label.m Focus on Fashion

A local Saskatoon salon, The Lemon Tree Salon and Spa, recently ran a contest for some free tickets to the label.m Focus on Fashion show presented by ESP Salon Sales. As soon as I read about the event, I knew I needed to win. I loved the idea of being able to cover this event on my blog and to have Ian take pictures of it. I was so excited when I received the message saying I had won!

I feel as though I need to start off with a disclaimer. I have no knowledge about anything to do with haircuts or styles. My idea of styling hair is leaving it down, either curly or straight, putting it into a ponytail, or braiding it. I keep it simple because I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know all the terminology for cutting styles, and I’m not very brave when it comes to my hair. I used to go from long hair to short on a regular basis, but it’s been many, many years. I have become the person that says “I want to keep the length, but add more layers and trim the bangs.” Every time. Being at a show focused on hair was completely out of my element, but yet I enjoyed every minute.

label.m is a London based fashion inspired hair care company that was developed by stylists under a team led by Toni Mascolo & Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck. In 2015 label.m will have been a company for 10 years. The company went international 5 years ago and is now in 49 countries worldwide. They started off only 15 products and have expanded to having 61. They also used to be a sponsor of London Fashion Week and they have gotten so big now that London Fashion Week sponsors them!

The show was hosted by Anthony Edge (left), International Artistic Director, and Jason LaChance (right), label.m ambassador. The chemistry between these two was part of what made this show great. They were animated and engaging throughout the entire night.

the twoguys

After introductions, they dove right into giving us the details on label.m’s 2015 campaign, which will be launching either just before Christmas or into the new year. Most of their coming campaign is in black and white. That type of advertising is huge for this coming year and they are right on trend with all the high brand names with this. 2015 is going to be a year of individuality. The styles are going to have a 1970’s punk flair with plaid, leather and crop tops being huge, which is something that we are already seeing a lot of in the stores and on the runways. Hairstyles are taking a cue from this trend. Matte hair was in this past year, but now it’s all about shiny, wavy, choppy and short fringes. The key techniques for this are undercutting, disconnections, inversions and versatility.


After telling us about the 2015 campaign they each demonstrated two different haircuts, one long and one short. They utilized the styles and cutting techniques that they had discussed prior. This was great to see since I didn’t understand all of the terminology or cutting techniques that they discussed earlier.

The first haircut that Anthony Edge demonstrated was one straight out of the campaign. It’s a cut that allows you to keep the length but still add a lot of movement into the hair.

fist wave 2first wa wave prequil first wave reveal

Anthony’s second cut was with short hair. He went with the undercut for this style so that depending on how the hair was styled, or if the hair was tucked behind the ear, it would show the short pieces. This cut definitely allows for a lot of versatility and gives the hair amazing movement. Something that Anthony Edge was adamant about was to not over think the haircut. You can’t keep going back and trying to make every piece perfect. The imperfections help make the cuts what they are.

second bob before second bob during 2 second bob prequil second bob reveal

Jason LaChance’s first haircut was a short one. He focused on inversion for this style with it shorter in the back and just slightly longer in the front. When styled this cut also gives the hair a lot of movement and has tons of versatility with all of the different styling options.

firdt bob 2 first bob during first bob reveal

Jason’s long hairstyle added lots of layers and movement to the hair. By bringing the hair forward and cutting in line with the nose it gives a good length to use for each layer.

second long cut during 2 second longcut prequilsecond long cut final

We also got some insight into what is to come for men’s hair. We will still be seeing the 1970’s punk flair with shaved on the sides and some height on top.

male haircut

All of the haircuts were well demonstrated and look amazing on the models. Anthony and Jason were very informative and instructive throughout the whole show and gave all the attendees the knowledge they would need in order to carry out these trends.

Label M models

We also got some insight into a few new products that either have or will be, coming out. The first is the Pliable Definer. This is a flexible styling paste that delivers loose and piecey hair. A limited edition product coming out in time for the holidays will be hair perfume. I think this is a great idea, what girl doesn’t want her hair to smell fresh? They also showed us their Color Spray Collection. This is a washout spray that was used during London Fashion Week. It’s fast drying and gives instant colour to your hair. It’s available in numerous on-trend colours. I’m definitely tempted to buy some to have on hand for those days you just want to do something different.

female colourful

Ian and I both had such an amazing time and I hope that we get more opportunities for events like this in the future. This show also has me questioning my hair choices. Maybe it’s time to go away from my standard trim, layers and bangs. Perhaps it’s time to try out one of these shorter cuts?

Thank you Lemon Tree staff for this great opportunity!