Nandemo Snack Box May 2015

Nandemo Box is a Japanese subscription box. They have a snack box ($25) and a Kawaii box ($35). Worldwide shipping is included in both of these prices. The snack box contains a variety of Japanese snacks, and the Kawaii box contains 6-8 cute Kawaii items like plush, stationary, stickers, cases, bags etc.


I recently subscribed to the snack box. I was starting to think that it wasn’t coming, but it suddenly showed up on our door step! They aren’t able to provide tracking for the snack boxes, and they do take awhile in transit. I liked how full the box was and was instantly intrigued.


I really like that they include a little note explaining the box, and that they put your name on it. This was in a little plastic cover and also inside was a list of all the items included.

On the information sheet is says that the theme is “To New Things”. May is when students, graduates and workers start their new lives and settle into new environments. They wanted this box to represent that by adding colorful, different and ‘out of the box’ contents. They also made a note that since it’s starting to get warmer in Japan they will begin cutting back on chocolate, limiting it to 1-2 items per box.

I actually really like that they take this into consideration. There are so many non-chocolate treats, and I find that snack boxes are usually pretty chocolate heavy.

The Goods


Lotte’s Chocorantan Pear Flavor–Slightly roasted almonds and pear chips are inside of a chocolate cup. It’s known as a fancy treat and are wrapped which allows for longer storage life. I’m a bit iffy on trying this. I like almonds and chocolates, but for a long time I got sick after having anything with pear in it. I don’t think I’m going to risk it for this snack, but will hopefully find someone to pass it along to.


Sherbet Pero Grape Flavor–This is a fun fizzy lollipop, though they aren’t sure why it’s called “Sherbet” Pero. I didn’t really notice this being very fizzy, but perhaps I was expecting too much. It definitely had a very distinct grape flavor and the powder to dip the sucker in was very fine and sweet.

Seibutsu Zukan–Japan is popular for dry squid and fish snacks, so rather than sending that they decided to send sea-life gummies. I’m not sure what it is with Japanese gummy candies, but they all make me think of coke bottles! I have no complaints about that since I love coke bottles, but I would like some variety in flavor.


Fruit Mix Popcorn–This was credited as the main item in May’s box. They wanted to celebrate May with bright colors so they decided to go with this. It has grape, strawberry, orange and lemon flavors. I used to love going to Kernels (Canadian popcorn store in the mall) and getting the candied popcorn. I love the flavors and I love popcorn, so no complaints here! Each of the flavors are very distinct and it tastes fresh.


Choco de Puzzle–Each box contains a DIY kit. I received the bear (there was also a bunny). They tell you to refer to youtube for tutorials. I think it’s a lot of fun that they include DIY kits. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but have no doubt that I will enjoy trying to figure this out.


Puchi Okomeage–Okomeage means fried rice, so these are fried rice crackers. They were crunchy with a very strong flavor. I would say they tasted like soya sauce, but less salty, more sweet. It’s one of those items that I just couldn’t figure out if I liked our not, but for some reason kept eating them.


Limited Edition Koala–I received these once before in another snack box, and they had a delicious chocolate filling. I was excited to get these, until I read the information card. This is a new spring/summer flavor, cheesecake. I hate cheesecake. Like loathe. Thankfully Ian is a fan so I will give these to him, I’m sure he will enjoy them! (Update: he got excited when I said it was cheesecake flavoring, and while he looked a bit perplexed while initially trying them, he said they were good).


Peko-chan’s chocolate Pencils–Chocolate pencils that come with a sticker sheet. I don’t need the stickers, they will probably end up in the garbage, but the chocolate in the pencils was decent, it tasted like your average chocolate. You just unwrap the pencils and it’s pure chocolate inside.

Puccho Banpeiyu Flavor–Puccho is a soft chewing candy with small gummies inside. The flavor is a citrus fruit, most similar to grapefruit. The texture of the chew is sort of like a Hi-Chew as it’s a bit harder and chewier. You have to really feel around to notice the gummy, but it’s there, and it’s tasty!


Candy Box–This is a popular treat for kids in Japan, they are fruit flavored hard gummy candies. I was expecting these to be harder, like to the point that you can’t chew them, but they were actually on the softer side. Not gummy soft, but not hard to chew. The flavors were very subtle and didn’t really do much for me.

Final Thoughts

I always getting Japanese boxes as they always have such interesting and different products. I also always love the snacks that they have. I canceled my subscription as I was just wanting to try one box, but it’s definitely a box that I would subscribe to again any time that I get the hankering for some Japanese snacks! It’s a great price and I love that shipping is included in the cost. They included a great variety between the chocolate, gummy, popcorn, and other candy.


  • The Nickel Nook

    They all look and sound very interesting. Seems like a nice variety too!