Moxie Style CYO

I’ve written about Moxie Style a few times in the past while, but today I have a reveal for you! I had tried out their previous mystery bag format, but they recently did a revamp of their format. I obviously had to make a purchase, you know, for blogging purposes!

Moxie Style now has two different mystery formats. The first one is the CYO (Curate Your Own). The way this works is that you pick one item from their Featured Favorites and you get one additional item as a surprise. The cost for this is $45. The second option is that you can do a complete mystery. You can get two items for $42 or four items for $80! All surprise items are based off of the style profile that you had better fill out!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to buy at first since nothing really caught my eye. They did a live stream one evening before the launch to show all the items they were going to carry as their Featured Favorites. I went from not loving anything, to loving tons. They talked about the fit, fabric, style etc. This was so handy because it’s often hard to tell how an item will actually fit.

I purchased a CYO and two piece mystery. I used a discount code that is no longer valid, as well as reward points, so this came to a total of $47.06 including shipping. Once you factor in the exchange rate (darn Canadian currency) it cost $64.16. So, was it worth it? Let’s take a look at what I got!

The Goods


We will start with the bag. I had actually ordered a bag with a London scene on it, but got this black one. I was so confused at first as to what happened! Well, about a week later I was doing some cleaning and noticed that the invoice had some writing on it. It stated that the London bag had actually oversold, so they upgraded me to this one! I was *slightly* sad about not getting the London bag, but this bag is one I can actually use! The little lock thing on the front is really light and cheap feeling, but the rest of the bag feels great. It’s even got a few pockets on the inside which is a bonus. It’s nice to finally have a second black purse!

IMG_0017 IMG_0026 IMG_0027

So this first item was my selection for CYO. It’s the “Rockstar Jacket” from Esley. This one makes me sad. I hadn’t paid any attention to it before the live stream, but then I needed it. Like DESPERATELY needed it. Esley notoriously fits small, I know this. There is never an exception to this rule, it’s a straight, hard fact. So, I probably should have turned the other way right off the bat and not purchased it. Do you think I could do that? No. Guess what? It’s too small. Shocker, didn’t see that one coming! I can’t tell if it’s too small across the shoulders, or if my biceps are just too huge for it to fit past (you know, from all that gym time). I’m going to hold on to it for now and see what happens. I’m planning on losing weight so if my arms get smaller (or more toned) I should be able to wear it. It also has a zipper in the back, I would probably never actually wear it with the zipper undone, but it does add a bit of edge to it.

IMG_0006 IMG_0009 IMG_0013 IMG_0014

This outfit contains two surprise items. During the live stream they mentioned having L&B black distressed jeans. I started thinking about my wardrobe and realized that I was totally lacking a pair of those! I have some blue distressed boyfriend jeans, but I needed a pair of black to go with my Rockstar jacket that doesn’t fit. I requested them at check out and am really happy that I got them! They are high waisted and basically fit like a glove in the waist area. They are about a mile too long on me but I might try hemming them. It doesn’t work to hide the length in boots because of how baggy they are from the knees down. I’m hoping hemming will help with that as well.

I had mixed feelings on this top right off the bat, mainly because of the color. I’m really not a fan of light neutrals on me, especially so close to my face. Once I had the top on, it was confirmed that I don’t like the color with my skin tone. I did love the top itself though. The dogs (thank goodness it’s not cats) are really cute, and I like the looser fit of it, especially with the tighter L&B jeans. Thankfully the color issue is helped just by adding a scarf! It gives a bit of a break between the top and my face so that I don’t look as sickly. It’s basically always scarf weather here (sometimes lighter ones, sometimes heavier ones) so I’ll wear this top! I also added the belt just to give it a bit more shape and add a pop of color. Really love how this outfit turned out!

IMG_0018 IMG_0022

Alright. This top is Le Lis, whom I love. I’ve never met a top from them I didn’t love, and they supplied me with TWO hot air balloon tops (one is a tank and one is a t-shirt so totally justifiable to have both). I love how soft their tops are, and they always fit great. I can even size down on them sometimes! In my style profile I put this as a brand I love, so I’m impressed that I was sent this. I’m just not sure about this particular top from them. I do like the shade of gray, and the top is really nice. It also fits my massive biceps, so bonus points for that. I just don’t really know how to style it. One issue that I face is that I often like to wear a cardigan/blazer to work because life gets cold. I can’t do that with this because the sleeves will get all bunchy. They also don’t offer much for warmth. They also make me feel like I could just fly away. I definitely have to play around with the styling on this one more!

Final Thoughts

This purchase wasn’t a complete win for me, but it was well worth the money! I got two items that I love, one that I will work towards being able to wear, and one that I will work towards liking.

If you’re interested in purchasing from Moxie Style, there are a ton of awesome items with great prices in their boutique, so check it out! If you’re interested in purchasing a CYO or mystery in September here are the dates you need to know:

September 27 @ 3pm EST is the live stream event for CYO. They will go over the items their September Featured Favorites and it’s a great time for you to decide what you want. Don’t worry if you’re not available to see it, it will still be available to watch after the fact. Make sure you join their Facebook page so that you can get the link!

September 29 @ 9pm EST CYO goes live! At this time August surprises will also move to the boutique so you can get a chance to snag some items you missed out on! 

There are a lot of exciting things coming up over the next few months for Moxie, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with all the details! I will be posting an update at the start of each month, and updating it throughout the month, so that you can know what’s going on! I still recommend joining the Facebook group though because there may be some last minute sales that I don’t write about!