Memebox OMG 3

Memebox is a non-subscription Korean beauty and makeup box that contains 4-7 full sized and deluxe products varying from makeup, skin care, and hair & body products. Superboxes are also available which cater to those looking for full-sized products. The Superboxes have a specific theme, and each item in that box is carefully selected to fit that theme. Prices vary and shipping is $6.99. If you purchase Value Sets then you also receive a free upgrade to express shipping.  Boxes sell out fast so you have to jump on them while you can. New boxes are being released regularly.

I got a bit carried away with taking pictures and evidently completely forgot to take a picture of the items in the box! It came in the standard pink box and was all nicely packed! The OMG boxes tend to have some interesting products so I was excited to dig in.


Migabee Bee Venom & Honey Cream ($54)–This cream is rich in bee venom, royal jelly, propolis and honey. It works to soften and rejuvenate the skin. It also helps brighten up your complexion and treats fine lines and wrinkles. This is exactly what I would expect from this box, products with interesting ingredients.I haven’t used this yet (again, lot’s of products to get through) but I definitely plan to!


On the Body Makgeolli Soap ($12)–Makgeolli is a milky white rice wine made from fermented rice, wheat, and water and is the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea. Makgeolli has recently been trending with the younger generations with the rising interest in “well-being” food or beverage in Korea. The health and beauty benefits come from it being unfiltered so it contains the lactic acid, fibre, vitamins, and the good bacteria that are found in yoghurt. You’ll always hear me saying that I hate bar soap, but that does have it’s exceptions, this being one of them. I will definitely be using this product because it really intrigues me.


Tonymoly Delight Tint Crayon Neon Pink ($8)–This product is supposed to make your lips glow in the dark. Under daylight, it shows as a really nice pink but under strobe lights, it will turn into a hot neon pink! I think their description of this is a little bit deceiving because they say it will make your lips glow in the dark, which it doesn’t. I’m guessing it’s more of a glow from a black light, which I, unfortunately, don’t have access to. In the light it’s a pretty nice pink, you can definitely tell that it is bright though. I really need to go glow bowling soon so that I can test out this as well as my black light nail polish!



Cleomee Three-Layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist ($59)–This is a fragrant triple layer milk and oil body mist that provides an instant moisture surge with its organic mix. It’s an all natural EGF complex rich in nutrients, and donkey milk is extremely good for you. Donkey oil and milk are said to have been the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty regime. Donkey mist. How can you not love that? I use this product almost every day and have loved the results. It makes my skin feel smooth, soft and doesn’t feel sticky at all. My husband mentioned my soft skin and I was able to respond with “thanks, it’s from the donkey mist”. I love it. I will be very sad when this runs out.


Tosowoong Platinum Pore Tightening Pack ($19)–This product is infused with platinum gold powder and tea tree oil. This pack tightens pores and gently removes all blackheads and impurities from the pores. You need to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. I get tired of products that need to sit on your face for so long because I just don’t have time for that. I wish I did, and I really need to make more time, but it isn’t happening yet. I really like the idea behind this though and my skin felt nice after using. And, um, gold powder? How can you not love that!

I was really happy with this box. The items had a lot of questionable ingredients and I will be using each and every one of them. I’ve already used a couple and the remaining products are lined up in the queue. I see to consistently be fairly impressed with the products that I receive in Memeboxes, regardless of which theme I buy.