MizzFit Quarterly Box MIZ07 2015

Quarterly features celebrity curated boxes sent on a, you guessed it, quarterly basis. Prices range from $50-$100 with additional international shipping charges, and they don’t charge until they are ready to ship. Curators range from actors, musicians, bloggers and internet personalities. There are a tons of interesting boxes so I definitely recommend taking a look!

MizzFit is a website run by Bianca Jade and focuses on fitness, fashion, and trends. I’ve been following her website for some time now, and have fallen in love with it. It is largely health & fitness focused but I also appreciate that she includes a lot of personal stories and other topics like fashion. You can tell that this is her true passion and I really admire her for all that she has accomplished. She’s a great role model for women and a fabulous entrepreneur!



When it was announced that the theme for this quarters box was going to be “90/10”, I was very curious what the meaning was going to be, and how the items would fit into the theme. Before the box even shipped, Bianca had sent out an email explaining the thought behind this theme (a sheet was also included in the box explaining). She says that 90% is a better fitness goal than 100% is. The reason for this is because in the end, she likes herself better. In her daily life she knows that she would run herself down by giving it 100% all the time. Life isn’t just about fitness, it’s about good meals, time with friends and family, and lazy weekends.

Bianca explains that at one point she gave 100% of her time and energy into fitness, sometimes working out 2-3 times in one day. She wasn’t happy nor balanced. Eventually she decided to true a different approach, the 90/10 approach to be exact. While she lost some of the results she had been seeing, she also lost the dark circles under her eyes from not sleeping enough, her skin cleared up, and she was just happier in general.

She designed this box to fit into that mindset. It’s designed to help get you into your strongest, stylish, disciplined self 90% of the time, and treating yourself the other 10%.

I really like this theme. A lot of the time I beat myself up for those days that I’m maybe not as active, or I have a few too many cheat foods. The fact is though, I need those treats sometimes. It’s okay to go to Pink Cadillacs and get a milkshake a couple times a month, or sit and watch some movies and enjoy a lazy day rather than always being focused on being active enough. It’s a tough thing sometimes, especially when you not only want to get more fit, but also want to lose weight. I was excited to see what she would include in the box for the 90/10 balance!

The Box


The box was definitely heavier than I was used to and I love how it looked a lot more full than last quarter’s box did! I usually prefer quantity over quality, it’s more fun that way, but even better when it can be both!

The Goods


CAP Fitness Ankle Weights–This can be used for added resistance for lower body workouts, such as walking, toning or stretching. They can help tone your thighs and calves with the added weight. They have a Velcro closure so they are secure and have a snug fit for any ankle size. This isn’t something I would ever have bought for myself, but I can see myself using them. At this time I won’t use them for running, but some added resistance while I’m doing “Richard Simmons Sweatin’ To The Oldies” probably wouldn’t be a terrible thing.


Fatty Sundays Gluten Free Chocolate Covered Pretzel–Bianca says that she is the kind of girl who likes to know what’s for dessert so that she can work out hard enough to earn it. These are obviously part of the 10% that Bianca was referring to, and I’ve definitely had those days. I’ll sometimes work out extra hard, or go for an extra walk, just because I know that I’m going to have a cheat item. I love pretzels, and things with sprinkles always get to me. What’s neat is that while this is a treat, it’s still on the healthier side with it being GF and dark chocolate. Now for the issue, I hate dark chocolate. Like loathe. I’m through and through a milk chocolate girl. I did try one, but the bitterness stood out to me too much. I will say that it was more subtle than I expected, but still too evident. Had it been milk chocolate, they would have been gone in a minute. Instead, I ate a Twix.


Rumbatime Clutch–This clutch is rubber and perfect for throwing into your gym bag. I keep my gym routine pretty simple, go to the gym in the morning (or lately run outside, in which case I don’t use a bag), come home, and have a shower and get ready for the day at that time. I don’t use my gym bag for much other than my shoes, lock, phone, iPod etc. Nothing that really needs to go into a clutch at all. Obviously, that’s not the only use for this though. It will be great to put some things in if I’m travelling (like our upcoming road trip in July to explore the south area of our province!). Also, this will be a great option if I’m going to be outside in the rain or at a beach. And let’s face it, I’m very likely just to use it whenever I want a clutch this size.


PBFit Peanut Butter Powder–This is a low fat peanut butter powder that has 1/3 of the calories and 85% less fat per serving. It’s also gluten free and only contains peanuts, sugar, and salt. It’s still a great source of protein and fiber, and GMO free and Kosher certified. Sounds like this would definitely appeal to a lot of dietary restrictions, and since I’m mostly focusing on a low cal diet this is great for me. While I’m low cal, I’m also not overly concerned with fats found in peanut butter, but I know some people would be happy about this. To use this as a peanut butter spread you just mix in a 2:1 ratio with water. I think I’ll likely stick to using regular peanut butter as a spread, but I’m really interested in using this in smoothies. I’ve been tempted for awhile now to make some kind of chocolate peanut butter smoothie (sounds healthy, right?) and this will be great to use for that. I kind of wish that Bianca would have included a couple of recipes for a point of reference, but I’m sure that Google will quickly point me in the right direction! There is one recipe on the container, but some more creative options would be fun. Another bonus about this item, it really fits into both the 90% and 10%.


TribeTats–They say that they are the highest quality metallic tattoos out there. They have sheet perforations making it easy to separate, and luxe adhesive that can last 4-6 days. I got another brand of these in the FabFitFun box, and haven’t used them yet. I’m sure once summer events and festivals start happening that will change. No point in wearing them when you’re still in long pants and sweaters! I also might put some on for when I’m doing my 5K’s, just for some added shine! That would take away from the shine from all the sweat, right? I’m not a huge fan of the necklace/ring style, but they don’t have to just be worn on my neck and fingers, and very likely won’t be.


Clean Energy Patch–This is a new patch that boosts your energy, and sharpens your focus. You just peel off the patch and stick it anywhere for up to 8 hours. It uses kinesiology tape with active ingredients to give you peak performance, naturally. I used to indulge in energy drinks (started when I was working nights at 7-Eleven!), but it’s been a long time since I have had any, at least two years. I just haven’t felt the need for them, and aren’t really in situations when I have to force myself to stay awake. These might be good to have on hand for our road trip though, it will be a lot of driving and my husband might get sleepy while he’s driving! Bianca says that she included two because she wants us to know that the first isn’t just a placebo effect, that it really does give you a rush of non-jittery energy and alertness.


Healthy Hoo Hoo Wipes–Ha yup, that is what this are called. Don’t lie, you definitely chuckled at the name. There are 10 wipes in this pack and they are glycerin-free, contain no harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol, sulfates or dyes. They contain a touch of aloe for a bit of moisturizing. They are fragrance free, gluten free (does this seem weird to anyone else? Gluten never would have occurred to me) and also vegan. Finally, they are pH balanced so that they “won’t remove what Mother Nature put down there”. These are great for travel, camping, yoga, and that “special time of the month”. These definitely make sense for a fitness box as you might want to do a little freshen up, but don’t have time for a shower. Again, because of my gym routine, I won’t be using them for that, but let’s face it women, these are going to be useful. I’m already thinking about our road trip already, and how all we will have available to us are camp ground showers. Sometimes that’s nice..but last time I used one it was a little shed and you had to keep inserting the coins. I think I would take these over that, Even on those hot muggy days that you’re on the go during the summer, I can see these being really handy to have in your purse. Or in your Rumbatime clutch!


Crunch Live 45 Day Voucher and Workout Plan–Crunch Live offers tons of workout videos right online. According to an article I found (from 2013) they offer five categories, Chill Out (yoga, pilates), Chisel (sculpting, toning), Dance Rhythms (barre, aerobics, hip hop), Sexy (chair dancing, stiletto workouts), and Throwback (workouts no longer available in their gyms). I’m not sure if this is still accurate, but that gives you the gist of what they offer. I always think I’m going to use things like this, and I have yet to sign up for a single online class offer I’ve received from boxes, and I’ve received ones for both fitness and food. I’m way more likely to just pop a DVD in the player, and prefer to have it going off the TV anyway, rather than the computer. Basically, I probably won’t use this. It is a neat way to get introduced to new types of workouts though. The other issue is that I just got this box on May 9th, and it expires at the end of the month. That’s the bad thing about ordering boxes from the US, they always take longer to get here, and that often isn’t taken into consideration. This basically just gives me three weeks to use it, so I definitely don’t get the full value either way.


On the flip side of the voucher Bianca also included a workout plan that she customized. There is a different class for each day for all the weeks that you could use it. I think this was a really neat addition because I know if I did use it, I would feel lost with no clue where to start. This just lays it out for you, no thinking involved.


Butt n’ Booty Gym Selfie Button–This is a company run by two women and all the buttons are made right in the US. Bianca actually had this button custom made just for this box. It’s fits perfectly into the fitness theme, and you could put it right onto your gym bag. I actually have a pin collection and this will be joining all those pins in a box. I looked around the website a bit and they carry tons of buttons from ones with food on them, Seinfeld characters, Goofy Movie characters, and Mr. Feeny! They even have the two guys who were from Passport to Paris. I love that because it’s such a throwback, I was in love with all the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies!


Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream SPF 15–This cream brightens your skin, improves moisture balance, delivers instant radiance, and protects against signs of aging. It contains potent nectar and seed oil of the resilient Arctic Cloudberry which protects and detoxifies, while encapsulated Vitamin C allows for time-released skin penetration. Light reflecting pigments also provide instant luminosity. It’s made without any parabens, formaldehyde donors, mineral oil, or synthetic colorants. This is Bianca’s favorite day cream, she even used it while she visited Hawaii and didn’t get a sunburn at any point. It can also be used under make-up. I appreciate having this because I already know that I will be spending a lot of time outside this summer. Between my runs, festivals, road trip and just going for walks, I will definitely be needing SPF for my face!

IMG_0152 IMG_0153

New Beauty Magazine–This was included in the box because Bianca is featured on a page! I’ve never heard of this magazine before but I’m looking forward to flipping through it. I also really like Julia Louis-Dreyfus so I’m excited to see what she all has to say.

Final Thoughts

If you remember back to last quarter, there had been some issues with the box because a company pulled out last minute, so it felt like it was missing something. Bianca promised her subscribers that she would make it up to them, so did she? I feel like that is a huge YES. I said at the beginning that I prefer quantity over quality, but even better if it can be both. I feel like this box is both. It obviously had quantity, there were a lot of items in this box, some small, some big, a good variety. There is definitely quality as well though, in the curation of the box, and the items themselves. Everyone went along great with a 90/10 theme, with some items on one end of the spectrum, and some even on both (in my opinion at least). A blog broke it down to price, and when that happened I was actually surprised by the low cost of the total, I thought it would be a lot higher. Broken down like that it was worth almost exactly what I paid after shipping and the exchange rate, but it doesn’t feel that way. It feels like I got a huge value with this box, and I love that.

I’m super conflicted right now because I really want to stay subscribed as I enjoy getting these boxes, and it’s fun to do a review of them! This was going to be my last one just because of the overall cost for me, especially since they say the Canadian dollar probably won’t be improving. Definitely a big decision to make as I think this is becoming one of my favorite boxes out of all the companies I have tried! I also read that she was going to be including quite a few fitness accessories in her next box, and those are always my favorite type of items!

There are still a few boxes available on the Best of Quarterly so if, like me, you love the contents of this box, make sure you snatch it up! I have no doubt that it will sell out soon, and it’s only $50 for all these goodies.