May Update & June Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017, and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.


May went by SO fast. In some ways it feels like we got a lot accomplished, but in other ways it feels like there is still SO much to do. We are a few weeks away from getting our current place listed to sell and our home is a bit of a madhouse right now. I’m looking forward to having all that work done and our place being in order. We have still managed to have fun though, even with all the busyness of packing.

Some of my monthly highlights are noted below, but I also went to two different Mary Kay events. One was to try out their new charcoal mask. Definitely give it a go if you get the chance! I ended up buying it after and I’m excited to put it to use. The second was their monthly foot spa night. There is a table full of chocolate treats and it’s a chance to try their Satin Hands set (on your feet). We are fully into sandal weather, plus it was a month full of running on pavement, so it was nice to treat my feet!

We also saw Ian’s cousin a few times, got together with another friend for some BBQ’s and fires, and had some tasty meals. All in all, it was a good month! Let’s see how successful it was though.

I will strive…to be healthy. 

  • Work out at least 22 times. YES. Exactly 22 actually. This is SO MUCH better than the 7 times in April.
  • Include weights at least 12 times. NO. I did use weights every time I went to the gym, but I ended up going there fewer times than I had expected.
  • Run outside twice. YES. This goes hand in hand with the above. There have been some beautiful mornings that I just haven’t wanted to drive to the gym during. I end up walking/running just under 6km’s on those mornings, and sometimes even further on weekends.
  • Walk outside 3 days a week. NO. I did this during the first couple of weeks, but the later half of the month the weather was a bit iffy (rainy, windy etc). I did walk a lot in general though, Ian and I went for a few short walks on evenings/weekends.

  • Beat my previous Saskatchewan Marathon 5k stats: YES. You can see below that I didn’t improve in every category (gender), but overall I am REALLY happy. My biggest concern was obviously my time. I want to know that my hard work at the gym is paying off, even if it doesn’t necessarily physically show on me or show on the scale. Seeing that I was able to shave off almost two minutes is very confirming for me and tells me that I am on the right track.
    • Gender: 145/294 (49%) 2017: 179/336 (53%)
    • Age: 26/36 (72%) 2017: 24/44 (54%)
    • Overall: 284/485 (58%) 2017: 296/520 (57%)
    • Time: 39 minutes 2017: 37.15 minutes
  • No sugar. NO. As a reminder, this wasn’t ALL sugar. This was junk food like chips, cookies, baking etc. I failed hard at this, and I’m not at all surprised. I even made cookies at one point just because I REALLY wanted to eat cookie dough. So, big fail. I can’t say that I was surprised though. It was mostly the first half of the month that was hard, I improved a lot later on. I do think that I was (at times) more mindful of my snacking because of this being on my list, which is the whole point.
  • Meal plan. This fell to the wayside through April, I want to get back on track. YES. We didn’t always follow the meal plan 100%, but come pretty close. Sometimes Ian will decide he feels like making something, and who am I to say no to that? I’m perfectly content to push my original plan for that night into the next week and let him do his thing.
  • Lose weight and/or inches. NO. There isn’t much to say here.  I really didn’t see any changes, though that’s better than seeing bad changes. I still need to get my eating in check, and that’s when I will start to see the difference.

I will spend less.

  • Spend less than May 2016 ($1013.36)– YES. $997.61. I was worried this past month. I had some extra expenses with groceries, as well as needing to get a chip on my windshield filled and an oil change. I kept my personal spending in check though and had enough room for these necessary expenses. My personal spending was actually the second lowest amount it has been this year, so I’m happy with that.
  • Move $200 into savings. NO. I almost did, but not quite. Ian and I bought a couch in January that we have one year to pay off interest free, so we will be making payments as we can. I decided to move some into my savings, and put some towards that. It basically still counts though.

I will declutter. 

  • Pack all non-essentials. YES. I feel like this is done. There is still some clutter around, but until we have finished patching and painting the walls it will be hard to gauge exactly what else needs to be put away.
  • Gather items for donation & for a garage sale. YES. It’s seeming as though anything that can be sold or donated has been moved out. Everything else will need to be packed for when we move, though we may pull out more of it when we start the unpacking process.
  • Do not buy any new clothes. YES. To be clear: my credit card cycle runs from the 23rd-22nd of the month. This is how I track my spending. So, from April 23rd-May 22nd I did not buy any clothes. I did buy something after the 22nd (which I am super excited to get), but I did not buy any in what I consider my May budget.

I will experience more

  • Try something new. YES. This has been on my list since the beginning of the year, and I FINALLY succeeded. I went to a Paint Nite. I had been seeing pictures of these on Facebook for quite awhile, so it was nice to finally participate. It was a fun girls night out! I could definitely use more practice and I’m not sure if I’m going to hang mine up (I’m on the top row, right hand side), but it was a neat experience.
  • Read a book. NO. I was SO close to finishing Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling, but I didn’t spend as much time reading as I normally would in the mornings. Things have felt a bit more rushed; I’ve been staying at the gym longer when I go, spending more time on making my lunch/snacks for work, and even doing some packing. Oh, and watching Prison Break on Wednesday mornings after it tapes on Tuesday night. Such a great show!
  • Try two new recipes. YES. I made this Grilled Huli Huli Chicken, and it was amazing. Such a great flavor, I definitely recommend it. The second was a Grilled Chili Lime Chicken, which again, I highly recommend.
  • Raise some money for Easter Seals Drop Zone. YES. I only need to raise $200 more! I have until mid-August to accomplish this, and I’m feeling good about my odds.
  • Get at least one new post up for my new “In My Closet” series. YES. Read about Enclothe Boutique here!
  • See a movie in theater. NO. Ian has enough points on his Scene card for us to both get in to a movie free. You would think since we don’t have to pay that we would go, but time just got away from us.


The sixth month of the year. How the heck did that happen so fast? Seriously, life can slow down at any point. I’m looking forward to June. The 1st is our fourth anniversary. I don’t think we will really do anything for it, but it’s still worth mentioning! Ian and our good friend also have a birthday on consecutive days, so I’m sure we will be doing something for that. I’m also going to be taking my first week of holidays in the middle of the month. It will be spent cleaning our place and finalizing everything before listing it, but hey, a week off is a week off!

I will strive…to be healthy. 

  • Workout 15+ times – You’ll notice that this number is much lower than usual. I don’t want to feel as though I have to go to the gym or go for runs on my week of holidays. Since I’m going to be doing a very deep cleaning of our place I will still be doing a lot of physical activity, just not in the way that I would count towards this number. I think 15 is a fair amount of times to expect to work out.
  • Do weights every time I go to the gym – I learned this last month that I cannot put a specific number on this goal. It all comes down to whether or not I want to go to the gym, or run outside. I do want to include weights though, so I will start my workout off with them every time I’m at the gym.
  • Exercise willpower – Ah, willpower. I have a really bad habit of going overboard. I’ll start with just one handful of chips, but soon it’s become 5. Or I’ll have one doughnut, but then want another one. I just need to start saying “no”. It’s not the only time I will have those options in front of me, I don’t need to eat them all right now. This focus will also include being mindful in my snacking. Let’s see how it goes this month.
  • Lose weight and/or inches – It’s always the ultimate goal.

I will spend less.

  • Spend less than June 2016 ($1287.82) – Let’s face it, by this point in the year I can say that this will not be difficult. I’ve really liked cutting back on my spending and have lowered my expenses substantially.
  • Spend less than $1000 – This is still a bit difficult some months, so I like to have this double challenge of not only spending less, but keeping it under a certain amount.
  • Do not buy anything on a whim – This is always my downfall with spending. I have a ton of websites will full carts because I will go browsing, find 20 items that I love, and then eventually just exit out of the browser after a lot of thought. My goal now is to wait. I can save items to my wishlists and buy them if they go on sale, as long as they still elicit the same excitement as the first time I saw it. Otherwise I will not make a purchase.

I will declutter. 

  • Get our condo officially listed for sale – This is probably the final month that this section will be included. Decluttering is just about done, and once our place is listed we can’t have any clutter out. I’m really hopefully that we will get our place listed in June, then we just need to keep up on the cleaning and hopefully sell it right quick!

I will experience more

  • Try something new – I did it last month, let’s see if I can do it again!
  • Find more blogging opportunities – I used to post on this site twice a week, primarily subscription box reviews. My passion for that has gone away and I’ve been brainstorming new ideas. I’ve got a whole bunch of health & fitness and fashion posts in the works, and I’m really excited about all of them. June-September are also great months locally for events and I’m keeping my eyes out for new things to write about!
  • Raise some money for Easter Seals Drop Zone. – This is now a standard goal until August, $200 to go!
  • Explore somewhere new – I don’t just want to try something new, I want to see something new. We aren’t going on any real holidays this year and so I want to do some exploring locally.

What kind of goals are you setting up for June? Do you have anything exciting that you’re looking forward to?

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