Juneberry August 2016

Juneberry is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box, each having 4-5 different lifestyle items.The cost is $28.50CAD every two months, and they have free shipping to Canada and the United States. You can also pre-pay for 3 or 6 months which lowers the price. Since prices are in CAD, it’s even cheaper for all you American friends reading this! There is also a shop where you can purchase items from past boxes. They will also send you a link before your box ships where you can add on select items for half price! There have been some cute options showing up at that time. There is also a coupon code at the end for new subscribers, so make sure you read all the way through!

First Look

Juneberry August/September Juneberry August/September

This month Juneberry wanted to inspire wanderlust with a travel-themed box. They tried to curate a box that would create a sense of longing to travel the world. Let’s see if they managed to do that!

The Goods

Juneberry August/September

Luggage Tag–I like this luggage tag more than I thought I would. It is a pretty colour and says “Pieces of Moments” on the back. This past year was the most I’ve travelled (2 trips) and I don’t have a luggage tag. I’m not sure how much travel is in my future, but I will likely put this in my suitcase.

Sticky Note Set–This is a cute sticker set, great for leaving little notes for yourself. These are definitely great for anyone who likes to travel!

Juneberry August/September

DIY Map Coasters–There are no directions on what you are supposed to do with these. My guess (and based on what I’ve seen on other blogs) is that you cut out circles and use the paintbrush to put glue on the cardboard cutouts and stick the cut out on top. You could probably seal it with more glue as well. It’s a cute idea, it would have been nice for them to include some glue and directions along with this. It would make for some cute decor for anyone who has some travel items. It doesn’t really go with anything we have so I will likely set this aside for a gift.

Juneberry August/September

Travel Bag Organizer–I have mixed feelings on this one. I think I would rather use something that actual seals and wouldn’t have stuff falling out loose in the suitcase. I might use this in my closet though because it can be a handy organizer.

Juneberry August/September

Wordly Wonders Map Necklace–This necklace was a spoiler and it’s super cute. It’s a decent weight so it feels like great quality. I don’t know if this is necessarily my style or something I would wear, but I think it will make a great gift for someone who does travel!

Bonus Earbud Key–Now this is handy. My earbuds are often getting tangled and this will help keep them organized. This is my favourite item in the box!

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feelings on this box. I feel like they could have done a lot with it but came a bit short. I do also like it more than I thought I would when I first saw some reveals of it. The earbud key is my favourite, and the handiest, and the organizer will be very useful. The other items I just have to decide if I’m going to gift them or use them!

If you like the looks of this box you can subscribe here! Make sure you use code “AF007XJBP” when you sign up to save 5% and get a free gift! You can change the currency option when subscribing if you are in the US so you know exactly what your cost will be.