Little Life Box May 2016

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription box. It features up to a 8-12 healthy alternative samples. The cost is $19 a month plus $8 shipping within Canada. They have two options: original, which features a mix of healthy alternative products that include Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic etc, and Vegan which will consist of only vegan items.

First Look


This month’s tissue paper is purple! I love how they change it up each month. I had seem LLB post on Instagram and Facebook that they were SUPER excited about this box and it was probably their best yet. This had me really excited to receive this. The box was heavy and as soon as I opened it I could see just how stuffed full it was. I couldn’t wait to dig in!

The Goods


Ethical Bean Coffee–This coffee contains notes of fruit, smoke and earth. I’m not a coffee drinker and the idea of tasting smoke and earth just doesn’t sound appealing. Ian’s the coffee drinker and apparently he thinks it sounds good though because he decided to give it a try. He said it tasted pretty good so I guess that says something!


Soybutter Wowbutter–This is made from toasted soy and is a good alternative to peanut butter. It’s gluten free and non-GMO. There sure are a lot of alternatives to peanut butter nowadays!


Urban Spa Flat Out Loofah–This is eco-friendly and will expand when wet and exfoliates. I always use a loofah in the shower and I should probably switch out my current one. I guess this came at a good time!


Brussel Bytes Tamarind Apple–These are organic, gluten free, non-GMO and vegan. They are “bytes” of brussel sprouts, kale, carrots and pumpkin seeds. I’m not sure how I feel about these. I don’t think I’ve ever actually had brussel sprouts before and I haven’t had kale yet either. I do like carrots and I decided awhile ago that I wanted to venture into pumpkin seeds. This snack is definitely a huge step for  a picky eater like me, but I’m going to give it a go. Definitely is a healthy alternative to chips!


Sweetener Sample Kit–Now this is the kind of samples I like to see! There are a variety of healthy sugars and syrups to try out, all of which are organic. Pancake syrup, coconut palm syrup, blue agave, Stevia, raw cane turbinado sugar, coconut palm sugar and can sugar. I love sweet things so these will be fun to try out.


Earth’s Care Shea Butter–The only ingredient in this is shea. It doesn’t clog pores and is suitable for all skin types. I’m excited for this. I have a lot of lotion right now but I find shea butter to be more soothing. Summer is coming which means festivals, hiking, camping etc. That usually means at least somewhat of a sun burn. This will be great to soothe that, as well as just general dry skin from spending time outside and the general dryness we have been having lately.


Level Ground Dried Fruit–This contains dragon fruit, golden berry and coconut. You can eat it out of the packet or use it as a topping on your smoothies. I’m actually pretty excited about this. We have the coconut issue again, but I’ve been wanting to try dragon fruit and this will be a good start. I love how the fruit looks but it’s a bit expensive to buy just to try. I’m also not sure what golden berry is so that will be fun as well. I love most berry type fruits.


Navitas Naturals Superfood Cashews–These cashews are goji basil flavored. I love cashews, but I’ve never loved the basil flavor. I’ll probably give them a try but know Ian will grab them in a heartbeat so this was a great item to get. Cashews also aren’t cheap.


Maison Orphee Italian Vinaigrette–How cool is this? I was really impressed to see a vinaigrette included in this box. This company has over 100 vinaigrettes and marinades. It’s gluten free and made with first cold-pressed oil. I’m pretty excited to try this but need to go buy some greens! They also recommend using this on rice and pasta or on meat.


Guru Energy Water–This is organic energy water. It’s made with caffeine from green tea and is grapefruit flavored. I’m pretty excited by this. I used to have energy drinks, especially when I did shift work at 7-eleven for many years. I haven’t felt the need to have any for many years, especially since I started getting healthier. This will be great this summer after a long hike, or even after an intense workout.



Hungry Buddha Coconut Chips–These are non-GMO, gluten free and vegan. There is no cholesterol, no trans fat, it’s dairy free and a good source of dietary fiber. I’m still not in love with coconut flavoring, but I am curious about these chips. For that reason I will, at the very least, give it a bit of a taste.


Food Fix Central Roast Golden Berry Energy Mix–This mix has dry roasted almonds, dry roasted cashews, dried cranberries, walnut pieces, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and golden berries. How is it that I’ve never heard of golden berries before but suddenly they are popping up? I don’t care for cranberries but like everything else in this mix, so I will likely have it. I’m not sure if there is any special energy additive or if that combination just helps, but it sounds good.

Final Thoughts

This was a jam packed box! I’m not surprised they were so excited about it, there was a good variety of items. Some I know I’ll love, some I’m scared, but excited, to try and some Ian will love. There seemed to be a decent balance between low calorie options and higher calorie but with added benefits. I’m really excited to give the energy water a shot too! I can’t believe I got this much for less than $30!