MizzFit Quarterly Box MIZ06 2015

Quarterly features celebrity curated boxes sent on a, you guessed it, quarterly basis. Prices range from $50-$100 with additional international shipping charges, and they don’t charge until they are ready to ship. Curators range from actors, musicians, bloggers and internet personalities. There are a tons of interesting boxes so I definitely recommend taking a look!

MizzFit is a website run by Bianca Jade and focuses on fitness, fashion, and trends. I’ve been following her website for some time now, and have fallen in love with it. It is largely health & fitness focused but I also appreciate that she includes a lot of personal stories and other topics like fashion. You can tell that this is her true passion and I really admire her for all that she has accomplished. She’s a great role model for women and a fabulous entrepreneur!

The Box


I had looked at spoilers for this box and so I knew what to expect, but I was still surprised to see how empty the box looked. More on that later though. The theme of this box was “Clean Slate” and was bumped up a month so that it could be mailed out in January. Bianca says that this box is designed to wipe away the old. This is a perfect theme for the new year, because it’s out with the old and in with the new. Time to refresh your routine, find and renew your focus, and discover what truly works for you. It made perfect sense to me to get a fitness box for the new year, I’ve got a huge fitness focus right now (as you know if you follow my monthly fitness updates) and so I was excited to get this.

One box was also going to include a Golden Ticket for a personal styling session with Bianca and some workout clothes from Lucy Activewear. I had my fingers crossed for this, especially after that whole Rosario incident with the Golden Ticket for the movie premiere (yes, I’m still highly disappointed on how that played out), but the winner was revealed before I received my box.

The Goods

Quarterly always includes a personal note from the curator explaining their theme for the box, and it also includes why Bianca included each item.


Eyeko Sport Mascara–This is a sport mascara that is supposed to have great staying power. The ingredients include Collagen, Vitamin E, fruit extracts and lash enhancing fibres. The triple coating adheres to lashes to prevent smudging, flaking and running under any sport conditions. It’s 100% waterproof, lasts for 24 hours, and has a squeeze tube. Bianca says that while she doesn’t believe in piling on makeup for a workout, this will enhance your look without the post-workout panda eyes. I go to the gym first thing in the morning and then come home to get ready for work, and have never seen the point of wearing makeup during a workout. I think this will be great for when I’m doing stuff in the summer, like when I do Color me Rad, or Slide the City. Or even just when I’m going for a walk, you know, when it’s not -30 Celsius here.


Snap Super Candy–These are a healthy caramel candy. This packet contains 110 calories, and is sweetened with tapioca syrup and cane sugar. It contains B Vitamins for energy, antioxidants to protect, and electrolytes for balance. Bianca suggests popping these into your gym bag for a pre or post-workout snack. I won’t be doing that, again because of when I work out, but these will be coming to work with me for when I need a snack. I checked out the website to get some more information on the candy and really want to try more of them out now. They all sound really appealing and I’m going to look into hopefully trying out some of the others.


Strawberry Crush Facial Scrub–This scrub contains jojoba beads, strawberry oil, honey, and apple amino acids and will help your skin to feel brighter, younger and refreshed. Bianca says that you’re going to die over how clean, smooth and replenished your skin feels after every use. This scrub had me at strawberry. It’s only recently that I really started to discover facial scrubs, but I’m loving how they make my face feel. This one is no different. The scent is fabulous and it really does the job. My face feels smooth and fresh.


MizzFit & Pointe Studio Barre Socks–These socks are designed by Bianca through Pointe Studio. She’s a self proclaimed barre fitness fanatic and says that you can either wear them for barre or pilates. I really want to start trying out some more fitness classes and have actually looked into barre. I’m trying to get my fitness ability up a bit more before I do, but socks like this would be great for when I do. We also have slippery floors at home (at least when I’m sock footed), so these are great for when I don’t want to wear my slippers. I can see these being handy even when I do my Richard Simmons workout! There is one problem though. These socks are for size 5-7 and I’m a size 9. I haven’t tried them on yet to see if they somehow fit, but I may end up gifting these to someone with smaller feet that may find them useful.


Booya Fitness Membership–The promo code gives you an exclusive all access 1 month membership to all the workouts offered. The nice thing about this is that you don’t need to enter in your credit card in order to get this deal. I got something like this in the past (for a different site) from FabFitFun, but I haven’t used it yet. I hate entering in my credit card in order to get something for free. I’m always afraid that I will forget about it and it will start charging. I can’t say for sure yet if I will use this, I do workout from home the odd time (again, Richard Simmons, you just can’t beat that music), but don’t really enjoy trying to follow a workout on the small screen of my computer. It would be good for me to try out some different workouts before signing up for classes though. Who knows, I might discover something that I really enjoy!

Lucy Activewear Discount Card–This card gives you 15% off your next purchase, including sale items. The prices are a bit higher than I like to pay, and they don’t ship outside of the US anyway so I won’t be using this.

IMG_8298 IMG_8299 IMG_8300

Fitbook Life–This is a 3 month fitness and nutrition journal. I flipped through it a bit and instantly felt overwhelmed (in a good way). It’s so detailed and tracks everything. Since it’s good for three months I am planning on saving it for when I’m on the last three months of my weight loss goal. It will help me stay focused and hopefully stay on my timeline for my weight loss. You can see by the pictures that it tracks absolutely everything. It also has some information and tips at the beginning. I’m really excited about this!

Final Thoughts

This is my first Quarterly box from her, but I had been tempted for quite some time to try out her subscription. Her previous 5 boxes really interested me because of the focus on fitness, but without being filled with supplements. This box definitely had a great variety of items with fitness accessories, access to classes, and beauty products. Was this box worth the $50? Definitely. Was it worth the almost $90 it cost me after shipping and the (crappy) exchange rate? Not at all. When I saw the first reveal I thought that it felt like it was missing something. Well, turns out there was something missing. Bianca only had two months to put this together, and had a company pull out last minute so she was short an item. Quarterly wouldn’t allow her to delay the box and so she had to settle with what was already in the box. This is what she wrote on another blog:

“I think Liz’s review of my box is accurate. I think all the responses here are accurate too. If only you knew how much stress this box caused me with brands being on the fence, making us think they were in and then deciding not to be. I wanted more time on this box because I hate delivering something that feels unfinished. I had no choice. Quarterly told me NO. They knew I wasn’t satisfied with it but gave me no other choice. I expected all of this feedback and I’m heartbroken over it. I even told Quarterly that I expected to lose subscribers because of it. I just sighed writing that. I will always be honest with you guys, and it’s my fault that I didn’t warn you about what happened. I expect to make it up to all the subscribers that stay on board with my next box. I’m exchanging all socks for larger sizes for people who the 5-7 size doesn’t fit. This is something I’m not supposed to do, but I don’t care, I’m doing it. I have responded to all the comments people have shared on social media too…with honesty. I was taught that when you let people down, the best way to address it is own up to it. So that’s what I’m doing. I apologize that this box was not the box that past boxes were and the next one will make up for it. That’s if Quarterly keeps me on. I guess we’ll see. Thanks for all your support and feedback. I appreciate EVERYTHING you had to say, even the negative. xoxo, Bianca Jade”

I love the honesty within her comment, and the transparency behind it. I can’t even imagine how frustrated she must have been over this happening. The value was not there for me, but I will definitely be staying subscribed for her next box. I believe that she will really make up for the lower value of this box and I can’t wait to see what she picks.