Little Life Box March 2016

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription box. It features up to a 8-12 healthy alternative samples. The cost is $19 a month plus $8 shipping within Canada. They have two options: original, which features a mix of healthy alternative products that include Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Organic etc, and Vegan which will consist of only vegan items.

First Look

Little Life Box March Little Life Box March Little Life Box March

I’m clearly all about the Canadian subscription boxes right now! Little Life Box is another one that I have been watching for awhile and finally got around to subscribing to. I went with the original box and was excited to see what it all contained. I’m not sure if they always have green tissue paper, but with it being Spring and St. Patrick’s Day this month it’s very well suited!

The Goods

Little Life Box March

Mrs. Grimbles Original Cheese Bites–These are gluten free cheese bites that are basically a healthier version of goldfish crackers. This was a great first item to pull out of this box! I haven’t tried them yet but I love most things cheese related and I like goldfish crackers. I’m definitely excited for this item!

Little Life Box March

Urban Spa Loufah Glove–These gloves are for exfoliating your skin while in the shower or bath. I know there is a benefit to exfoliating, but it’s something I’ve never been good at doing. Perhaps if I hang these somewhere in the shower I will actually use them. Maybe.

Little Life Box March

Clif Bar Spiced Pumpkin–This is an on-the-go bar with a spiced pumpkin pie flavor. I actually threw this one out already because I don’t like this flavor and Ian wasn’t interested in eating it. I know a lot of people seem very happy with this brand though.

Little Life Box March

Earth’s Choice Coconut Cream–This is coconut cooking cream. You just add one packet to boiling water and use as you would coconut milk. It can be used in coffee, smoothies, or even in sauces on your meat. I’m not a fan of coconut so we will see if Ian get’s motivated to use these!

Little Life Box March

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Chocolate Bar–I’ve never had hemp heart before but I have definitely heard about the crazy amount of benefits. I’m usually scared to try new things like this, but I’m pretty positive I’m going to take a risk on this one. I do love chocolate!

Little Life Box March

Seabuckthorn Lip Balm–This is a flavor and fragrance free lip balm. It consists of nourishing & healing oils like hemp & organic seabuckthorn seed & fruit oils. They only use enough wax to allow the balm to stay on your lips while the oils penetrate the layers of your lips to heal, nourish, protect and repair them. It’s nice having an option that doesn’t have any flavor or scent to it. It goes on really smooth and doesn’t feel sticky at all. I can definitely tell a difference between this one and others with more wax.

Goddess Garden Sunscreen–This sunscreen is free from hormone disrupting chemicals, liquid plastics and alcohols. It’s certified organic, biodegradable, reef-safe, Non-GMO. It also is broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. I’m still not super intense about needing to have natural products but I do like getting them in these boxes. This will definitely get used this summer with all the time I will likely spend outside!

Little Life Box March

RelieveIt Pain Relief Gel Patch–These gel pads help your muscles feel relief. They contain natural ingredients like Anica Montana (diminishes bruises and inflammation reduction), Juniper Berry (known for stimulating effects), wintergreen (known as a tonic, stimulant and astringent) and lastly eucalyptus (reduces inflammation). Being sore is basically a part of my life lately with the work outs that I do. At the end of April I will be starting a 6 week session of Aerial Hoop and I know I’ll be needing this at that time!

Seabuckthorn Tea–This tea is from the same company as the lip balm. The leaves are harvested in the wild while young to retain the vitamin and mineral nutritional otency. It’s anti-inflammatory and also high in anti-oxidants and contains 24% protein. I’ve said it before but I’m not a tea or hot beverage person so I will be seeing if Ian is interested in this!

Little Life Box March

Lakanto Sweetener with Monk Fruit–This is natural sweetener that cooks and bakes just like real sugar. It’s vegan, 100% sugar free, gluten free and Non-GMO. It has zero calories, zero impact on blood sugar or insulin and zero bitter or chemical aftertaste. The sheet it came with compares it to other sweeteners and their effect on your body. On the back of the sheet it talks about the history of the sugar. In the highlands of Asia some Buddhist monks found and cultivated a rare fruit that was known for it’s sweetness. It was named Monk Fruit. It was then used for centuries in eastern herbalism to increase chi and well-being. This fruit is still grown in the same area and with the traditional methods. This was such a small sample that I really wasn’t going to use it for anything so I decided I might as well just try it straight. It did have a good flavor and I can see it being a good substitute.

LLB didn’t come with an information sheet but it did have many other sheets with all sorts of information about the products. I would have liked something that listed all the products but I’m happy to have the extra information on what I could.

Final Thoughts

I’m happy with my first Little Life Box! It has a great mix of items and I know I’ll be discovering a ton of new great snacks from it! I’m glad that I gave it a try and I’ll be keeping it around for awhile. I can’t wait to see what other kinds of snacks and products I end up with!