Memebox Colorbox #4 Electric Brights

Memebox is a non-subscription Korean beauty and makeup box that contains 4-7 full sized and deluxe products varying from makeup, skin care, and hair & body products. Superboxes are also available which cater to those looking for full-sized products. The Superboxes have a specific theme, and each item in that box is carefully selected to fit that theme. Prices vary and if you purchase Value Sets then you also receive a free upgrade to express shipping.  Boxes sell out fast so you have to jump on them while you can. New boxes are being released regularly. Please note that Memebox no longer ships to Canada, I just had a few boxes that I’ve put off reviewing, but it’s time!

While natural shades are timeless and coral lipsticks are flattering, they say it’s time to turn up the notice with bold, electric colours!

The Goods


Vivito Vivace Color Cream Jazz Coral–This deep cobalt blue cream can be used as an eyeliner, shadow, or lip colour. The pigment glides smoothly onto skin with a silky texture, is waterproof and smudge-proof, and it shimmers with subtle pearls and vibrant vividness. Just use a brush or your fingertip to apply where ever you desire.


Vivito Vivace Color Cream Funk Rock Pink–This is the exact product as above, except in pink. This one could also be used as a blush.


Vivito Blues Shiny Primer–This coats the skin with a velvet-like veil which preps skin with a moisture boost and natural coverage needed to create a dewy, radiant complexion. It also firms the skin and helps make up last even longer. I’ve been using this every morning after moisturizer and have been happy with it. It seems to help the overall look of my complexion, blends nicely, and isn’t greasy at all.


Vivito White Angel Chorus Beam–This is your ultimate makeup base for dry, dull skin. It contains shimmering pearls for extra-refined glamour, elegance and youthful suppleness. It can colour correct and helps with an uneven complexion. When used with foundation or BB cream it will match your skin colour perfectly. I have been using this once in awhile, just before I apply my BB cream. I haven’t noticed much of a difference, though I wouldn’t say that my skin is dull, so maybe that’s why.

Final Thoughts

I had been excited for this box because I thought it would have some neat, vibrant, products. Not only was it disappointing to receive only four items, two really serve the same purpose, just a different colour. The other two may have different purposes, but they still seem like basically the same product. I do really like the packaging with the guitar and headphones, it’s kind of edgy and goes along with the “Electric” part of the theme, while the other two items go along with “Bright” really well.