Juneberry October 2015

Juneberry is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box, each having 4-5 different lifestyle items.The cost is $28.50CAD every two months, and they have free shipping to Canada and the United States. You can also pre-pay for 3 or 6 months which lowers the price. Since prices are in CAD, it’s even cheaper for all you American friends reading this! They also have a shop where you can purchase items from past boxes. They will also send you a link before your box ships where you can add on select items for half price! There have been some cute options showing up at this time. There is also a coupon code at the end, so make sure you read all the way through!

First Look


The theme this time around was “Little Red Riding Hood with an Autumn Twist”. I could definitely see a red theme when I opened this box, and I was curious to see how they worked the items into that. While I wasn’t a huge fan of the items in the last box, I did love how everything followed a specific theme. They included an information card that tells the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and how the items fit into the theme. Follow along with me and let’s take a look at the story.

The Goods


Once upon a time, a brave little girl was about to embark on a journey to her grandmother’s house. As she was about to depart from her village, her mother handed her a basket of baked goods (make your own baked goodies with your Cookie Cutters), and said, “Go my dear, and see how your grandmother is going, for I hear she has been very ill.” Little Red set out to her grandmother’s who lived on the other side of the forest. 

I really don’t bake, and I can’t tell you the last time I used cookie cutters. That being said, I do always think about making sugar cookies, or shortbread cookies. Maybe I’ll actually have to this year? I also love that they included their own recipe. I love apples, and eat one almost every day, but I don’t care for it in baking. It does sound like a tasty recipe though!


As she walked through the woods with her red hood keeping her warm (keep your ears warm with your very own Red Knit Headband), she heard the beautiful songs of the Mockingbirds…

I generally wear toques, but let’s face it, I live in Saskatchewan and this will be used. This will be great for one of the times that my slouchy toque doesn’t work with my outfit. It’s a thicker knit too, so it will definitely keep my ears warm! I love their take on the red hood!


…and admired the breathaking view of the autumn leaves (enjoy the beautiful colors and scents of your own Artisan Soap Leaves by Etsy Artist Daisy Kay’s). As she continued on, she encountered a wolf. The wolf asked her where she was going and she replied, “I am going to see my grandmother to bring her some baked goods from my mother.” “Does she live far?” asked the wolf. 

How cute are these? This company makes all natural cold process soaps, soap balls, glycerin soap, soap rose petals, bath salts, potpourri, herbal bath bags, herbal sachets and soap favors for many occasion. They also do bulk and custom orders. I can’t quite pinpoint the scent, but it does smell like autumn. There is a slight spiciness to the scent as well. I haven’t decided if I will use these, or add them to my non-existent collection of fall decorations. I’m thinking the latter.


“Just beyond the woods. Her house is under the three large oak-trees; you surely must know it,” replied Little Red Riding Hood (wear the brilliant oak colors with your very own Essie Nail Polish). The sly wolf thought to himself: “What a tender young creature! If I act craftily, I will be able to eat both her and her grandmother.”

I’m not usually a huge fan of colors like this, but I actually kind of love it! I like that it’s got a bit of a shine to it. Something even better? It’s magnetic! The top of the lid has a magnet on it. You just hold it close right after applying your second coat, and a pattern will form! How neat is that?


The wolf knew he had to stall little red in order to get to her grandmother’s first. He noticed her fascination with the woods and said, “See, Little Red Riding Hood, how pretty the flowers are here-why don’t you look around?” Little Red’s eyes widened as she saw pretty flowers growing everywhere, she decided she had time to pick some for her grandmother (Your very own Astray Pendant necklace will serve as a reminder to stay focused on your goals, despite what distractions may come up!). 

First, how gorgeous is this? This necklace is completely my style, and it is so pretty. Second, I love the meaning behind it. This is SO what I need right now. I might have to wearing this every day to help me stay focused on my fitness goals, because there are definitely distractions everywhere, but I really need to focus on my goals!

Meanwhile, the wolf ran straight to Little Red’s grandmother’s house and knocked at the door.”Who is there?” she asked. “Little Red Riding Hood,” replied the wolf. “Lift the latch,” called out the grandmothers, “I am too weak, and cannot get up.” The wolf entered and approached granny. However, before he could eat her he heard a knock on the door. He quickly hid Little Red’s grandmother in the closet, put on her clothes and laid himself in bed. Little Red entered and continued to the bed, noticing something was off. “Grandmother,” she said, “what big ears you have!” she said. “All the better to see you with, my dear.” “Oh! Grandmother, what a terrible big mouth you have!” “All the better to eat you with!”

In the real story, Little Red was eaten by the wolf, and then saved by the huntsman who was passing by. However, in Juneberry’s version, we believe that Little Red was rave enough to fight off the bad wolf herself. She reached out for a broom and hit him so hard on the head that he ran away as fast as he could. Little Red thought to herself: “As long as I live, I will never get distracted from my end goal again, and I will never let any wolf trick or intimidate me.” They never say the wolf again. 

Final Thoughts

This was such a fun box to open. I had actually done some sleuthing and knew what items to expect, but it was made way better while reading the story. How they applied the items to the theme was just spot on. And the whole message behind it? Man, did I ever need that! My focus on my fitness goals hasn’t been where I need it to be, especially with all the temptations out there. I’ll have to constantly remind myself about this theme, and the meaning behind it. Nothing will distract me from my end goals, I won’t stop to pick any flowers or get eaten by a wolf.

If you like the looks of this box you can subscribe here! The month-to-month option is closed until December, but you can still sign up for the 6 or 12 month options. Make sure you use code “AF007XJBP” when you sign up to save 5% and get a free gift! You can change the currency option when subscribing if you are in the US so you know exactly what your cost will be.

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    That’s a really great box! I LOVE the headband, nail polish, and necklace! 🙂