Juneberry Box October 2017

Juneberry is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box, each having 4-5 different lifestyle items. The cost is $36.00CAD every two months, with free shipping to Canada and the United States. You can also pre-pay for 3 or 6 months which lowers the price. Since prices are in CAD, it’s even cheaper for all you American friends reading this! There is also a shop where you can purchase items from past boxes.

The minute I opened the box and saw the info card, I felt excited. Summer is my season, but I generally love fall boxes. I couldn’t wait to open it!

This month’s theme is “Fall Harvest”. The info card says:

This month, we’re celebrating autumn! Cool crisp air, beautiful leaves, and everything else you love about the season. Keep warm and stylish with our Fall Harvest curated items.

Bare Apple Chips – I love apples, I love chips, and I like cinnamon. What could go wrong?

Handmade Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub – You’d be hardpressed to go anywhere right now and not see something pumpkin spice. It’s not really a scent that I’ve really gotten into, but this will make a great gift for someone!

Forest Animal Knit Socks – I’ve got about one more week that I could get away with wearing flip-flops, then it will be shoe and boot weather. These are super cute socks. The colour is great, and there is just something about foxes and fall!

Warm Autumn Knit Hat – Again, how cute is this toque? It fits great, and the little lace and button detail is a great addition to an otherwise basic toque. This will definitely be worn a ton by me.

Harvest Moon Circular Pendant Necklace – I don’t think anyone would really look at this and think of a harvest moon, it really just looks like a circle. It’s a nice necklace though, I like how long it is and it’s a nice minimal design.

Final Thoughts

They totally hit it out of the park this month. I love the Fall Harvest theme, and all of the items go so well with it.

As a rather sad turn of events, as of January Juneberry will no longer be offering a subscription. I have been receiving this for a couple of years now and even though I haven’t always loved the boxes, it’s consistently been one of my favourite subscriptions. They follow a theme like I’ve never seen before! I’ll definitely miss them, and I’m glad I have one more to look forward to!