Juneberry April 2016

Juneberry is a bi-monthly Canadian subscription box, each having 4-5 different lifestyle items.The cost is $28.50CAD every two months, and they have free shipping to Canada and the United States. You can also pre-pay for 3 or 6 months which lowers the price. Since prices are in CAD, it’s even cheaper for all you American friends reading this! They also have a shop where you can purchase items from past boxes. They will also send you a link before your box ships where you can add on select items for half price! There have been some cute options showing up at that time. There is also a coupon code at the end for new subscribers, so make sure you read all the way through!

First Look

Juneberry April/May

The theme this month is “Geometric Me.” They say: “Lines and sharp angles aren’t just a pretty pattern-they represent uniqueness. We encourage you to wear your geometric set with confidence! Remember-nobody can replace you; you are unique, celebrate it!”

I always love their messages. They are always uplifting and encouraging. Instantly I was excited by all the colours that I could see!

The Goods

Juneberry April/May

Confident Shapes Necklace ($10)–I like this necklace. The greenish mint colour seems to be everywhere right now and it’s a great combination with the gold. It falls right into the geometric theme as well. It’s not as cheap feeling as necklaces so often are in boxes so I’m happy with this. It’s also a bit long which is my preference with necklaces. This was actually taped to the purple paper in the picture above, I assume to keep it from moving around and getting tangled. Smart idea!

Beauty in Triangles Earrings ($12)–More lines and angles! These are great. I was a bit worried at first but they are actually quite small and don’t hang down too far. I like that they have the stud backing rather than the kind that hangs down more. Really happy with both of these pieces!

Juneberry April/May

Sunshine & Stripes Socks ($10)–Love this colour! It’s so bright and happy. I also like how while these aren’t ankle socks they also aren’t full length either. I don’t wear socks very often, especially now that it’s getting warmer out. I live in sandals or slip on shoes most of the year (yes, even in winter) and only really wear socks when I work out. These are a bit high for wearing during that purpose, but they may come out in winter if I decide to wear any of my boots.

Juneberry April/May

Flash Tattoos ($4.85)–I wear tattoos like this once in awhile, but not a ton. I haven’t quite decided yet if I’m going to keep these or not. The chevron ones on the left could be cute on nails!

Juneberry April/May

Animal Kingdom Coloring Book ($8)–Adult colouring books are huge right now and it’s neat to see one in a subscription box. I actually have two already and have maybe coloured a total of 2.5 pages. I was into it for a bit but really don’t have the attention span to focus on something like that long enough to do one picture. I also just get restless. I will see if I gift this one or stow it away in case I need it.

Final Thoughts

This wasn’t my favourite Juneberry box, but it also wasn’t my least favourite. I think they did great with the theme of geometric me and included a good variety of items with geometric shapes.

If you like the looks of this box you can subscribe here! Make sure you use code “AF007XJBP” when you sign up to save 5% and get a free gift! You can change the currency option when subscribing if you are in the US so you know exactly what your cost will be.