needs. You just apply the set and your skin will be radiant, refreshed, and more supple. I ended up with two of these because my friend didn’t plan on using hers. I’ve used it a couple of times and it definitely does make my skin feel fresh, I wouldn’t say that I noticed it becoming more supple though. I’m also confused by Popsugar stating the value is $10 when the box says $21 right on it.


C9 by Champion Non-slip Headband ($6.99)–This has a sleek design and is great for keeping your hair out of your eyes. I used to wear a headband every time I worked out because it was a guarantee that my hair, and especially bangs, would get in my face. It’s not as bad now since my haircut, but as my bangs grow it’s definitely a nice to use one. I have a number of headbands already, but will never complain about having another one to coordinate with my workout clothes. This is a great basic color that will go with a lot.


Brita Blue Sport Bottle ($8.99)–This bottle is BPA free and has a filter. It wasn’t long ago that I discovered that I hate sports bottles. Why anyone would want to squeeze a bottle and spray water in their mouth is beyond me. Personally, I’d rather drink like a normal person.


Simply Balanced Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix ($6.99)–This Organic mixture contains nuts, seeds, raisins, and chocolate. They lost me at organic, dark chocolate, and raisins. Thankfully my husband is a trail mix fan and frequently asked me if I had taken a picture yet so that he could eat it. It’s nice when my husband can benefit from items I receive! Of course now that I have taken the picture it’s still sitting on the coffee table unopened! Update: he has since tried the mix. He didn’t really have a reaction either way, though has been reaching for other treats before finishing this.


Burt’s Bees White Tea 10 Count Wipes ($2.99)–These towelettes easily remove makeup, dirt and oil. I’ve received this brand before and I might have a slight stock pile of wipes, but I find them so handy. They are great for traveling, and nice to throw into my gym bag in case I have a stop to make after working out. I think I’ll also get a lot of use out of them during the summer when it’s hot and humid out. They really are great to throw into a purse or gym bag and use any time you want to feel a bit refreshed, I just don’t recommend using them if you’re wanting to keep your make up on as they easily remove it.


Gaiam Icy Marrakesh Yoga Mat 3MM ($21.99)–This textured, nonslip yoga mat is lightweight and durable. I already have a yoga mat, but it has “Goodlife” on it, which I’m not the biggest fan of. I don’t go to that gym and don’t want to advertise it. It’s never been a huge deal because I only use it at home, but I plan on signing up for classes this year, and will need a good yoga mat for when I do. I love the colors and pattern on this. It’s long and I love how nicely it rolls up.


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband ($99.95)–This tracks your activity level, sleep quality, calories burned, and distance traveled. I must say, it’s pretty neat to see this included! It’s definitely a high value item, and since the box only cost $65 that’s a huge deal! I received a Fitbit for my birthday (and love it), so unfortunately I had no use for this. Thankfully my friend wanted to give one to her kids and purchased it off me. Nice and simple!

IMG_8317 IMG_8321

They also included a $20 Target gift card, that could only be used at American Target’s. Thankfully, since my friend also got a box she made a trip to one, and purchased a few items for me. I got a chapstick and a couple Eos lip balms as extras, and with the gift card I got an Orla Kiely yoga mat bag. I had another friend tell me about the brand and that she thought I’d really like the patterns. She was right, all the designs were right up my alley. I’m happy to have a bag to keep my new yoga mat in, and it will be easier to take on the go.

This box was a completely win. Everything that they included was useful and practical. While not everything was fitness related, they were all related to being, feeling and looking healthy. Even when I factor in the exchange rate and shipping, this box was well worth the cost. I love that there wasn’t any sample sized supplements or anything like that. I also might have to track down more of the Orla Kiely items!