July Update & August Goals

Rather than a yearly bucket list or New Years resolutions, I decided to pick one word to represent 2017 and set up mini goals for each month to help me reach my ultimate goals. The word I chose is STRIVE, and you can find out more behind my reasoning by reading this post.


Okay, so July did not go the way that I thought it would AT ALL. We listed our condo for sale at the very end of June. Our thought was that it would be a few months (at least) before it sold, just given how the condo market has been doing in our city. Nope. 5 days. That’s all it took for someone to come in and make an offer. We were NOT expecting this. The good news is that we are packed up and will be moving into our new house on August 7th! We have been staying at a friends place for a week so that our condo could be completely emptied out before the buyers possession date (also August 7th). While I still tried to keep my goals in mind, I was definitely otherwise distracted and my focus was not there.

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Workout at least 10 times – NO. 3 times. Yeah, not good at all. I really don’t feel guilty about this though. I knew it was going to be a busy month with being on holidays the first week, and volunteering at the church VBS the second week. I didn’t anticipate spending my mornings packing rather than working out. Moving is a good workout in itself though and I had some days where I did a TON of walking or other activities.
  • Run my 5K in less than 40 minutesYES. I believe my exact time was 37 minutes and 14 seconds. That’s only 14 seconds slower than my 5k in May, and this one had a hill (well, a Saskatchewan hill at least). Totally happy with that!
  • No unplanned snackingYES. I actually did really good this month. I had a couple of iffy times, like when I bought 6 squares of fudge, but overall I did REALLY well. Despite not working out I did manage to still lose weight, and I know that’s because I focused on my eating.

I will strive..to spend less

  • Spend less than I did in July 2016 ($1212.56)YES. $1073.11. I knew my spending was going to be a bit higher this month compared to other, but I’m still really happy with the number I hit.
  • Be mindful with my spendingYES. I’m going with yes on this because I actually did fairly minimal spending. I signed up for three races, which adds up and we went ziplining during our week of holidays. The only really splurge I did was three items from Modcloth, but they were three items I had been watching for quite awhile, and they finally went on sale. I have no regrets about the purchase. Oh, and the two that I have received so far were definitely not a let down.

I will strive..to experience more 

  • Try something new YES. I don’t know how much this counts, but I went on a GIANT SWING. More on that below..
  • Visit somewhere newYES. Ian and I went a bit north on our week off and visited Treeosix at Elk Ridge Resorts. We also toured into Prince Albert National Park and Waskesiu. I hadn’t been to those places before so it was nice to see some new areas! While we were there we went ziplining and on a giant swing. Read all about it if that sounds interesting to you!
  • Raise some money for Easter Seals Drop ZoneYES. I’ve got only $85 to go, down from $135. This event happens on August 19th so it’s getting super close. If you think you might want to donate please read my post about the event and what the money goes towards. It’s a great cause!

I will strive..to grow my blog

  • Grow my social media following: YES. Facebook: 157/168 Instagram: 310/327 Twitter: 86/87 – Small growth across the board, but growth is growth. I probably didn’t put in as much effort as I could have, everything is a bit crazy with the move right now.
  • Tweet moreYES. Not as much as I wanted, but more than previous months. I do see a decent amount of traffic coming from there so I do plan on continuing this.
  • Find two new blogging opportunitiesYES. Ziplinging, as mentioned above, and I partnered with Edo Japan for some Instagram posts.
  • Assess my subscription boxesYES. I am down to one monthly, one bi-monthly, and one quarterly. Plus one more quarterly subscription when the spoilers interest me. I’m happy with staying there for now.
  • Update my “About Me” pageYES. So I only accomplished half of my goal here. I wanted to update my about me page, which I did, but I also wanted to update my pictures. We haven’t had time to take any though, so that will wait.

One other highlight to mention that doesn’t really fall under a category. Saskatoon just had it’s first Save-on-Foods open, which is a grocery chain based out of B.C. For their grand opening they had the Marilyn Monroe dress from when she sang Happy Birthday to the president. How awesome is that? The man who bought the dress also owns the grocery chain, and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. (BTW, follow me on social media for more awesome snaps like this).


Honestly, I’m not going to set too many lofty goals for August. I know things will be crazy with moving and unpacking, plus we have a ton of other things going on like some local festivals & events, a 5k (maybe two), The Drop Zone, and Brad Paisley concert. Can I stress again that you should really follow me on social media? There are going to be a TON of pictures being posted throughout the month.

I will strive…to be healthy 

  • Join a new gym – We will be living on the other side of the city, so I already gave notice at my current gym. There are a couple of options near our new house and I’m pretty sure I’m settled on one. I do want to look around at it though to make sure it will meet my needs.
  • Workout 5 times – This seems fair. Picking this number still gives me time to settle in a bit at the house and decide which gym without putting too much pressure on me. I am also taking a week off work, which will be spent unpacking.
  • Bike to work 5 times – Huge bonus to our new location, I’m really close to work. It used to be a 20 minute drive, now it could be a 10 minute bike ride. I won’t bike in cold or rain, but I should easily be able to bike to work at least 5 times. I’m looking forward to saving gas and getting in some extra physical activity.
  • Meal plan – I’m not even going to pretend that I will do this for the first two weeks, but by mid-August I want to focus on this again.
  • Eat minimal junk – It’s always the goal. Especially with working out less.

I will strive..to spend less

  • Spend less than August of 2016 (989,76) – Not going to lie, this is going to be hard and I don’t think I will be able to do it. It’s on here though, so let’s see how close I can get

I will strive..to experience more

  • Try something new – I’m not sure if we will have time for this, but I really want to be intentional about new experiences.
  • Have an adventure – I love adventure, and August seems like the perfect month to have one!
  • Unpack – okay, this isn’t really “experiencing” but it’s going to be a huge focus. Especially when it comes to my new closet! I’d love to be mostly settled by the end of August.
  • Relax on my week off – I’m taking a week off at the end of August, mainly to focus on unpacking. Since it’s my last week of holidays this year I want to do something a bit relaxing too though. I might see about doing for a pedicure, or a massage, or something along those lines.

I will strive..to grow my blog

  • I still want to grow my numbers, but I know it’s going to be a bit slower on the blog through August. I have a ton of awesome posts that will be coming up, once we take pictures, but moving and packing takes priority. I’m going to have some new goals for this area come September!

What goals are you setting for August? Any exciting end of summer plans?

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  • Laura

    Wow! your condo went FAST! Moving really takes it out of you doesn’t it? Can I as what all you’re including in your monthly spendings? I love that it’s a focus for you though! I try to be super careful about unnecessary splurges – but Modcloth is definitely one I love to check out! love some of their stuff =)

    • It’s crazy how exhausting moving is! The hard part is done though, now it’s just the unpacking! My monthly spending is basically all non-controlled spending. I put all my purchases through a month on my credit card in order to take advantage of points, but I pay it off every month. So this number that I’m tracking includes vehicle insurance, groceries, gas, haircuts and anything fun that I spend on, like if we take a trip somewhere or if I buy clothes etc. I track it all on a spreadsheet and break it up into “necessary” and “fun” purchases so that I can see exactly where my money is going, and where I should be more mindful. It’s helped a ton! Modcloth is seriously my biggest downfall right now though, I caved on the Stylish Surprise which should arrive any day now!