My Top 10 Moments from 2017

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog front this month, but I have some great posts coming up over the next while. I’ve been doing some thinking about goals for 2018 and what I want my focus to be. Through this, I have also done some reflecting on 2017. I’ve thought about what I can do better and what I all accomplished. It definitely wasn’t the year that I expected it to be, but there were still some really great moments.

So without further ado, here are my top 10 moments from this past year! You can click the links to find out more about any of these highlights.

1. Beating my 5k time goals, and doing one in 35 minutes.

2. Being invited to the grand opening of our first Taco Bell.

3. Ziplining at Treeosix Adventure Parks at Elk Ridge Resorts, and their giant swing.

4. Different partnerships, including Edo Japan, Good Earth Coffeehouse and Sobeys. Becoming a brand ambassador for skinnypasta, and my first big freelance writing job.

5. Buying our house!

6. Dressing as Daryl Dixon and rappelling down a 280 ft tall building with The Drop Zone.

7. Being able to bike to work now that I live MUCH closer.

8. Celebrating Christmas in our new house.

9. DIY projects, including my closet (post coming once it’s finished) and my Advent Calendar.

10. SO many good meals and summer nights spent sitting by the fire.

As bittersweet as some moments were, particularly moving away from an area of the city I loved, 2017 was a great year for us. There are some areas that I wasn’t so successful in, but 2018 is another year, with new goals to set. Thank you for joining me on the journey of 2017 and I hope you stick around for this next year. Trust me, there are some good things coming!

What were your favorite moments from 2017?