Memebox OMG 4

Memebox is a non-subscription Korean beauty and makeup box that contains 4-7 full sized and deluxe products varying from makeup, skin care, and hair & body products. Superboxes are also available which cater to those looking for full-sized products. The Superboxes have a specific theme, and each item in that box is carefully selected to fit that theme. Prices vary and shipping is $6.99. If you purchase Value Sets then you also receive a free upgrade to express shipping.  Boxes sell out fast so you have to jump on them while you can. New boxes are being released regularly.

The Box

I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I can’t remember how long ago I got this box. I’ve had a few boxes waiting to be reviewed since around November. I hadn’t even looked through this box yet, and completely forgot that I had ordered it! I love looking through Memeboxes and so I was excited to dig in. I was surprised by the first look when I saw that everything was in boxes, and there wasn’t any padding or paper keeping things cushioned. OMG 4 says:

“All countries have those strange beauty products that make you go huh and hmm, and Korea is no exception. This 4th OMG box is bursting with a range of bizarre and brilliant to “WFT?!” but we promise that these beauty befuddlements will provide a wide range of beauty benefits. We admit, these beauty innovations may look slightly intimidating at first, but we know that you secretly want to give these crazies a try!”

The Goods


Nadu Skin The First Love Pack ($6.00)–These are specially designed mask packs for a female’s and male’s Y-zone. They are to be used to moisture and treat the most sensitive yet uncared for part of the body. Formulated with lavender flower water and various moisturizing nutrients and each designed to perfectly fit the female and male body. So, this is just weird. I can honestly say that I currently have no valid opinion on this product as my husband and I have not tested out. As to whether or not we will..well, that remains to be decided.


Pureplus+ Cocoon Returning Toner ($18.00)–This toner that is packed with cocoon extracts, witch hazel, and various vitamins help make your face look and feel younger. It will help you replenish, control excess sebum, remove dead skin cells and impurities, and brighten up a dulled complexion. I’m still using a product similar to this that I received in a past box, only it contains snake venom. This one has much more of a liquid consistency, while the other is more gel-like. This has quite a strong chemical scent which I’m not a huge fan of. As long as I use a better smelling facial cream over this, I think I can deal with that.


Abalone Crystal Double EX Cream ($78.00)–This cream is concentrated with fermented abalone, black bean extract, and watermelon extract. Abalones are from the Southern Coast of Korea and are highly recognized as the King of Shellfish with the mucin-containing abundant minerals, proteins, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It provides remarkable skin revitalizing, wrinkle reducing, skin brightening, and hydrating benefits. First, I LOVE the colour of this container. Such a pretty blue! I love getting expensive creams like this because it really makes me think that it’s going to do its job. The scent is very faint, but it’s nice. I was a bit concerned when I was reading words like shellfish, mucin and black bean, but I’d say it has a very slight fruity scent. They recommend that you pat the cream into your skin for full absorbency, which I would say is definitely needed. Without patting it, you definitely have a sticky, wet feel left over for some time. I might start using this cream at night due to this, as the one I use in the morning absorbs nicely.


Dr MJ Moisture Bounce Aqua Memory BB SPF30 PA++ ($46.00)–This came with a tiny spatula and all you need to do is scoop up some product and apply it to your skin. It adheres tightly to the skin with its cushiony texture and helps with wrinkles, UV protection, and a skin brightening effect. I’m super happy that this is a great colour for my skin tone, that’s always such a hit or miss with products like this. I have almost used up my current BB cream and was wondering which brand I should try, so this was great timing to get (find?) this product.


Purebess Hot Styling Hair Fixer ($16.00)–This is a mascara-like packaging and it is for fixing and styling any loose hair. You can apply it multiple times in a row since the formula is non-sticky and lightweight. It seems to do its job enough and will be handy to have on hand for that odd strand that just doesn’t want to stay in place.


Share Shara Secret Magic Lipstick ($8.00)–A secret colour transforming lipstick with highly pigmented radiance, long lasting, and a moisture lock-in. The temperature of your lips will determine the current shade! It’s enriched with avocado oil and tocopheryl acetate which protects lips from dehydration. I was kind of concerned when I saw that this was blue, I was all “heck no!” It actually goes on almost clear, but within seconds it started to become more vibrant. I wore it for awhile and at times it was a darker, bolder pink, and after being outside for a few minutes it was a much lighter pink. I was quite surprised to find out that there was no blue left behind! Surprised, but also relieved. I can be a bold person, but definitely not blue lip bold!

Final Thoughts

I’d say their percentage of “OMG” items were better in this box. I don’t find anything shocking about the BB cream, even if you are supposed to use a spatula to apply it. Some of the ingredients in the other items are a bit different, like the shellfish, and I suppose the witch hazel isn’t something I have seen in a product before. I’m looking forward to having the hair fixer, I’ll probably throw that into my purse so that I have it on hand when I’m out. The lipstick is a super neat concept, and I’ve never seen anything before. As far as that Love Pack, I would say that is definitely OMG!