Nature Box September 2016

Nature Box sets forward to make snacking part of a well balanced lifestyle. None of the snacks contain artificial ingredients, high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. There are a few different membership options. When you first sign up you can select to receive a box every week, every 2 weeks or once a month. You can also decide whether you want to receive 5 or 10 snacks in each box. The cost is $19.99 for 5 snacks and $34.95 for 10 snacks. Shipping is free for in the US and only $4.95 to Canada. Keep reading to the end to find out how you can try your first box for FREE.


When you sign up for your first box you are prompted to decide if you want to choose your snacks or have it be a surprise. After picking your 5 (or 10) you can keep adding snacks to your pantry. Any future box you get will only consist of items that are in your pantry, but the combination that you get each month will be different. This is great if you are a bit particular with your snacks or if you have any dietary restrictions.

I had changed the top 5 in my pantry a bit from when I got my first box and I was excited to try a few new snacks and see how they compared.


Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars–vegan, non-GMO, low fat, low sodium, 100 calories per serving

Sometimes you want something chewy and sweet. Instead of getting lost in the gummy bear den, grab these! They’re the perfect lunch pick for kids of all ages (without the added sugar and preservatives in typical fruit chews). Or keep them in your desk drawer for emergency cravings. In your face, vending machine!

These will never replace gummy bears for me, but they are definitely a decent replacement. They have a different consistency than most fruit snacks, but they are definitely a fair substitute when I get a hankering for something sweet and chewy.


Whole Wheat Chocolate Animal Crackers–vegan, fiber filled, less than 10g of sugar, low sodium, 120 calories per serving

We started with a classic animal cookie and gave it an updated spin with premium ingredients including whole-wheat flour, cocoa powder and unsweetened chocolate. These perfectly chocolaty, crunchy cookies deliver the right amount of sweetness with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

I like these. I’m not usually a whole wheat fan but you really can’t even tell with these cookies. They are crunchy and chocolatey and delicious!


Sweet & Salty Nut Medley–Less than 10g sugar, less than 15g carbs, protein packed, low sodium, 170 calories per serving

One day, a nut was walking down the street. It was as-alted. That’s why nuts need to stick together, like in this deliciously sweet and salty medley. Just as a medley would not be complete without several big Jazz Hands numbers strung one after the other, this snack would not be complete without the delicious taste of almonds, cashews and peanuts, plus a hint of sea salt and sugar.

These is a great combination. The sweet nuts are my favorite but they all go together to create a good balance. They are a bit higher in calories since they are nuts, but they are perfect for a small snack.


Zesty Nacho Curls–Vegan, non-GMO, less than 10g sugar, fiber filled, 120 calories per serving

Who knew you could create a delicious vegan puff out of chickpeas and lentils? Consider your snack dreams complete! Fiber-filled puffs made from nutrient-rich legumes are topped off with a zesty veggie seasoning that clocks in at only 120 calories per serving. We’ve added a little zing to this nacho curl but with 50% less fat and absolutely zero guilt.

I like chickpeas and like some lentils, and I never would have guessed that together they would create such a delicious snack. The puffiness is comparable to the Cheetos Puffs but these are actually guilt free! The zesty seasoning helps make me eat less since they definitely have some zip to them.


Salt & vinegar veggie chips–vegan, no sugar added, less than 10g sugar, 150 calories per serving

It’s our favorite flavor made even better thanks to yucca, purple sweet potato, yellow sweet potato, and plantains. Each veggie is handpicked in small batches from a Central American rainforest, artisanally cut, and crisped to perfection. Then we add a bold kick of vinegar and sprinkle of sea salt. The result? Irresistible.

These were my one repeat snack and I am going to get these every chance I can. I love salt & vinegar in general but these are made just that much better by potatoes used. Since there are so many different ones used you really get a variety of flavors along with the salt & vinegar.

Final Thoughts

Two boxes and I still haven’t had a snack that I don’t like. They have such a great variety that you can either stick with what you love, or switch it up and always try something new. Not only do I have full control over WHAT I get, I also have full control over WHEN I get it. It’s very easy to go under your account and change the frequency of your orders, whether you want it more or less often. Another great bonus? If you don’t like a snack they will replace it free in your next box! This isn’t going to be a super regular box that I get since I’m hoping the snacks will last me for a bit, but I like having the option to get one whenever I want. 

If you want to give Nature Box a try you can follow this link. This will get you a box absolutely FREE, all you have to do is pay the shipping. That’s how I ordered this box and it only cost me $5USD for all these snacks!