NMNL February 2017

NMNL is a new Japanese beauty subscription, with February being their inaugural box. Boxes are $30USD a month, with free worldwide shipping. Each box will have 5-7 high quality beauty items ranging from skin, body, makeup, hair, bath and tools. Items are handpicked by their in-house, licensed beauty consultant. NMNL stands for “no make no life”, which is a popular Japanese phrase used by people who believe that make up (or “make”) is essential to their lives.

I recently decided that I wanted to find a new Asian beauty box. I used to get Memebox before they stopped shipping to Canada, and those are some of my all time favorite beauty products. I discovered this box at a time when they were offering 30% off it. It was a bit risky because there weren’t any spoilers, but I figured what the heck!

The Goods

Saukra Facial Bar Soap–Sakura leaf extract is said to help with skin troubles and prevent dryness. Fill your heart with warmth and wash your daily worries away with this luxurious and fragrant soap. 

I’m not a fan of flowery scents, and based on the term “fragrant soap” and the pictures of flowers on the packaging, I’m guessing that will be the scent. Unfortunately I don’t think I will use this product. Bar soap for the face is a new thing to me though.

Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue–Made by one of Japan’s most popular “gyaru” models, this is an essential item to go with your new sailor moon false eyelashes. Made in Japan, Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue will help keep your lashes in place all day. The sweatproof, waterproof and tearproof glue is made extra durable but gentle on your skin. 

Sailor Moon False Eyelashes–Channel your inner guardian with these pretty false lashes. The lashes come with a cute storing case which can be used as a pill case or a case to store small accessories. 

I do give them kudos for including glue to go with the eyelashes. I’ve gotten eyelashes in a few boxes, but I have never seen the glue before. That being said, I won’t use either of these products. My lashes are fairly long to begin with, but I also always wear glasses. I’m not sure if I would ever venture into green eyelashes if I ever had reason to wear them. I do like the little case though, I might throw that into my purse!

Hello Kitty Sakura Facial Masks–Pamper yourself with these Hello Kitty Facial Masks. This 8-pack of facial masks contains sakura extract, tea extract and hyaluronic acid to help moisturize your skin. Masks come in a resealable bag in order to maintain freshness. 

I’ll definitely use these. I like that there are 8 included, and that it’s resealable. I haven’t opened them yet, but based on my past experience with facial masks, there is a very good chance that they would make you look like Hello Kitty while wearing one!

Zawachin X Noyl Eyeshadow Palette–Zawachin, a popular Japanese TV personality, who’s made a name for herself by impersonating celebrity looks has collaborated with noyl to create a line of eyeshadows that can be used to make a variety of looks–from everyday to glamorous. Each palette comes with 12 beautiful colors that can be used individually or layered to create a natural gradation. 

This palette isn’t terrible. I rarely wear eyeshadow, and most of the shades are brighter than I would prefer for the times that I do, but I like how there are a few darker/more neutral options.

Puchi Animal Hand Cream–Bring this cute, fragranced hand cream with you, wherever you go. This hand cream will leave your hands no only moisturized, but also smelling sweet. Encased in a convenient silicone carry-case, the hand cream comes in 3 different designs and fragrances-soap, rose and honey. 

It’s cutesy things like this lotion that I like about Japanese/Asian beauty products. I’m happy with the one I received, it’s definitely my preference out of the three options.

Final Thoughts

I don’t plan on continuing my subscription to this box. I was hoping for more of a Memebox type of items from them, but it almost felt as though this box was too “safe”. There isn’t anything weird/wacky about these products and I was really hoping for something unique. I do think this is a great box if you’re just looking for some fun items though.

The hunt for an Asian beauty box continues!