Movie Night

I recently gave myself the daunting task of going through all my movies and getting rid of as many as possible. I’m not talking about going through some files on my computer of movies that have been downloaded or looking through a small cabinet consisting of a few shelves. I’m talking about going through 800+ physical DVD’s. I’m a collector (hoarder?) of many things, movies being one. There is a large selection of movies that I haven’t watched more than once and don’t feel overly inclined to see again. Why am I keeping these? This is an effort to focus less on “stuff” this year and it almost felt freeing to tackle this job. While I was going through all these movies I was reminded of many of my “go-to” films and also some that I love but had forgotten about even though I could probably still quote them word for word.

So, kick off your shoes, pop some popcorn (extra butter please!) and join me in a movie night!

Lover Come Back

Peter Ramsey: Step over to the window.
Hadley: Mr. Ramsey I told you. I am not going to jump!
Peter Ramsey: You don’t have to jump. I’ll trip you. Huh? Double indemnity. Your wife will be loaded. Kids’ll go to college. Right? Come on, boy! Run!
[holds up his leg in front of the window]
Jerry Webster: Pete, knock it off!
Peter Ramsey: [to Jerry] You won’t sign.
[to HadleyYou won’t jump. I’m surrounded by traitors.

Ah, Rock Hudson and Doris Day. They were only in a few movies together, but they sure did make a fun couple. I still remember the first time I saw this. My sister and I were watching some late night TV while visiting family in Calgary and happened across this movie. This wasn’t a whole lot different than a lot of other films from the 60’s in terms of story line, but it’s one of my favorites. It’s always nice to see strong and empowered women in a movie from this time, and she certainly didn’t take any crap from those men she came in contact with! There was no shortage of hilariously awkward moments, and it had a much different humor than a lot of other movies from that time. Definitely well worth a watch for anyone who enjoys older movies!

Pauly Shore

Okay, not a title of a movie but this encompasses three movies: Encino Man, Bio-Dome and Son-in-law. These certainly aren’t the movies for you if you want something with substance, but they were perfect if you just wanted to sit down and shut your brain off. The simple humor and story lines are just what you need some days. Some parts may have been *slightly* questionable but they are easily considered classics in my mind, just perhaps on a different level then some others.

Breakfast Club

You have to include at least one 80’s cult classic in a list like this. There are many to choose from and this was a tough decision, but one had to come out ahead. I’m sure most people out there were able to relate to at least one of the main characters, and we all know someone who fits into the personality of all the others. It was a heartwarming moment when they all opened up and that fist pump at the end was nothing short of iconic.

American Outlaws

“Well, say we burst into a bank and we go, “We’re the Younger-James gang!” Now people are gonna be thinkin’, “The younger James gang? Is there an older James gang? How come we never heard of the older James gang?” So people are tryin’ to figure that out instead of raisin’ their arms.”

I think I have to name this as my all time favorite movie. I love anything to do with the old outlaw tales and while this may not be the most factual account of Jesse James and his gang, it certainly is the most entertaining. It’s been some time since I have watched this movie but I still know most parts word for word.


As if I could make a list about my go-to movies and not include Clueless! This is probably one of the most quotable and iconic movies from the 90’s and it’s easy to see why. It’s impossible to grow tired of the interesting fashion and questionable story of Cher falling for her step-brother (this still seems weird to me). Who would have thought that 20 years later this movie would still be a huge hit and fondly remembered?

Wild America

A longtime favorite that has always appealed to the adventurer in me. I may not feel overly inclined to go on the hunt for a cave with 1000 sleeping bears but I do envy the epic road trip that they took to get there. Well, except for being in the swamp with an alligator, you couldn’t pay me to get out of the boat! They saw a lot of America, met a lot of people, and saw a lot of the world’s natural beauty.

In the end I was able to get rid of about 120 movies, which is a HUGE deal. Bonus? This cleared up some room on the shelves to display more of our collectibles, and made it easier to find these movies that I love.

Have you seen any of these movies that I listed? What is a movie that you could watch a ton and never grow tired of?

Stay tuned for part 2 coming next month where I talk about some of those childhood favorites that I was so excited to find on DVD!