Locate the Local January 2017

Locate the Local is a brand new, Canadian, quarterly subscription box. Boxes ship in January, April, July and October and contains 4-6 full size Canadian products. Each box costs $55, plus $10 for shipping.

Locate the Local January 2017

This is their inaugural box and I purchased it without seeing any type of spoiler. Normally I wouldn’t do that, especially for a more costly box, but they definitely had my attention. The website is easy to navigate and very eye catching, and I’ve enjoyed their Instagram page. Their website says “our goal is to seek out the quirky, the unique, the genius and the tasty, all while keeping it Canadian.” I was excited to see how well they did with this promise!

The Goods

Locate the Local January 2017

Duckish Natural Skin Care-Nova Scotia ($13.99)–Duckish is a Halifax based company that has been in business since October of 2015, and sells a range of bath & body products. All products are made with natural ingredients and are effective as well as affordable. This particular item is lotion, in stick form. It works just like deodorant, you just twist the stick up and apply the lotion. I had looked at their site before receiving this box and was crossing my fingers for the pink grapefruit scented one. Lavender has always been too flowery for me. I do feel like the world wants me to love lavender though, it seems like I’m always receiving this scent! I’ll definitely use this, and it would be great for traveling too because you wouldn’t have to worry about that dreaded lotion spill. I’ve had that happen in my purse before, that’s definitely not fun.

Locate the Local January 2017 Locate the Local January 2017

Charleston & Harlow Candle Co-Manitoba ($30.00)–This is a new company based out of Manitoba that hand pours their pure soy wax candles. This particular scent is “The Croatian Scentsation”. Taken from the website:

“If you’ve never been to the Mediterranean or Balkan regions before, you more than likely have
dreamed of it, and rightfully so. It’s breathtaking, picturesque, and everything you imagine it might be
and more. The food, the wine, the sights and sounds, but more important (clearly) are the smells. You
can find a vineyard or olive grove on just about any country road, and often within the confines of
small towns. Herbs and citrus trees are everywhere. You simply cannot escape these smells, and
frankly why would you want to?! Sidebar: this smells nothing like a burly, spandex-clad, Eastern-European wrestler.”

This scent features notes of sweet olive, green grass, citrus leaf, ripe citrus, red apple and an infusion of eucalyptus & rosemary, and a base of cedar and musk. The burn time is 60 hours, which is pretty impressive. So, I like the idea of this item. The candle is nice, I like how the double wicks look, and the jar is really pretty too. Unfortunately, once again, the scent was just a miss for me. I’m more of a fruity scent person. I’m going to set this aside to gift at some point though, I can definitely see others having an appreciation for it!

Locate the Local January 2017

Bliss Gourmet Baked Goods-Manitoba ($9)–I’m pricing this at $9 since you can buy a pack of 5 from their website for $45. This company features hand-crafted authentic Italian recipes. This particular one is a butter cookie, dipped in walnuts with a chocolate drizzle. Now this is what I’m talking about. I am definitely all for this combination of goodness.

Locate the Local January 2017

Gift-a-Green-British Columbia ($9.95)–These greeting cards are interactive and consumable. They were created to add some “life” to greeting cards. Cards come in one of eight different microgreen seed varieties, including Arugula, mustard, sunflower, radish, cress, kohlrabi, kale and broccoli. This particular card contains Arugula, which I’ve had a few times in mixed greens salads. This is a neat idea. I like that this is a “thank you” card because there are a lot more options for sending it out than one that says Happy Birthday or Get Well. I might send this out to someone, or I might just give it a whirl to see how well this works.

Locate the Local January 2017

Fauxnola–A little extra was included in the box! This company is based out of Manitoba and they sell a variety of breakfast options containing superfood seeds and nuts with no addition of sugars or sweeteners. This is made up of almonds, dates, chia and ground flax. It’s always tough for me to find healthy snack bars because granola and oats always make my stomach upset. I’ll definitely give this a try, and if I don’t like it, I know Ian will!

Final Thoughts

So, was this quirky, unique, genius and tasty? I mean, that is what they were going for. There were two snack items in my box, so the tasty is definitely there. The greeting card that you can actually grow is definitely unique, and I haven’t seen something like that in a box before.

I have mixed feelings on the candle and lotion. There are a number of other Canadian lifestyle boxes that I’ve tried, and I feel like EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. includes these two items way too often. I do like that the lotion is in stick form, I think that definitely sets it apart from the other lotions I’ve received. The candle will also make for a great gift for someone, and it will go into my gifting box in the closet.

I also like that all of these brands were completely new to me. I often see a lot of double up in the other boxes, and I’m okay with a break from receiving items from Indigo and Bath & Body Works. I like that these are all from smaller Canadian companies.

So overall, I’d say that I’m pleased with this first box. Not including the Fauxnola, the value of this box is $62.94, with the candle being half of that amount. This box definitely isn’t for you if you’re looking for a crazy, high value in a box. In the future I think I’d like to see them for-go the $30 single item and include 2 or 3 unique items more in the price range of the other items in this box. I did like the mix of items, with there being a food item, household, beauty and the card (I’m not sure what category to put that under!).

Budget allowing, I’ll definitely purchase the next box. I think this box has great potential and I’m excited to see what unique items they include in the future!