Juneberry December 2015

Juneberry is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box, each having 4-5 different lifestyle items.The cost is $28.50CAD every two months, and they have free shipping to Canada and the United States. You can also pre-pay for 3 or 6 months which lowers the price. Since prices are in CAD, it’s even cheaper for all you American friends reading this! They also have a shop where you can purchase items from past boxes. They will also send you a link before your box ships where you can add on select items for half price! There have been some cute options showing up at that time. There is also a coupon code at the end for new subscribers, so make sure you read all the way through!

First Look

Juneberry December Juneberry December

I didn’t take a picture of the purple box, but here is what I saw when I opened it. The theme is cute & cozy and that is exactly how it felt when I had my first look. I love that they included a little gift tag sticker, it made it feel like I was opening a gift made just for me. I like little-added personalization like that. Even the two little decorative bows just add a little something special to the experience.

The Goods

Juneberry December

Love this plaid scarf. For as much as I love plaid, I don’t have any scarves like this. It’s also incredibly soft. It’s a bit of a long rectangular scarf, I probably would have preferred an infinity style just because I find those easier to wear, but I really don’t have any complaints. It also seems festive so it was great to send out just before the holidays!

Juneberry December

It seems like every box includes tea, or at least every box I get. I don’t drink tea but really enjoy hot chocolate. I’m still never a huge lover of hot beverages in general, but this time of year when it’s freezing out and I’m tired in the mornings I will bring some to work with me. It’s nice that they included two packets and a variety of flavours!

Juneberry December

This is a fairly dainty gold heart bracelet. I don’t wear bracelets often just because I always have my FitBit on and don’t really like having something on both of my wrists. I’m also not a huge fan of gold. I know someone who will probably love this though!

Juneberry December

This is a mug cozy to keep your hands cool! You can either put it on your regular mug or a travel mug. So, here’s the issue. I do like the idea behind this, and it’s super cute. That being said, I have two travel mugs I use. One looks like a camera lens, the other is a Starbucks cup that I put Jones labels on/in, so I don’t really want to cover those. As for the two regular mugs I use, one is Yoda and the other is Chewbacca. I think it’s obvious why this will not be getting used. Once again though, I know someone who will get a lot of use out of this!

Juneberry December

A plaid bowtie hair clip. This is definitely cute, but also definitely not for me. It’s got a lobster clip on the back to attach, but I would look just ridiculous with this in my hair if I even had enough for it to stay in! Well, I suppose there would be enough hair on my one side, but like I said, ridiculous. I’m sure there is someone out there who would love this and rock it, but it’s not me.

Final Thoughts

Once again, I totally love the curation behind this. Everything is perfect for a box sent out in December and definitely embodies “cute & cozy”. It wasn’t the best box for me specifically, but I’m definitely happy with the scarf and hot chocolate! I still loved last months box the most, and the way that they put it together and I think it will be hard for them to measure up to that (again, for me). I look forward to seeing what they come up with next time though, and I can’t wait to wear my scarf!