October Update & November Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017 and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.


Well, October did not go the way I had thought it would. I ended up feeling sick or having very low energy for a majority of the month. Over Thanksgiving weekend we drove a total of 2100 km’s over two days in order to spend some time with both sides of our families, and it felt like it took quite awhile to catch up on sleep from that. I was also dealing with fevers later in the month and a lingering cold. Even through this there were definitely some highlights. I completed my biggest freelance project to date, which was a great feeling. I also got up close and personal with some wildlife during Thanksgiving weekend!

Nothing like some Thanksgiving snake hunting.

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Just a girl and a bison

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So, let’s see how I did with my goals!

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Meal plan five days a week –NO. I sure didn’t. We ate decently, there just wasn’t much forethought put into it.
  • Workout at least 15 time – NO. 3 was the magic number for October, two of those being this week. Thankfully, it seems as though I’m off to a better start for November!
  • Run a 5k – NO. The few times I went to the gym, I found running to be REALLY boring. Normally I like it, but I just wasn’t feeling it this month. I focused on the elliptical and rower for my cardio instead. That being said, I did go 5k on the elliptical!
  • Continue to lose weight and/or inches – YES. Definitely not the numbers I would have liked, but considering I only made it to the gym once, I am very happy.
  • Bike to work when I can – YES. I only biked once, but between feeling sick and the weather I’m happy that I even managed that one time. I’m definitely done for the season though!

I will strive..to spend less

  • Spend less than October 2016 ($1110.13) – YES. I spent $1036.36 and the majority of that was towards necessary purchases.
  • Do not buy any new clothes – NO. I made one purchase, but it was for two bottoms. I don’t have a huge selection that I can wear to work and some of my go-to pairs are getting loose in the waist. One was also a style, and the other a color, I had been in search of for awhile. For that to have been my only clothing related purchase all month was a total win, even though this is technically a ‘no’.
  • Earn some money from one of my side gigs (Mary Kay, blogging or freelance writing) YES. I received a payment from one of my affiliate sites (thanks to anyone who clicks through to those!) and from my freelance job.

I will strive..to experience more

  • Watch at least one new (to me) movie – YES. We watched Transformers: Age of Extinction. Now we have to watch the newest one!
  • Try a new restaurant – YES. We went out to eat a total of three times during the month. Two were to regular places, but we did finally try Popeyes Chicken that is near us, the first one located in Saskatoon. We weren’t super impressed by it and likely won’t go back, but I was happy to have tried it.
  • Have at least one fun get-together with friends – NO. We did see both sides of our families over Thanksgiving, but that was about it for our socializing. We did have a couple of visits with two of our friends and got together with them for brunch once, but I’m not counting that.

I will strive..to grow my blog

  • Get at least two new blogging opportunities – NO. I did do a couple of sponsored Instagram posts for Edo Japan, but that was the most of the opportunities I got this month. But hey, one is better than none!
  • Do one fitness and one fashion post – NO. I had this goal last month and I had done one fitness post, but not fashion. This month I did one fashion post, but not fitness!
  • Increase social media following: Facebook (188) and Instagram (350) – YES. Facebook: 203, Instagram: 364. I still have a ways to go with my growth, but it’s great to see these numbers go up!
  • Be more active on Instagram – YES. This has always been my favorite platform, but I had been neglecting it. I posted way more through October and I also interacted more with others pages.


I know that I say this every month, but November?! How has that happened so quick? There are two months left of this year and they are going to pass way too quick. November and December are always tough months for me, so I want to stay focused on my goals and make sure that I end off the year on a high note.

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Meal plan – I need to get back into this habit! It makes grocery shopping much easier and it’s nice to know the plan ahead of time.
  • Be mindful of my snacking – I’m actually pretty proud of myself. Ian picked up some Halloween candy for us to hand out, but I did not buy any of my own, including the standards that I pick up for myself every year. Now the tricky part is to not eat the leftovers!
  • Go to the gym at least 15 times – Seeing as how I only went three times in October, I’m going to stick with this number. November & December are always tough months with the change in weather, so it’s important that I stay active.
  • Follow through with my workout plan – I started a plan that I have done in the past that focuses on weights. I’ve gotten back into a cardio rut, so it’ll be good to add that in again and really focus on strength and toning.

I will strive..to spend less

  • Spend less than November 2016 ($1138.66)
  • No new clothes unless they have been on my wishlist for a minimum of a month – I’m adding that stipulation just because there are some items that I have been eyeing. If I still like them after a month of wanting them, and if they go on sale, then I can purchase. Otherwise, not.

I will strive..to experience more

  • Start my closet project – Thanks to the previous owners, we have a lot of holes all over our house. I’m not sure what they all had screwed into the closet walls, but they sure did a number on it. I’ve got some plans for that space as far as color and organization, and I want to make a good dent in that through November. Stay tuned because there will definitely be a post about it!
  • Have a get-together with friends – It’s bound to happen eventually!
  • Decorate for Christmas! – No Christmas is allowed in our place until after Remembrance Day, but then it’s a free-for-all. We didn’t put up our tree last year because of a lack of space so I’m excited for our first Christmas in our house!
  • Cook something new – It’s been awhile since I have tried out something new, I’m thinking it’s about time!

I’m keeping my goals pretty simple this month but I’m definitely preparing for a great November! What are you looking forward to in November? Any big goals you have set up for yourself?

  • It’s so hard to be productive when you’re not feeling well. I hope November is better for you!

  • Good luck with the workout plan! one of my goals is to get back on the workout wagon too!

  • thetechchef

    I really like your format and am thinking of doing some similar in 2018. Now that I’ve gotten into the habit of monthly goals it’s time to step up my game.

    Sorry you weren’t feel well for such a big chunk of Oct. I hope Nov is going better for you.

    If you’d like to take a look here’s my October Wrap Up and November Goals post: http://books.thetechchef.net/october-wrap-up-and-november-goals/